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3 Ways to Loose Stubborn Belly Fat During Quarantine!

"Angel has been trying so hard to loose fat but these 3 tips really helped."


1. Green Tea

Drinking green tea in the morning is very good for you. Green Tea detoxes or flushes all the toxins in your body out. Green tea carries antioxidants in it which burn fat. But if you want to burn fat you have to at least drink it 2-3 times a week with no sugar. Please do not add sugar, sugar makes the drink useless. Your trying to burn the fat but adding sugar will make you gain more. I recommend not adding any type of ingredient in it that includes sugar. It is most beneficial if you drink it almost everyday. If you drink it everyday you will detox your body everyday. Let's say If you just ate something very unhealthy and want it out of your body, drink green tea. I do this everyday and my body feels so clean every time I do it. But there are side affects of green tea which are headaches, fast heart-beat and nervousness If you drink 3 cups a day. Drink 1 cup a day. If you don't want to drink green tea drink water because juice is not the answer. Any type of juice including soda is so unhealthy. So just stick to green tea or water and you will get results.



Exercise is very very beneficial and healthy. Exercising protects you against many diseases that creep up on you. Running is a very good exercise. Although running won't get you abs it will burn fat from all over your body. Running is a full body workout basically and walking. Do any type of 20 minute or more workout 5 days a week and you will see results so fast. If you want to target specific parts of your body do a specific exercise for that part of the body. But if you want to target your whole body do a full body workout. When you sweat you burn calories and that then leads to weight loss. If your at school and don't have time for working out, join a sports team. Joining a sports team not only gives you exercise but it gives you a bunch of fun and joy and you can make new friends. If you have time to workout at home workout in the afternoon. Working out in the afternoon is a good time for you because you are fully awake. By the time it's the afternoon you probably already consumed to much calories. So after you workout you will still have fuel you would just burn mostly all the calories you consumed. But you also have to cut out all those unhealthy things maybe not all but most of it. If you don't the exercise will not be helpful and it will leave you with questions. There are many benefits from exercise. It lowers your rate of diabetes, It gives you a healthy heart, lowers you risk of heart disease and etc. You need to be motivated to do this because if you aren't trust me you will not want to commit to this and workout everyday. Don't have a sedentary life.


3. Vegetables

Vegetables are very helpful for weight loss. Vegetables contains a certain amount of fiber in it and that's the main cause for weight loss. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body can't even digest. It can't break down into sugar molecules so it passes through the body undigested. Leaving you to loose weight so easily. Many people probably are gonna question why I didn't conclude fruit. Well although fruit is healthy in all and good to consume most of the time it carries sugar. Some carry more sugar then others and that's not what you want. Many people on a diet consuming mainly vegetables and fruits often question why they don't loose any weight. Well fruit contains so much sugar and dried fruit contains more sugar than it already is so I wouldn't recommend eating fruits everyday. Vegetables also detox your body and make you feel good. I would recommend at least consuming 1 to 2 hand fulls of vegetables a day. You can make so many tasty vegetable meals and always be satisfied. It won't leave you feeling hungry again trust me you will get full. Vegetables provides so many nutrients including Vitamin c, Vitamin E, and vitamin D which promotes heart health and health.

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