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How to Heal a Black Eye Fast

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We'd all like to heal black eyes fast. A black eye is not only a painful injury, it is unsightly. (Often causing hushed snickers and whispers as people notice the swollen discoloration of the dreaded black eye.) I'm so excited about being able to heal a black eye fast, I'm eager to share my experience and the remedy that really works.

A black eye can really put a dampener on things, especially when you have:

  • an event to attend
  • family pictures scheduled
  • a job dealing with the public
  • dinner with your in-laws.

Despite most black eyes being the result of an innocent accident, a severe (and untimely) black eye can raise suspicion among onlookers. They wonder if you are:

  • a bad parent
  • a victim of domestic abuse
  • bad-tempered and prone to fighting, or
  • always clumsy.

My Toddler Gets Black Eyes

My energetic toddler has had a few black eyes. Usually taking weeks to heal.

My energetic toddler has had a few black eyes. Usually taking weeks to heal.

Toddler with a Black Eye

From toddlers to adults we all have something happen that eventually results in a black eye. I have a son who is 2 years old. Toddlers love to test and scare the living daylights out of Mom. So as you can imagine he loves to climb and jump, whenever an opportunity presents.

As it would happen this past week my oh so cute toddler decided to jump on the couch. He knows this is bad behavior. So lately he waits until I leave the room to start jumping and climbing on everything. As much as I try to avoid leaving him alone, sometimes I just have to go to the bathroom!

My son was resting, almost on the verge of a nap, watching cartoons. Perfect time for Mom to sneak out of the room. Or so I thought. I had not even finished in the bathroom when I heard a loud 'thud' from the other room.

I found my little boy crying, with the telltale signs of a black eye starting. He'd removed the cushions and jumped from the couch, hitting the corner of his eye on the exposed hard surface. His eye was already very red, and starting to turn purple underneath.

My Toddler After Accident

My toddler right after his accident. The corner of his eye and his cheek were showing redness from the impact. I wanted to heal his black eye fast!

My toddler right after his accident. The corner of his eye and his cheek were showing redness from the impact. I wanted to heal his black eye fast!

Healing a Black Eye

For adults, a black eye can be embarrassing and cause grief especially when you go to work. Not only do you have to explain it to your boss and co-workers, but if you work with customers or the general public everyone will notice. Lots of questions and explanations you'd rather avoid.

As parents, the last thing we want is our little ones to have a lingering black eye. Not only do they make our hearts ache as we look at the cute faces of our children. They are painful for our children too. Plus many mothers fear a child with a black eye makes us look like bad parents.

So I immediately applied Mobicosa gel to the area around the impact, being very cautious not to get it in my son’s eye or allow him to rub the area. Then we cuddled on the couch as he calmed down.

I took pictures of his injury every day, because I was amazed a the results! My son never got the black eye that I thought he would. As a mom, I can usually tell when an injury is going to result in a bad black eye – this one should have.

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There was no additional swelling, and no bruising. There was a small pinkish spot by the corner of his eye, and a small scabbed area where the skin was scraped when he initially fell. No bruising and the swelling went away, instead of getting worse!

I only applied the Mobicosa gel one time, right after he fell. I was careful not to get it in his eye, just rubbing a little of the gel over the damaged area. A few days afterwards and there is still no sign of any injury. His last fall (before I had Mobicosa gel) a black eye appeared quickly and took weeks to go away.

One single application of Mobicosa gel was enough to avoid any hint of a black eye.

How Does Mobicosa Gel Heal a Black Eye Fast?

Many may be wondering why the Mobicosa gel was able to thwart the oncoming black eye. Mobicosa gel has great healing properties. Some of the qualities appropriate to healing a black eye fast are these:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Blocks inflammation pathways
  • Helps to maintain the fluidity of cell membranes, ensuring nutrient delivery to the cells
  • Assists circulation

The gel is largely promoted for relieving joint pain, but I've used Mobicosa for treating other injuries as well. I keep it in my refrigerator, ready for any kind of accident that's likely to result in swelling or bruising.

Quick and Easy Delivery in North America

  • Where I Buy My Mobicosa Gel
    This is where I buy my Mobicosa products. Instead of waiting for delivery from New Zealand or Australia, they are posted to me from within the US. Saves time, and avoids the expense of international postage.

Natural Healing

Whatever the reason for having a black eye, treating it is easy as can be. Choosing to treat a black eye naturally with Mobicosa will have it healing faster. Gone are the weeks of explaining what happened and why you have a black eye. Avoiding those embarrassing conversations have never been easier.

I never would have believed any product could prevent or heal a black eye quickly until I tried it for myself. My first bottle of Mobicosa gel was a gift from an elderly lady who is a friend of mine. She sends Mobicosa gifts to many of her friends. I've used the gel in a bunch of ways now, and follow her lead. As well as keeping a bottle of gel ready in my own refrigerator, I've given some to friends.

Mobicosa products are made from New Zealand's green-lipped mussels. Some people can still use the gel topically even if they do have an allergy when eating seafood. But I think it is best to avoid it if you are allergic to shellfish. Please talk with your doctor if you have a shellfish allergy, prior to using Mobicosa.

I try to treat our ailments at home as naturally as possible. With Mobicosa gel I can easily treat bumps, bruises and black eyes. This is a great product to keep on hand if you'd like to heal a black eye fast. And it is ideal for those who, like me, prefer to choose a natural approach to healing.

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Cynthia Hoover (author) from Newton, West Virginia on August 01, 2016:

LongTimeMother thank you, it is an incredible product! I'm happy to find someone else who is familiar with it! It is very helpful for all my toddlers accidents! He loves to climb anything he can, yet he is not that graceful yet!

LongTimeMother from Australia on August 01, 2016:

I am familiar with this product and I love it. What an incredible result for your little one! Every mother should have a bottle on hand for those unavoidable accidents that kids have. Your photos are very helpful. I'm sharing this article. :)

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