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How to Introduce Cardiovascular Equipment to Beginners for Fitness Instructors

Gym Inductions to ensure safe usage

Before starting to use a fitness facility any new users should undergo a thorough gym induction of cardiovascular equipment like stationary cycles, treadmills and cross trainers etc.

A thorough gym induction ensures the new user performs exercises correctly and safely. The fitness instructor should place an emphasis on correct technique and a visual and verbal detailed demonstration to ensure the customer takes in the information.

To ensure consistency a logical approach must be taken by the instructor and this is often best done using the IDEA Acronym for cardiovascular machines and NAMSET/ NAMSIT technique for resistance exercises.

IDEA Acronym for cardiovascular machine induction

During a gym induction process the instructor is best to use the IDEA approach to cardiovascular machine induction.

I= Introduce the cardiovascular machine and exercise name

D= Demonstrate the correct technique to the new user

E= Explain the exercise and cardiovascular machine to the new user with minimal simple coaching points.

A= Observe the new user as they perform the Activity on the cardiovascular machine during the gym induction.

Cariovascular Equipment Inductions are vital to a safe gym environment

Cariovascular Equipment Inductions are vital to a safe gym environment

The IDEA approach to cardiovascular machines for a stationary cycle

Below is an example for a stationary cycle for gym instructors and additional considerations as part of an effective gym induction.

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"This is an upright stationary cycle cardiovascular machine"


"I am now going to perform a demonstration of how to perform the action of cycling for you"

[Cardiovascular machine demonstration with correct form performed by fitness instructor]


Instructor will explain the correct technique for set up of seat height, mounting of the cycle, pedaling technique and posture (See below teaching points section)


Allow the individual to perform the exercise ensuring you reinforce teaching correct posture and teaching points.

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