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How to Live in the Present Moment?

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Present moment

Present moment


How to live in the present moment? It is the best question front of modern world. There is only one time and place in our life where we can live which we can control, that is the present moment.

Despite this, most of us are either upset about the memories of the past or are under stress about the apprehension of what will happen in the future. If our present moment is not good either, then we think about how good our past was and how good our future will be, Our brain never lets us openly enjoy the present moment.

Like when we are single, we think that I wish we were in a relationship and when we are in a relationship, we think about how stressful it is here and I wish we were single. Therefore, we need to understand that there is an evolutionary reason behind our thoughts going past and into the future.

We will understand...

Why our thoughts go to the past?

How to overcome your past?

For future concerns.


Why Our Thoughts Go To The Past?

First, we talk we have if we have a bad incident with us, And you are not able to forget it even for 1-2 years of that incident, So, in this case, your psychology wants to tell you that you have not understood that incident properly and your real-time is incomplete Evolutionary Psychologists point out that the events of our past do not remember us only because we could remember them keeping their record, but therefore remember, the past work of giving us such information so that we can prepare ourselves for the future. Do not leave our mind alone until we remove this information from the past

As an example, when you have a serious breakup, you start wondering if you made a mistake in this relationship? Was the relationship here one side the whole time?? Don't you just take the decision? ?Or are you so stupid that anyone goes away fooling you? And how many mistakes I have made like this, in your bad times your mind forces you to understand from these questions where exactly you were wrong. And if you come to such a situation in the future, then you get out of it easily. The entire process of our psychology here is very important for our service. And it is the fault of most people to ignite their past and try to forget it. And when we do this, our memory starts controlling us subconsciously. And we keep repeating the past in the present also.

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How To Overcome Your Past?

Go to have that memory to reduce our past over and in detail, analysis. So that in the future when we find ourselves in the situation, we should not become a victim of it but can control it well.

It is common for us to have PDSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) if we talk about soldiers because they get to see many such incidents on their target as many times they die along with them. Many times it seems fat? and when he goes to the psychotherapist, he is told to write his events in order and create a Proper Account, this will make him understand here what evil means and how much suffering there is in the world.

Here in 1986, Psychology Professor J.M. W. had developed, He asked his students to write about the worst time of their life which they have experienced, There was a scary effort here for most students, But after 6 months monitoring the students, it was discovered that he was no longer so impressed with his past and his immune system works better, And his attention had completely come to the present.

Similarly, if you want to come out of your life, then you have to write on paper the bad events that happened in your life and understand it completely, The more you see the events of you a story, the sooner you can get rid of your past.

For Future Concerns...

Similarly, the coming of future concerns tells us that we are not fully prepared and our information is sufficient for you.

We have to write our plans and goals on paper and understand them, and do better.


  • The evolutionary reason for our thoughts to go past.
  • We cannot forget bad events until we learn from them and move forward.
  • The coming of future concerns tells us that we are not fully prepared and our information is insufficient. for you.
  • The way to get out of our past or future concerns is to write to us on paper and learn from it by analyzing

Not completely living the present moment is the result of a low understanding of us and the world, If you do not want to spend your time in meditation and any such mindful activity, then writing about the events of your life in this way is the best way to get yourself into a present moment.

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