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How To Let Go Of Your Past Forever

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Past has long gone, but the lessons we have learnt are still jot down in our heads. Past, as we know it, is an amalgamation of events, situations, and circumstances that have already happened and which also taught us various lessons. These lessons can prove to be an advantage in our life in the future if we learn to utilize them. It's the present moment turning into future and so, we need to learn to stay conscious of our present moment more than anything.

Past is sometimes mysterious as it has not revealed itself completely. It hides the truths with it. They reveal themselves as the time passes by, or they don't.

The thing about past is that it is not all rose-tinted. It is full of good and bad incidents. Good incidents are deeply remembered and the bad ones take up a huge space in our minds. We cannot forget them no matter how much we try to. Past becomes our topic of the talks even now after having more than a year since the past we are focusing on went through something tragic.

Past keeps us in a negative loop where our thoughts are full of negativity because the main thoughts that clings to us are the thoughts where the situations didn't go well for us. The negativity keeps us stuck, we do not focus on the present, and do not utilize our time in making plans for the future.

If we check ourselves, and our thoughts on the daily basis, we will find out that most of them are about the past, but if they were about the future, our life would have been different in a good way. Most of our thoughts are involuntary, but we should try to observe our thoughts as they come and go instead of sinking deep into them.

Why To Let Go Of Past?

Past holds many memories and past events. Why would we want to get rid of it? Sometimes, some of the events were tragic enough that one can still sob thinking about them no matter how many years have passed. These incidents have no relevance in the now or in the future. Still we stick to them because our heart doesn't want to let it go. It will take proper understanding of the situation to finally let go of it.

We should let go of past due to following reasons:

  • Past has long gone - Past is the matter of early times, and those times aren't coming back if they are not the issues of the present.
  • Future is in our hands - Past cannot be changed, but future is in our hands. We can create our future as we want it to be.
  • Life takes its turns - Life has its ways of taking turns in different ways. And so, life will demand a new version of us every time. There is no good reason to cry over the spilled milk that spilled in the past.

Below are the step-by-step ways how you can let go of the past:

1. Understand the past situation

Start with understanding how the past situation exactly played out.Remember the part played by different people in the past. Bring understanding of that situation from the past and once you've done this, you are ready for the next step.

2. Find out all the areas of your life your past will still be helpful

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Your past can prove to be helpful even in the future. Remember all the lessons you would take up from the past to the future. Then only focus on the lessons and slowly let go of the past. Write those lessons down on the paper as and when you've learned them.

3. List out the people you have trouble forgiving from the past

Create a list of people who did you wrong in the past. Also write the reasons why you can't forgive them now. Even if you can't forgive them, you should still find some ways why you can still keep up the relationship with them, or not.

4. Use the lessons learnt

You have learnt something from having the relationhip, or the experience, or faced the situation, or came across an opportunity, If yes, you should use the lessons you learnt from them in your daily life.

5. Focus on the future

We need to let go of the past now, but we cannot if we first do not focus on the future. Our mind needs something to ponder over. If we do not give it an activity to focus on the present or the future, it would keep showcasing past thoughts to us.

Letting go of the past has become a necessity because we can't waste 24 hours of a day with the mental chatter going on in our heads. Thoughts will come and go, we shouldn't give importance to those ones which are coming from the past. We should rather focus on the thoughts related to present and the future.

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