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How To Live A Hygge Life

This is Lubnaa ....I am a passionate blogger and I love to write about all beautiful things that Life has given to us.


Hygge life, known as “hou-ga” is a typically Danish way of life. This term is difficult to translate into other languages ​​but roughly speaking it would mean "warm", or "comfort". Or “cocooning” as in English. This Danish concept refers to a feeling of well-being with an intimate, friendly and warm atmosphere. Hygge is a non-materialistic way of life, it takes little to be happy. Whether it is a moment with friends, sitting by the fireplace, drinking your hot chocolate, these are the simplistic little things that make you happy and represent Hygge life. The Danes have fully embraced this concept of life and it is not for nothing that they are often considered the happiest. (we should take an example from them)

The Candles

No Hygge without candles! It’s a must have for this way of life! In Denmark, they light it all the time and everywhere. Every year a Dane burns about six kilograms of candle wax, which is huge !! The artificial lights are replaced by candles which bring a cozy atmosphere to a room. Whether it is in winter or in summer, they are not very far.


The Scandinavian Living

To bring Hygge into your daily life, arrange your living space. Minimalism is very often associated with it. We eliminate what encumbers us, we opt for 2 in 1 furniture, for smaller tables ... A Scandinavian interior is also about materials such as linen, raw materials such as wood as well as soft and warm colors. And above all a lot of cushions and big soft plaid!

Relax Around A Film Or A Book

Light some candles, make yourself a nice hot chocolate and curl up on the sofa under a blanket in front of a good movie, and you are ready to go! It’s the best example of the Danish lifestyle.


Disconnect From Everything

Because being on your phone all the time is not hygge at all. The principle of this concept is to be "quiet", rested, to disconnect from social networks, and to be content with solitude to be happy in your life. Right now where we are, it must be said, all addicted to our cell phones, the Hygge is against all that.

Comfortable Clothing

It means wearing comfortable clothes, not hesitating to wear big soft sweaters that give you warmth.

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Bake A Cake

Pastry is one of the keys to happiness and the Danes do not deprive themselves of it. "Danish", cream pastry typical of the country , they eat a lot, at home, in town, but also at work. If it's good for morale, will you take back a share?


Warm Comforting Drink

Even before the benefits of light, hot drinks, especially coffee, are the first thing Danes associate with the concept of "hygge". Tea, hot chocolate ... when you return from a walk or for a snack, enjoy it!

Happiness Of Others

This is not a scoop but the Danes confirm it in all the studies carried out on the subject: no happiness without fulfilling social relationships. On average, 60% of Europeans spend time with their friends or family at least once a week. In Denmark, this figure climbs to 78%. Good news, the quality of relations takes precedence over quantity: the ideal group to live a "hygge" moment is, according to the Danes, three or four people and consideration and equality are essential. No one monopolizes the floor and everyone participates.


Of course there are many more ways to do hygge than the ones I mentioned. I could also have mentioned going for a walk, spending time with friends over dinner or even sitting in front of the fireplace.

Embrace the Hygge lifestyle

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