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How To Reinvent Yourself: Simple Steps to Changing Your Life

I'm in my 3rd year of my degree in CS, but I'm just 18. Apart from that, I enjoy video games and I plan to take up a career in Accounting.


What Reinventing Yourself Means:

Reinventing yourself means taking steps to change aspects of your life that you don’t like. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines reinventing as producing something new that base on something that already exists. What you should note from the definition above is that reinventing entails producing something new based on something that exists. It is not a rejection of what came before. Reinventing doesn’t mean taking little steps to become a different person—it means diving into a new version of yourself headfirst.


Know What You Want To Change:

Before you jump into reinventing yourself, you need to reflect and ask yourself why you need to reinvent yourself and what you want your future to look like. Write about the big changes you want to make. Maybe you want to switch careers, or you want to lose a considerable amount of weight. Write those changes and outline how you can go about accomplishing them.


Set Realistic Goals:

Your goals should be clear, specific, measurable, attainable and time bound. You will help yourself by acknowledging that reinvention isn't something that can be achieved immediately rather it's something that happens over time. It's a process. Setting realistic and smart goals will help you become a new person without putting too much pressure on yourself.


Create a Plan For Making Those Changes:

Once you’ve written the changes that you want to make, you need to examine them and set a reasonable amount of time for you to make those changes. People often make the mistake of assuming that when they tell themselves they want to change something about their lives that it will lead to that change, but that isn’t always the case. Reinventing means you need to stop lying to yourself. It means that if you want to change something in your life; you have to do the work of changing it. Go out there and create a vision for what it looks like, and then make the adjustments that are necessary to make that vision come to life.

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Get the Support You Need:

You may have a new idea or project, but there are often barriers to getting it off the ground. It may be a lack of know-how, access to skills, equipment, or the wrong people in your network. Help is often a solution to many of these problems. How do you get the help you need? You can communicate with your friends, family, or even partner. Sometimes it may be worth hiring a life coach who can help with your plan.

Don't Rush the Process:

Regularly making little, slow changes are the most ideal approach to turn into a new, better form of yourself that is simple for you to keep up with. This implies you've required taken the time to truly improve as a rendition of yourself – as opposed to just acting it out.


Commit To Your New Self:

One of the most common excuses I hear from people who are looking to reinvent themselves is, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” Having a new job, house, car, or other dreams, they believe it’s too big a decision to make. But making minor changes, such as reinventing yourself, usually turns out to be easier than you thought it would be. Instead of focusing on the end goal, what is important is that you remember WHY you are on this journey and build these changes into your daily routine. Creating regular check-ins in your calendar to recognize progress can give you momentum to move on in this journey.


If you have decided that it is time to reinvent yourself, then you should know that it's not a simple task neither is it difficult. You only need to sit down and ask yourself the three most important questions—what needs to be changed in your life? What kind of person should I become? How can I make these changes happen? If you follow these steps, you will be on your way to becoming your most exciting and accomplished self yet. Readers are welcome to add their opinions in the comment section.

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E Randall from United States on September 04, 2021:

Thanks, it does not have to be a new year to start a new you. A person can start at any time. Thanks for writing this.

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