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How To Remove Black Spots On The Lips

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Lips are the lifeblood of laughter. Pink lips are the most attractive. Many times we have to be embarrassed about the colour of the lips. The colour of the lips may be dark or black spots may appear on the lips. Black lips spoil the beauty of the face. No need to worry friends. You can easily get rid of this problem at home. Then we don't know how we can get rid of this problem.

Why Are The Lips Black?

There are many reasons why the lips may be black or black spots may appear on the lips. Such as busy life, stress, climate change, air humidity, physical illness, tobacco use, smoking, excessive fluoride use, use of low-quality cosmetics, not taking lipstick before going to bed at night, exposure to direct sunlight, indifference to health.

Remedy For Black Spots On The Lips

In some simple ways, we can bring back the lost pink colour of the lips. No expensive cosmetics are needed for this.

1. Every night before going to bed you put some toothpaste on your lips. The next morning when brushing, you need to brush a little light on the lips. For this, the brush has to be soft. As a result, the dead cells around the lips will come up, if you do this for a few days, the lips will gradually become fresh.

2. Massage the lips for at least 5 minutes before going to bed every day. Mix a few drops of lemon juice with almond oil for massage. Doing this will return the moisture to your lips. Regular use will reduce black spots.


3. Apply mint leaf juice on the lips regularly. Massage the lips with ice cubes, then massage with almond oil and olive oil. The pink colour of the lips will return.

4. Mix pomegranate seed powder with ghee and apply it on the lips. This will give a pink tinge to the lips.

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5. Come back from outside every day and remove the lipstick from your lips. Apply olive oil on a little cotton to remove and lightly wipe. Lipstick should be removed before going to bed at night. It is especially responsible for making your lips black.

6. Like other parts of our skin, the lips produce some oil, called sebum. It is very necessary. So the lips should always be kept moist. Lip balm should be applied while going out. If you are at home, apply cocoa butter. You may be surprised to hear, but not just in winter, if you want to make your lips pink, you have to apply petroleum jelly all year round. It is important to keep the lips moist.

7.Make tomato paste and mix cream with it.

8. Take the carrot juice in a bowl and apply it on the lips with cotton. You can mix a little saffron in it. This will return the moisture of the lips, the colour will return at the same time.


Some Precautions To Remove Black Spots On The Lips

1. Tea, coffee is responsible for blackening the lips. Avoid eating these.

2. Quit if you have a habit of smoking. If you smoke, your lips will be black.

3. Never wet the lips repeatedly with the tongue.

4. Direct sunlight destroys the normal colour of the lips. Avoid it as much as possible. Use high-quality sunscreen lotion when going out.

5. Put lots of vegetables in your diet.

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