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How To Get Rid Of Self-Doubts

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Self-doubts occur when one questions their ability or capability or potential of doing, making, designing, achieving, or preparing something. When one has self-doubts about something, they do not proceed on that until they feel assured of it. But you can't always wait for your self-doubts to first subside so that you can make time to do something. Waiting like that leads to a wastage of time. There is also this loss of opportunities that we face when we think we are not a right participant for those tasks, and this is the lie our self-doubts feed us with.

How were your self-doubts formed? Let's mentally travel to the past, in your childhood. Maybe someone told you that you aren't worthy of doing that thing. Let's say the situation is - before you even started drawing something, someone taunted you saying-"this is not something a child like you can do". Maybe it had some wisdom in it. But with time you are a grown up person now, maybe it's possible for you now. But you are still keeping hold of the self-doubt formed in the past. It does not apply to you now.

We have also seen our friends doing good at sports for instance. But when we went and tried it, we didn't do it well. And we are left to feel upset. But remember, your friend has now practiced it multiple times and only after that he is that good at it. Stop letting your self-doubt win when it is lying to you.

Self-doubts, if not taken care of become beliefs. It's harder to alter beliefs than dealing with self-doubts. If you have a belief that you cannot draw well, it is coming from the past incidents where you actually couldn't draw. There might be many reasons for why you couldn't draw that time, maybe you already started while feeling discouraged.

When you have self-doubts, you speak in sentences like

  • "I can't do this because I tried it before, and it didn't work".
  • "I can try it but I will probably fail as I am immature at this".
  • "This type of task is not made for people like me".

As a consequence of self-doubts,

  • you stop going for what you actually want.
  • you prefer taking advice from others since you feel like you can't trust your own judgments.
  • you are not aware of your true potential which is unlimited really. You become unsure of your own capabilities.
  • your perfectionistic mentality gets hindered.
  • resistance occur during whatever you are doing.
  • you do not realize your potential.

How To Get Rid Of Your Self-Doubts

Getting rid of self-doubts is a lot easier than it sounds. Start here:

  1. Change your beliefs. Your beliefs hide self-doubts in them. A belief is essentially formed when one repeatedly is able to or not able to do something. We will take the example where you couldn't do the thing as this case is the one case that is full of self-doubts which aren't serving you. What we do then is we question the beliefs. We need to track from here to the past where this belief formed. We have to find out from where this belief comes from. Examine why you couldn't do that thing in the past and how you can do that in the present. Your belief is destroyed and it slowly takes place by an empowering belief. Make 'limiting beliefs' your special targets.
  2. Just try the thing you think you cannot do. Try it once, twice, thrice, or a few other times until you make that thing work for you. Self-doubt will sneakingly fade away on its own without you even trying to get rid of it.
  3. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Chances are high that your self-doubts started when you first started comparing yourself with others. This is very likely the case. So now you have self-doubts, stop fueling them up any further by still comparing yourself with others. The thing is, when we compare, our focus most likely goes where we are incapable of doing things, due to envy or even jealousy sometimes.
  4. Spend time with people who empower you. The people you make friends with can be good for your soul, or not. They can support you at your worst or leave you. This affects your mental health and we have self-doubts under the category of mental health.
  5. Change your self-talk. An event will happen, or not. But your self-talk can make or break things. Have a positive self-talk and catch the self-doubts as and when they start to appear. If you couldn't do something, say - "i couldn't do it this time, but next time I should be able to as I've learnt from the current situation" instead of - "I won't ever be able to do this as I've tried it now and it doesn't seem to be my thing".
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Self-doubts are going to pinch you throughout your lifetime. You will collect a lot of self-doubts, and if you use the above information, you will beat them up and become full of self-confidence. The wisdom lies in understanding that the creator of self-doubts is you itself, so it's you only who ultimately knows how to get rid of them when you are given the above tools. So rather than becoming the victim of your own creation, be the hero.

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