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How to Protect Your Health

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The evening of February 18, 2021, I listened to an online seminar presented by Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, She was one of the presenters at the February 2021 HEAL Summit that was sponsored by Hay House.

Dr. Desaulniers is the author of “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Conquer Cancer and Prevent Disease”. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is dubbed Breast Cancer Conqueror.

How to Prevent Disease

To achieve true healing, Dr. Desaulniers urges you to follow these suggestions.

Use Food as Medicine

Move to an alkaline-based diet made mostly of raw food and fresh water, with 80% of plant-based food and 20% of clean protein from nuts and seeds.

Avoid Exposure to Toxic Material

Check your environment for chemicals and fertilizers. We use more than 160 chemicals in our skin products every day. The less toxicity in your body, the better.

Radiation from Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) is a huge issue that could have dire consequences for your health.

Dr. Desaulniers recommended wearing patented technology that you can apply to your electronics or on your body to protect your bio-energetic fields.

One of the tips I learned from her is to turn off my router and electric and electronic gadgets before I go to sleep at night. She cautioned against having your cellphone by your head when you sleep.

Balance Your Energy

You can balance your energy with acupuncture, chiropractic care, regular exercise, balancing your hormones, and good sleep. Lack of sleep can turn on genes that promote cancer. Sleeping well on a regular basis will turn off the genes that stimulate cancer.

You either feed the cancer or you feed your body.

— Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Heal Emotional Wounds

Paying attention to your physical health alone is not enough. You must manage your stress levels.

Those of us who are always stressed out drive high their sympathetic system which promotes the production of stress hormones.

Take time to look at your emotional wounds and transform your emotions to transform your health. Work with a professional counselor or an energy psychologist and meditate to stimulate your parasympathetic system.

Emotional health is the foundation of healing. Some believe that the emotional component is about 75% responsible for the health of your immune system. Emotions can affect your DNA and your ability to heal. Small switches on your genes can be turned off by your thoughts, your lifestyle, and your stress levels.

Biological Dentistry

Silver fillings are an amalgam of different metals. Mercury is the most toxic element on the planet to your teeth and to your health.

A toxic tooth sitting on a meridian will have an energetic effect on its function.

A heavy-metal detox with a qualified practitioner is helpful.

Use Therapeutic Herbs and Plants

There are specific nutrients in herbs and plants that kill cancer plaques and boost the immune system.

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Nature provided us with specific things that kill only cancer cells and do not harm healthy cells.

Detect Early With Thermography

Thermography is the use of a thermogram to study heat distribution in the body. It does not detect cancer. It can detect physiological changes if there is inflammation in the body. It is available everywhere in the world.

Blood tests, such as ONCOblot and the Greece test, are being used outside of traditional medicine to detect cancer at an incredibly early stage.

In 2014, a 25-year Canadian study was published. Working with 50,000 women, the study found that mammograms were just as effective as self-breast exams.

According to the American Cancer Society, by the time a breast tumor is seen in a mammogram, it has been there for six to eight years.

Life's Journey

A healing journey is about self-healing and self-love. It is about the here and now, going forward, being brutally honest with yourself but still kind to yourself. Healing is a life’s journey.

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF)

According to the National Cancer Institute, electric fields are produced whether a device is turned on or not. Magnetic fields are produced only when a current is flowing, which usually entails a device is turned on.

Power lines generate magnetic fields endlessly because the current flows always through them. Electric fields are lessened by walls and objects, but magnetic fields can pass through buildings, living things, and other materials.

Electric and magnetic fields together are referred to as electromagnetic fields or EMFs. The electric and magnetic forces in EMFs are caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays.

The bracelet, pendant, and Scalar Energy card I purchased for protection against EMF radiation.

The bracelet, pendant, and Scalar Energy card I purchased for protection against EMF radiation.

Product Review

On February 21st, I placed an order with Iyashi Source for a bracelet, a Shieldite pendant, and a Scalar Energy card. I chose the black color for both items. I received my order on March 2nd.

Radiation protection device Shieldite is said to change harmful EMFs and make them harmless.

The idea of such a technology is that we are bombarded by unnatural and hidden electromagnetic radiation. Cells and DNA act irregularly when EMFs erode the chemical connections between molecules in our bodies.

Some of the symptoms that arise are headaches, chronic fatigue, cataracts, poor memory, and chest pains.

Protection from unseen and unsafe EMF emission reinstate the body’s electrical system and vitality.

This technology is thought to increase energy, repair EMF damage, and bolster the overall bio-field which should leave the person who wears these gadgets feeling 110%.

Update on April 3, 2021

In early March 2021, I promised to share with you my experience wearing the bracelet, pendant, and Scalar Energy card that are meant to protect against the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

In addition to wearing these protective devices, I stopped taking sugar in my diet and recently stopped drinking coffee. I also switch off my router, modem and all electronic gadgets at night.

I feel good but cannot attribute it only to the bracelet and pendant that I still wear.

I have a good feeling about doing all I can to protect myself from the harmful damages around me.

Terms Explained

The parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) is responsible for the body's rest and digestion response when the body is relaxed, resting, or feeding. It decreases breathing and heart rate and improves digestion. (Wikipedia)

The sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) stimulates the body's fight or flight response. It is always active at a basic level to maintain homeostasis. It is opposed to the PNS that stimulates the body to "feed and breed" and then "rest-and-digest". (Wikipedia)

Homeostasis is the body's optimal performance keeping the body temperature and fluid balance within a pre-set range.

A thermogram is a graphic record of temperature variations.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Kalpana Iyer from India on March 04, 2021:

Interesting! Thank you for the much-needed info. Considering how fast-paced our life is nowadays, it becomes even more important to pay heed to our health and give it the attention it deserves.

Sustainable Sue from Altadena CA, USA on March 03, 2021:

The ads are horrible. You can't tell the difference between them and the article. I'm sorry, because the article looked interesting.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on March 02, 2021:

Nice article. Thanks.

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