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How to Live Your Lifestyle as a Crohn's Disease Patient


My Name is Rahul and i have been suffering from Crohn's Disease for about 7 years now. Currently i am recovering from my disease


This article is all about how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle even if you are a crohn's disease patient or any other types of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patient

What is Crohn's?

Crohn's is a disease or more specifically an inflammatory bowel disease that occurs when a person's immune system becomes weak or unstable and starts to irritate the large intestine through ulceration

The above image shows the common spots for the occurrence of crohn's disease in the large intestine

The above image shows the common spots for the occurrence of crohn's disease in the large intestine

How does Crohn's Disease occur?

In my case, my doctors have informed me that my disease occurred because of stress issues. However, there are more conditions that can cause the issue. The main issue is as my doctor mentioned. High amounts of stress can cause crohn's disease. Another cause is a weak immune system. This disease commonly occurs to people who do not take care of themselves by not exercising or going for daily walks to boost immunity. Also, Crohn's disease can also be passed down from parent to child. Please note that this information was conducted by medical scientist and not just said by me.

The link below is a journal on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) done by specialist doctors from the University of Malaya.


Behavior And Feelings Of A Crohn's Disease Patient

In my experience as a patient, due to crohns i have suffered a lot of weight loss as well as appetite loss. On top of that, the pain can be really troublesome at times to the point it messes with my sleep schedule at night.

Besides that, a Crohns disease patient tend to visit the toilet a lot due to constant diarrhea. In my experience, i would go on an average of 8-9 times per day. Due to this, i also suffered with a weak body with no energy at all. I would only be able to walk for about 5-10 minutes before getting dizzy and collapse.

With all these complications, most Crohns disease patients tend to be afraid to even step out of their homes to enjoy life. As the fear of diarrhea and weakness is enough to traumatize an individual. This includes myself.

Is there a cure for the disease?

No, at present time there is no proper cure for the disease. However there are medications that are on clinical trials and are being publicly tested to see how it impacts the disease. but, at the moment the disease only can be controlled through medication and proper self care. However, though there is no scientific cure for the disease there have been cases where people claim that they have cured their diseases by living in a healthier environment and following a healthy lifestyle.

How Should A Crohn's Disease Patient Take Care Of Himself?

There are a few important steps a Crohn's disease patient should follow in order to successfully control the disease. I personally have taken my recovery very seriously and have found these few easy steps that can help lead to a much healthier lifestyle and a speedy recovery.

Step 1 (Stress Relief)

The first and most important step is to not stress yourself unnecessarily. As stress is one of the main causes of the disease it is best to stay calm and not get tensed easily. Although to most this statement is easier said then done, it is important to note that stress isn't going to solve your problems either.

Therefore, as a stress relief method yoga and meditation tends to help a lot in terms of relaxation and peace. This is what helped me with my recovery and it really helped a lot.

Step 2 (Eat Healthily)

In most cases, doctors have mentioned that our consumption of food has no impact on the disease. My doctor has also mentioned this statement. This is in fact a true statement. Food has no impact on the disease. However, even though it does not contribute in making your disease worse it can help in helping you recover faster.

A simple example of this is an ulcer in your mouth, if an ulcer starts to grow in your mouth it will not get better or get cured depending on what you consume. But it does get irritating when something salty or spicy is consumed. Therefore, food may not result in your disease worsening, but food that is spicy should be avoided as it may slow down your recovery instead.

Step 3 (Exercising And Staying Fit)

Though Crohn's disease patients may suffer from loss of energy, it should not stop us from exercising and staying fit as being fit helps us to take care of our immunity which will in turn help us control our disease and face lesser issues in the future.

My recommendation on the matter is to not do heavy workouts. Just a simple walk around your park or neighborhood on a daily basis is good enough. Get some fresh air and enjoy the blessings of mother nature. It may seem like nothing but it is in fact very beneficial.

Step 4 (Do Not Be Scared)

A lot of people fear of surgery and cancer. Due to the chances of needing surgery or facing cancer as a Crohns disease patient, people tend to have a lot of fear when they do not see progress in their recovery. My advice is the more fear you have the slower the recovery process will be. Try to have a positive mindset and trust me, your recovery will be a speedy one.

Advice For Parents

In many cases, mine included, parents tend to get too woried about their kids who suffer from Crohns. The worry of losing their child tend to make them pamper their kids. At first, it may seem as if it is doing them good, but it is actually a sign of danger to come. This is because children who get pampered tend to get more stress easily in terms of not getting what they want. Therefore, pampering is not only spoiling them you are also contributing in making their disease worse. With that said, a parent should give special attention to their children if they suffer from this disease but not to the point of pampering your kids.

Too Much Love Never Spoils Children. Children Become Spoiled When We Substitute "Presents" for "Presence" (Anthony Witham).


In my opinion, though life maybe filled with many obstacles that make it seem impossible to overcome. But remember, nothing is impossible. Facing Crohns maybe a difficult challenge for many but never look down on yourself for it and you will be on top.

Finally, please share your experiences on the matter in the comment section. Whether you are the patient or someone associated with a Crohns patient be it parent or friend

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