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How to Feel Motivated When Your Body Says No

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Karen is a certified Health Coach with training in several disciplines of energy work. She's helped hundreds of people with her techniques.

If you're falling asleep at the computer, tapping techniques may work for you.

If you're falling asleep at the computer, tapping techniques may work for you.


How often do you feel like a weight is anchoring your body to the couch, eliminating any drive or ambition to do anything at the end of the day? Is the only thing that interests you is watching TV? If so, then motivation is a key issue here, but not just the motivation, even the desire to get the motivation is gone. This is usually indicative of your energy being massively reversed.

A word of caution: talk to your doctor if you're feeling lethargic before relying on these methods to increase energy. Lethargy could be a symptom of illness.


So before you really get down and start tapping on other issues, let's do a few reversals. At your third eye point, which is in between the eyebrows up about half an inch, tap out the following reversals:

  • "Even though I don't want any energy, I choose to have energy,"
  • "Even though I don't want to feel motivated, I choose to be motivated," "Even though I don't want to do anything, I choose to have the energy and motivation to do something good."

All of the statements should be about things you don't want to do and then have what you want to do on the end. This will reverse your energy so that you are not "working against" your subconscious, which is the same thing as saying "you have no will power."

Brain Clearing Technique

The gamut point is an important point when it comes to motivational issues, as the brain plays a huge part in your ability to get motivated. Your anterior cingulate is the center of your brain that deals with fears and your desire to progress past those fears. Your prefrontal cortex is the center of your brain responsible for procrastination as well. So, just with these two centers, it is important to address issues that may tie into that area and doing the gamut point will accomplish that, as the optic nerve is a direct connection to the brain and when you move your eyes, the brain is stimulated. You do this by tapping on the back of the hand, one-half inch behind the midpoint between the knuckle of the ring and the little finger. Then as you tap on that point, you make your statement, such as one of the ones listed above, which ties your body and mind together to release that emotion, and then do the following eye movements, i.e., look up, look down, close your eyes, open your eyes, look down hard to the right, then down hard to the left, look up hard to the right and then to the left, roll your eyes one way, roll them back the other way, hum a tune to Happy Birthday to you (right brain), then count one through five (left brain). This will stimulate the brain to release that negative feeling from the area where it is trapped.

One area of the brain to focus on is the Amygdala or your Limbic system. That is where your fight/flight response is and if that is hyperactive you may find it hard to do anything. So do one sentence while tapping the Gamut point of, "Even though my Amygdala is hyperactive, I choose to calm it down and ask my body to be in normal mode," look down hard to the right and hard to the left. Take a big breath and release it.


Body Clearing Technique

Now that you are reversed, why you do not feel the motivation is a good place to begin tapping. You can start with how it feels to you. If the feeling is like a heavy weight, then let's start with that.

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  • Tap on your third eye point and structure the sentence like, "Even though I feel this heavy weight anchoring me to the couch, I choose to have the weight lifted from my chest and feel the energy flowing through my body."

Now that you are hopefully feeling a little lighter, the next step is to take the time to think about why you are on the couch. What stressors during the day are predominant in your mind? Take each one of the memories that pop into your mind and tap each one of them out, as above, with the gamut as part of the process. As each one is cleared, you should be feeling more energy coming into your body.

Chakra Tapping

As you feel energy and more motivation, and after you have tapped out all of the stressors of the day, do some chakra tapping and tap in some motivational thoughts.

The best way to remember chakra points is to just tap down the center of the body, i.e., the top of your head, middle of the eyebrows, under the nose, on the chin, the five-finger circle tap on the sternum, the five-finger circle tap around the belly button, and then inside of the knees. Tap in anything positive and energetic that you can think of, but when creating statements, think of ways to make them sound exciting.

The sentence, "I feel energy," is completely different than, "I feel energy pulsating through my body." How you state them is also important. Become a great actor/actress. Become animated with each statement, convincing your body that you are actually feeling that way. It works like a charm.

Tapping Tips

Now, let's address how not to get into that situation in the first place. In researching tips on how to keep you motivated, and beat the coach potato syndrome, I thought the following five were the best. So, as we go through each one, we will give you ideas on how to tap it out so that it is more effective.

  1. Become organized and plan ahead. Start the day with your positive affirmations. Do them as energetically as you can, as mentioned above. Since you never know what will happen, take the time to think through options of how you will handle problems. Do reversals when you find yourself slipping into the feeling that you are working against yourself, having no will power.
  2. Get something done prior to checking e-mail or getting on social networking sites. If you find you are spending too much time on the social sites, do a reversal like, "Even though I don't want to stop wasting so much time on this site, I choose to be more productive with my time." Set a timer and time yourself. Time goes by fast and oftentimes we spend much more time that we think on the Internet. If you are spending too much time there, try to figure out the real reason why. What are you trying to avoid by being on there? After you do some soul searching, take time to tap out each of those reasons, as dictated above.
  3. Minimize your distractions. Turn off the TV. Try to create a productive environment. When you find that you are being distracted, take a few minutes and tap out why.
  4. If you are being distracted by a pressing problem, or the need to just get away, go ahead and take that walk, or take care of whatever you need to, and then get back to being productive. This would be a good time to tap on your ability to concentrate. Why are you not concentrating? Are there problems in your life that keep coming into your mind? If so, take each one of them and tap them out.
  5. Give yourself a reward for getting your tasks accomplished. Build them into your day. Make sure the reward is not food. Reward yourself with activities, or time with people. Something that gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Just remember that if you feel like you are powering down during the day, start by doing some reversals. This will bring your energy back in line with what you would like to do. If you are still struggling, find out the real reason by doing a little soul searching. What is it that is really bugging you? A fight with your spouse, or child, or not feeling satisfied in your job could be the real reason you are distracted and find your motivation slipping away. Anger is a powerful and very draining emotion. Make sure to tap it out immediately before it zaps your energy.

So, you are now empowered. You can choose to tap, or not to tap, but I have now given you the key. The next step is yours.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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