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How To Increase Your Willpower Today

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Willpower is the power we are able to generate when we are truly willing to do something. This power is free to excess but needs the 'will' to develop itself. Where does the will come from? - Your intrinsic nature. When you are truly putting your heart and soul into something, or are willing to do so, you gain the access to this power. The task becomes a joy. But in cases you are 'forced' to do something, you do not do it out of your strong willpower. You do it just because you want to get it done. But the task is like a burden you want to get off your shoulders.

People might have a strong willpower to do one task but not another. But even getting up and attempting a task needs some volume of willpower. So whatever you do, willpower exists, it might not be strong as we desire it should be. It is strong when we are happily doing something.

Even when you have rejected doing a task completely, you are willing to leave it undone. WIllpower is hiding there as well. You see, you have lots of willpower, you just need to direct it in a way it benefits you. Your life will thank you for it later on.

It is seen that we want something done, but don't have enough willpower in that direction. As a result, that task is left undone. From where is this unwillingness coming from and why? It's coming from our different tastes, interests, professions, tasks, and projects. It is like that because it is the right way. You should have a strong willpower when you want to do something, and lack it if you don't. Why will we need willpower when we don't want to do something?

The main question you should be asking is - "We have to do tasks which we don't like, how do we finish them while having the willpower to do so when we are not allowed to step back? Out of force, you start doing it, finish some of it. Yet, the real flavor isn't coming that used to come when you used to do tasks with strong willpower. Willpower is the main ingredient you need, but it doesn't come if we aren't actually interested in the task. So should we try to make the task interesting enough? Yes.

Start here:

  • Make the task interesting - Find interesting elements in the task you are doing. Or, rather make the boring task interesting in some way. For example, if the task is about reading a novel you are not interested in, imagine that those characters in that novel are your real-life friends. This way you are making the task interesting and fun.
  • Build momentum - In the beginning you will find it hard to start, start anyway. Be on it continuously for sometime. And slowly it will seem easier. It is also easy to give up on this point but don't do that. Continue to build momentum and finish the task. This way you will be finishing your task even when you don't like it.
  • Get in the flow state - In the flow state, we are able to do anything and everything that is little bit challenging and we have mastered it to some extent. Do exercises that induce the flow state and get yourself going. Your willpower is almost to the highest once you get into the flow state.
  • Use affirmations starting with "I will" - "I will do this today", "I will finish my project work today", are examples of the affirmations you should use starting from "I will" if you want to increase your willpower.
  • Know your why's. Why do you want to do the task you are given? What would you get out of it? How will your life's standards improve once you do the task? Mention all the reasons why doing that task will change your life.
  • Be committed. If you are committed to something, and promised yourself to do it, you will feel like it's your 'choice' to do the task. While having that mentality, you will increase your willpower in minutes, just keep reminding yourself what you have promised yourself.
  • Work on resistance. Chances are, you will resist doing some of your tasks when you are low on willpower. In such cases, work on your resistance first. Resistance also occurs when you are not ready to get out of your comfort zone. Ultimately, to make something happen, we need willpower to get out of our comfort zone. To increase the willpower in such a case, you need to make baby steps in the beginning. Take slow and easy steps in the beginning.
  • Make it fun. We all finish our tasks super duper quick when it is fun to do. We feel interested in committing to it and finish it on time. If you understand that not the outcome of the task, but the process of doing task itself is the reward, your life will change. You won't try to increase your willpower, it will always be there.
  • Set clear routines. Unclear routines leads to unclear motivation to work. And with low motivation, you will not be able to keep your willpower lit for longer time period. So ditch the unclear routines by setting goals, create an action plan, and set good intentions for it.
  • Take accountability of your work. Take full responsibility of your goals and hold yourself accountable for doing them. Also make other people hold you accountable. These people should wish for your best instead of sharing with you their limitations.
  • Change your self-talk. You can literally mentally exhaust yourself if your self-talk is on auto-mode. In auto-mode, it is all about negativity with a few positive thoughts, and a few other thoughts from the past. Have conscious control on your thoughts by thinking about the possibilities of why the task you are wanting to do is actually possible. Also have a thought about what do you say to yourself in front of a mirror.
  • Enjoy the process. Willpower increases when one is enjoying the process instead of just loving the idea of the outcome of it. The real fun is in the 'process' of making something you thought won't be possible possible.
  • Imagine your future-self. Imagine your future-self who has achieved the outcome you have decided. Imagine it thanking you for being super willing to help it reach the desired state in the future. Your willpower will increase if you know your future-self is waiting for you on the other gate.

Willpower isn't easy to get hold of. You either have it or you don't. And sometimes, you can increase your willpower once you just start working on the task. Just take the first step. Also, as much as possible, take only those tasks which you are intrinsically motivated to do.

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