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How To Have Healthy Teeth And Gum

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How to have healthy teeth and gum

We all know how to take care of our teeth and gum the conventional way. This article will remind you of the common methods to maintain healthy teeth and gum. However in addition, I shall share with you a cheap, easy and effective method on how to have healthy teeth and gum. You will most probably not be reading about this method elsewhere.

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gum. Without a good set of teeth, eating will be a problem. Even the tastiest of food will not be fully appreciated. With proper oral hygiene, your teeth and gum should be in good condition and with less risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Before revealing this cheap, easy and effective method, let us go through the conventional methods to maintain healthy teeth and gum.

Conventional methods to maintain healthy teeth and gum

Brushing your teeth twice a day. Brush your teeth once in the morning and once before going to sleep. The experts will advise you to brush your teeth after every meal. Personal, I think this is not very practical. Another question is exactly when do we brush our teeth in the morning. Our Asian practice is to brush our teeth, first thing in the morning when we get up from bed. Initially, I was surprised to watch on television many years ago of Westerners (Caucasians) having breakfast in bed. “Don’t they brush their teeth first?” I asked myself. In our country, many people do not take breakfast in their homes. So obviously they need to brush their teeth first thing in the morning before going out for breakfast. I fully agree that if we take breakfast in our homes, then we should brush our teeth after our breakfast. This is what I do nowadays.

Flossing your teeth. This is an effective way to get rid of food particles between teeth and during the process also removing a bit of plaque. Again, I find this to be not very practical, because it is a tedious and messy process. I only do flossing once in a while. However, we Asians have a better and more practical way of removing food particles after each meal. Toothpicks! To other cultures, it may seem unsightly to pick your teeth in public, but in Asian cultures, it is an accepted practice, especially when one can do it discreetly by covering one’s mouth with the other hand.

Periodic appointment with your dentist. This is just likeadvising people to keep a date with their doctors for the annual health checkup. How many adhere to this advice? I don’t. But don’t follow me if you can keep your appointment dates with your dentist. This is to your best interest.

Tongue cleaning. I think this is not a very popular method, mainly due to people’s ignorance in oral hygiene. As most people have not been taught how to clean their tongues, they unknowingly did not do so. Tongue cleaning or more correctly, tongue scraping is a very effective way of removing bacteria from the mouth. You may want to read my article on “Benefits of using a tongue cleaner”.

Rinsing. This is a complementary way to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling mouth. This is usually in the form of using a commercially produced mouthwash which you can buy from any store. Now this is what I want to share with. It is similar to rinsing, but you don’t need to buy mouthwash.

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Rinsing and gargling with warm salt solution

I have written a number of articles related to salt. You can read them by following the links on the right column. Salt is a very effective cleanser as well as killer of germs. If you feel that flu is starting to attack you, or feel “tight” in your throat, quickly gargle with warm salt solution. The salt solution will kill off bacteria and germs in the mouth as well as the throat. With early and timely prevention, this will stop the spread of germs and bacteria into the body. Please use a good quality natural salt such as sea salt or rock salt. You should avoid the common table salt which may contain unhealthy additives.

It is found that consistent rinsing and gargling with warm salt solution before going to sleep will ensure having healthy teeth and gum. Do this every night after you have brushed your teeth, then go to sleep. The warm salt solution is very effective to kill off bacteria and germs in your mouth and around your throat. While you sleep, your teeth and gum are rejuvenated with the saline residue. In the long term, you will find that you will have healthy teeth and gum.

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Alternatively, you can use salt-based toothpaste. This will save you the hassle of rinsing your mouth with salt water. I too, use this salt-based toothpaste occasionally just for a change.

I am past 60 and I have very healthy teeth and gum. I only lost one tooth so far. This is the good news I share with you. It’s free, and if you feel that this is good advice please follow this good habit to have healthy teeth and gum.

A big smile for all of you!

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How to Keep Teeth & Gums Healthy : Brushing Your Teeth Correctly


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