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How Can We Fight the Unbelief in Ourselves?

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Are you not believing in yourself?

Do you know the reason for it? If not, why didn’t you find out the reason for it? What makes you feel unbelievable you? Is it because of your past failures? If not, you may live with the wrong crowd; if that is the case, move away from them.

Do you know people are ready to put others down only because they want to feel better than you in this society? Another reason is that if they keep you down, they can use you to their benefit, as you will not have the courage to leave them to live on your own.

These reasons are pure because of selfishness, and they do not want you to do better in your life. So now let me come to how you can bring yourself from this situation. Remember, you have a long life to live; you do not want to waste it because of other people’s opinions. Others think you are a vulnerable person who cannot do anything better for yourself; maybe this conclusion of others is because of your weakness.

You have to be mentally strong to avoid others taking advantage of you. Therefore, the first thing is to ignore their remarks, becoming a more assertive personality. When you get harsh comments, do not take that to your mind but take that as your inspiration to better yourself and show others as a new person.

How can you develop personally?

Start reading books about your weaknesses and how people get over them. The best way to come out of your liability is to acquire knowledge to improve your confidence, say; for example, if you like something to do, start studying about it. When you start in a small way and practice that daily, your confidence will progress slowly along with your desire. After that, you will get thoughts like this. I can do it now. Then do not stop thinking you are confident enough and give up learning more things.

When you have acquired enough knowledge about what you like, move on to an advanced area of the subject you are trying to learn. Say you are learning to speak very well; once you have gained that confidence, do not stop there; move on to say try to make public speaking and learn to write. That means you are trying to improve yourself in a couple of ways.

How does that help you?

When you know that you can speak well, can be an excellent public speaker and writer starts looking for places where you can use your talents and knowledge, maybe join some groups to show your abilities and mix around with confidence. Then people will consider you a good speaker and may plan to hire you for one of their events. When you accomplish what you have to do well at the event, your successful life starts there.

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Ultimately, the people who put you down will learn about your achievements and start to respect you. Now you understand how to earn respect, confidence, and believe in yourself. You might think it is all easier to say, but challenging to achieve that is a wrong way of thinking. Start to think positively and work towards achieving your goal, also. Do not ever take it for granted that everything will come quickly. I want to insist you can complete becoming a better person with hard work, determination, and consistency.

What is the effect of not having the belief in you?



If you lack confidence, you can only dream, not perform that in action, so you can build your confidence while you dream about something. How will you build trust? If you are so anxious to fulfill your dreams, start something related to your plan, small and achievable. Then set your goal to achieve that and begin to work on that. You might fail for the first time; will you give up immediately? I say no. So, repeat your first effort to achieve that small goal using a different strategy you might win this time. Once you see the win, set another goal to try again, you will win here without any hazels. I am sure now you have some trust in yourself that makes you happy and confident. Therefore, keep trying like this until you believe in yourself and that you can do better.


Many people dream a lot but do not want to do anything because they feel lazy to do anything to achieve that dream. They start to talk about their vision with others, and they might see some of their friends when they hear their ideas and begin to do better to achieve that dream. So, the lazy person can feel inadequate about him/them and feel, jealous of their friend, and try to underrate them. That becomes their regular habit, and they live that way as a waster.

Worry about other people

Dreamers should not worry about others. They must feel proud to have an idea and start working on it. If you start to worry about others’ opinions, you will end up as a failure. It is wrong of you to expect good views from others that stop you from trying anything yourself. Maybe your close friends and family might give you the best opinion even if that might not help you, and you have to have a solid mind to develop yourself by working hard, learning, and enhancing your knowledge. If you do all that, you will overcome other people’s opinions and live your life independently.


It is the biggest enemy in our lives. When an individual starts to dream about something, say want to start an online business, the fear sets in mind when the dream finishes. Then you will never act after that. Fear accompanies them whenever plans come to mind and stop them from moving forward to work. The fear kills your desire, happiness, peace of mind, acting and prevents you from doing anything, and you will end up as a weak-minded person. We all take new learning, take steps, and implement what we learn to give ourselves a strong mind and personality. Then even if you like to start something, you will keep putting it away due to fear of failure.

Learn to set your dream according to your capabilities.

If you set too high goals and also take them too fast, you will set yourself to failure. Therefore, know yourself better about what you can do and your wish, then put your goals according to that. Do not rush yourself starting anything straight away; instead, plan, learn and set yourself for your achievement. Besides, patience, hard work, and consistency will take on the path to success.

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