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How To Keep Productive During Pandemic


More than a year ago, March 2020, WHO designated the Covid-19 virus as a global pandemic. This indicates that this outbreak is not unusual because the spread has been so widespread to many countries.

Covid-19 spread through human contact becomes a difficult thing to predict along with the various interactions that occur among humans. Not only that, the number of patients or the number of positive cases and medical personnel who are overwhelmed in handling Covid-19 patients are the cause of the many victims falling due to this outbreak.

Seeing that, it is not surprising that the government in each country took the decision to do a lockdown which is certainly for the safety of the public at the same time to minimize the number of spread of covid-19.

Of course, this policy is not without impact on various aspects of human life, including the education sector.

Shortly after, many cases in which schools or campuses are disbursed because it is feared that activities carried out in schools will actually make the number of Covid-19 spread increasing. The uncertainty of when this will end certainly worries students. Therefore, almost every country decided to replace teaching and learning activities to be carried out in their own homes with an online system.

However, this does not mean that policies like this make us unproductive or spend time in vain and being lazy. There are so many things that can be done to keep ourselves productive during a pandemic like this, including:

1. Literacy


During a pandemic like this, of course we must have the ability to be able to analyze an information circulating around us to ensure the correctness of the information. Literacy habits can be one way for us to hone those skills.

On the other hand, literacy activities for a learning will always be oriented to the name of critical thinking. It is important for young people now to have the ability to think critically because with this ability we will get used to analyzing a problem and trying to find a way out of it.

Perhaps before this pandemic, we all had our own busy lives that made the time for us to do literacy limited. Therefore, we are currently spending more time at home, why not use it to do this literacy habituation.

2. Attend an Online Seminar


The decision of this online learning policy will make us always involved with the internet world. In this modern era of course, we must be able to find various sources that can be used as an event for a learning, one of them through this online seminar.

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There are so many parties who share their knowledge by holding an online seminar with a variety of topics. This show isn't always about academics. More than that, nowadays online seminars have appeared with a lot of discussion of diverse topics, ranging from leadership, organization, research, even to religion. The purpose of this event itself is to provide knowledge to the participants and motivate them with useful things.

Therefore, why do not we utilize the media that we have to attend a series of online seminar events in filling free time during this pandemic condition. By participating in this event, we not only get useful knowledge but can also make our mindset develop because sometimes presenters in an online seminar often share their own experiences that certainly have a point or meaning that we can take.

We do not have to attend online seminars on academic topics. As long as it can benefit us, it can make our insights broad, and can be a source of inspiration, why don't we try?

3. Write a Journal or Article


For those of us who have a hobby or interest in writing, why do not we pour the writing in a journal or article? While we want to try new things, writing a journal or article can be one solution that can be done during a pandemic like this.

Writing can make us actively think so that we can analyze and solve a problem. In writing we can also develop our knowledge because planned and organized writing definitely considers various aspects such as vocabulary selection, sentence preparation, and language style. Subconsciously, when we pour our thoughts in the form of writing, that's when we are going through a learning process where we try to explore the knowledge and experience that has been stored in us.

4. Meditation or Light Exercise


When a pandemic like this, of course health is something to be aware of. Not only healthy physically but also must be healthy in mind. With the amount of time, we spend learning online, of course it sometimes makes us stressed and unfocused. Therefore, in solving the problem, we can do meditation or light exercise. By doing so, it will provide benefits for us, such as calming the nervous system, helping the immune system, and providing clarity of mind during challenging times.

5. Learn Something New


When we have free time, we can use it to learn new things, something we'd like to develop. With increasingly sophisticated technology, we can use it as a means of self-development, doing things that have never been done before to gain new experiences, such as graphic design, learning a foreign language, or take online courses.

6. Make a Planner


The online learning system does not mean that we do not have a target to achieve. Do not let this condition become a barrier in achieving our wishes. Make a plan or list to do in an effort to achieve the goals we set. By making something like this, our lives will be more organized and structured and there will be no time to waste.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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