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How To Make Good Decisions In Life

Mansurat Zakari is a mental health enthusiast and creative writer. Her works cover issues we have to deal with in our daily experiences.

There's Only One Way To Make Better Decisions In Life

Decision making comes with a lot of risk and very few people are born risk takers. This is why you should not beat yourself up so much when you find yourself being indecisive even when you have to make a choice.

Regardless of how tough making a decision can be, it is a skill you can learn. With time and practice, you would not be so scared of making well calculated decisions anymore. You will be able to just walk away from that job or start that career without having to consult the whole world before making your choice.

What Path To Take?


What Is Decision Making Process

The decision making process refers to the actions taken to evaluate a condition, available options and consequences attached to each option in order to make the most brilliant and less destructive choice.

We are managers of our lives. At every point, we have to make a choice. It's like being an entrepreneur. The risk is actually the sweetest part of it all. It drives you to be cautious, take steps back, think and rethink before calling a shot.

The fear of calling the wrong shot holds a lot of people back. The first step to making better decisions in life is getting rid of that fear.

Fear just like every other emotion will stage a fight before it can be silenced. The best way to help yourself through this is to realize you are a manager of your life. Appreciate the great and not so great decisions you have subconsciously made. Allow yourself breath and bask in the thrills that come with decision making. Ease into the fact that making decisions can be fun cause it is.

Most Important Decisions In Life

There are several decisions you will have to make in life but the most important five are:

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  • Deciding to live
  • Choosing to be happy
  • Choice of a career
  • Deciding whether to have a family or not
  • What you want to be remembered for


Steps To Take To Make Better Decisions In Life

If you have been making bad decisions all your life, it's time to make a change.

The first step to making better life decisions is understanding yourself and why you choose the things you chose. Think back and identify circumstances that led you to make the choices you made. Now, breathe. Accept your choice after identifying the cause.

Identifying the cause for your bad choice will help you avoid such mistakes in the future. From interviews with people of different age grades, the number one factor why people make bad choices is listening so much to advice of others.

In making decisions, you need to understand and come to terms with the fact that only you lives the life you have 24/7. As such, everyone else's advice for you will be based on their own experiences. Making a decision for your life based on the experiences of others will cost you some hard emotions.

Never be in a haste to make choices. Approach every situation with calm and ease. Decide what you would want to do after taking your time and considering all the choices.

Be attentive to yourself. Trust your intuition. Most times, the bad choices we make are because we aren't in tune with ourselves. When you are making a good choice, you feel it in every fibre of your being.

All good decisions have plan A's and a minimum of two extra plans. This makes it easier for you to trust yourself and the decision you make. Believe in yourself.


Importance Of Making Good Decisions In Life

Bad decisions will cost you your happiness while good decisions will safeguard your peace of mind. You will live a happier life, be a happier person and radiate that vibe with your family and friends.

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