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How To Perform Reverse Grip Bent Over Barbell Rows

CautionThis exercise is not recommended for people with mild to sever back problems and is meant for people with healthy backs or for those people who have developed proper training techniques already in their workouts. As always don't forget to work within your limits.

This exercise is an Intermediate exercise and it is very important to make sure you have proper form throughout your movement. However if you need to, you can step one leg forward in front of the other one to help stabilize yourself and reduce lower back tension.

Muscles Worked

Primary – Mid Back

Secondary – Lats, Shoulders, Biceps

How to Perform BB Bent Over Row

1. This exercise is best started with the barbell being set at knee to hip height on the stand.

2. Begin by grabbing the barbell with an underhand grip so your palms are facing up.

3. Pick up the barbell and step back

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4. Bend your knees slightly and bend at the waist so your body is at roughly 45 degrees.

5. Keep your head facing forward and athletic stance so you have a solid frame.

6. While keeping your core stable, slowly lower the bar down while keeping your elbows close

7. As you lift the bar back up, breath out and aim for the bar to pulled into your naval area (belly button area)

8. At the top of your lift, think of squeezing your back muscles and pause for one second.

9. Repeat the motions as many times as needed for your training goals.

Give it a try! For more articles, training methods, or how to’s, check out my other articles here!

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