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How To Overcome Fear Permanently

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How To Overcome Fear Permanently

There is nothing to fear except fear itself. This is just plain philosophical rhetoric. It is not going to be easy, to overcome fear permanently, if at all possible. We live in fear and worry all our lives. Without proper knowledge and positive action to alleviate fear and worry, most people suffer for the most part of their lives. Apart from that, people around them are also negatively affected. Fear and worry manifest themselves in many forms. However, they originate from the mind. If one is able to overcome fear permanently, one will also be able to overcome whatever problems that trouble the mind, including worry. So let this article be on “fear”.

Our imagination

Fear from the past, fear of the future. Fear of things that had affected us in the past, fear of future events that we have no control. One is from the past, the other is for the future. This person is caught in between. The mind is always thinking about the past or the future, never on the present moment. The fear that we have is rooted deep inside our mind. We fail to realize this fact and react to our fear on the surface. We may find temporary respite to alleviate our fear by many methods such as by using medication, drugs, or avoiding the fear factor.

There are many aspects of fear. This mental fear may be real or imaginary. If the mental fear is for real, then one should take positive action to solve the situation. However, if this mental fear is imaginary, then you may try this method I am going to describe here. This is my real-life experience. What about fear of being alone especially at night? This has been my childhood fear. The reason for this fear is not important. Nevertheless, I shall share with you why I have this fear of being alone. It is deeply ingrained in the deepest level of my subconscious mind. Whenever I am alone, the fear will automatically surface to haunt me. The fear of ghosts! Of course this is imaginary fear. Despite my age, I had this morbid fear of ghosts. You see, in Asian countries, there are always stories of frightening ghost stories. When I was a young boy many many years ago, I used to listen to these very frightening ghost stories which were supposed to be real, and aggravated by watching horror movies, this fear of ghosts stuck in my subconscious all these years.

Being a “brave” person, each time when I had to face this fear I would mentally try to “fight back” but the fear inside the mind and body did not disappear. I was always fighting a losing battle, with fear gripping my mind. I have been trying to fight this fear at the surface level whenever it appeared to haunt me. I did not go deep into the root cause of my fear, that was in my subconscious mind. I only fought against the manifestation of the fear. And this is not going to help solve the fear problem forever. This is just like skimming the surface of the muddy water to clean up the pond. The surface may appear clean, but once the water is agitated again, especially at the bottom, the mud will surface to pollute the water again. Fighting fear is similar to cleaning muddy water. I have to fight this fear deep inside me,and not just putting up a brave front when the fear grips me; but how?

The technique is in the observation

I learned this technique recently when I attended a 10-day meditation course. The secret is to realize that our mind plays havoc with our lives. An untrained mind wanders everywhere and reacts with every sensation that we feel. We unknowingly become slaves of our mind. Deep inside us is our subconscious mind that reacts to every sensation of the body. Not only that, it also digs up fear and worry that lie latent deep inside us, whenever opportunity arises. Take my case. The ingrained fear of ghosts lie hidden in the deepest level of the mind, and when opportunity comes when I am alone, this fear will rise to the conscious level of the mind to haunt me. When it arises, my conscious mind will add fuel to the fire of fear by reacting to this fear, thereby giving it greater power to overwhelm me.

The secret is not to react to this fear. Sounds unbelievable and most impractical. There is this mind training technique that I have been taught during the 10-day meditation course. The technique is to practice watching the body sensations without reacting to them. This includes mental sensations like fear and worry. Whenever such thoughts of fear and worry arise, just “watch” the feeling and not to react.That is, watching with awareness and with an equanimous mind.One is aware of the fear feeling but is not part of the fear. One is just watching the fear like an outsider, not associating with the fear. This approach will give one a detached feeling of fear but not succumbing to the fear itself. With this persistent practice, the fear, worry, and all other impurities inside one’s mind will be gradually eliminated as they rise and disappear each time. Remember these two key words, "awareness" and "equanimity". Believe it or not? Only personal experience can confirm.

To know more about this technique please read my article "My experience on Goenka Vipassana meditation".

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Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on January 24, 2013:

Most people do not even realize how much fear is a part of our lives. It is even feed to us by the media.

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on January 11, 2013:

Hi Seeker7 ,

Thank you.

Helen Murphy Howell from Fife, Scotland on January 10, 2013:

This is a fascinating hub and for someone who has struggled to get rid of fear all her life - mainly fear of failing or not being good enough - this was an eye-opener and an inspiration! Thank you!

Great hub + voted up!!

Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on January 09, 2013:

Hi brightforyou,

To live in the "now" or "present moment" requires certain knowledge and skill with persistent practice. Once acquired, the person will experience more peace and happiness.

Thanks for reading and comment.

Helen Lewis from Florida on January 09, 2013:

Good read - this is exactly right; we live in the past or the future and forget about 'now' ... thanks for sharing the truth! :-) Helen

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