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How to Enjoy Your 20’s

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Grace has been experiencing the issue and would like to share some of her experiences

My youth Is My Everything

Who cares what other people think

Who cares what other people think

Take As Many Picture As You Could

My dear readers, have you ever realized that you’re growing older. You’re not going to turn into your 15 years old self. In fact, you have matured over the years with experiences and time so I suggest to you that you take as many pictures as you can.

We should enjoy our lives when we are young. When we have a smooth skin with less wrinkles. We can try to put so many products to enhance our beautiful skins.

Be confident when you’re taking pictures. Remember, you have a limited time of youth. Our youth is so much more important that we need to make the best out of it. Keep this healthy mindset in your mind that you are beautiful. No one else is going to put you first so be confident that you’re beautiful. The truth is that everyone else is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

No matter what people say, we are beautiful regardless. Don’t buy the haters ‘words that you’re an ugly human being. There will always be people out there who will find you the most attractive creature they have ever seen. You also should smile when taking one.

Remember, your smile can attract so many positive energies that go along with it. Smiles are contagious. It makes people to like you.
I like to take pictures using various poses. It helps me to see that no matter what angle I’m, that’s me! When taking many pictures, it imposed this idea that we are forever young by heart. It is possible ladies and gentlemen. When we are confident and happy, the ageing signs tend to be delayed. We will remain youthful until we are in our 50s without wrinkles!

When taking pictures, I suggest that you take one without makeup and one with makeup. After all, this is a ‘me time’ right? Nobody can say or do anything to command you. It’s you!

Noodles, My Sweetheart

Noodles are my best friend.  I love you always

Noodles are my best friend. I love you always

Stay Away From Negative Energies

With that being said, my dearest readers, you must stay away from any negative energies. Now what do I mean by this? We are made from energies. There are energies that are compatible with us and there are energies that simply bring out the worst in us. That negative energies will make us feel angry, sad and fearful of what may the future holds.

If you ever found a person who is always make you sad, angry or fearful then it’s best to stay away from this person. It’s not anyone’s fault that you have incompatible energies. It’s just the way it is. When we are young, it’s important that we have positive energies. When our energies are in sync with our minds and our bodies, we are much healthier than ever.

If we tend to have negative energies in our mind that were evoked by other people, those negative energies will be build up over time. Over time we will develop many illnesses such as headache, heart attack and many more but of course those symptoms won’t be showing off it’s true color because, simply because, ladies and gentlemen is that we are young.

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When we are young, our bodies are capable of handling such pressure. Our vital organs are still working very well but what happens when we are no longer youthful? That’s right. Our vital organs could no longer cope with the pressure and hostility of this world. Therefore, it is crucial to protect ourselves from any negative energies that bring negative emotions.

Regular Work Out

My dear readers, I can’t emphasize this more. You must regularly work out at least once in a week. Why? You could ask, working out tends to benefit you. By working out, you can remain younger than your age. You are less prone to Osteoporosis when you enter 50s. We must maintain our health so that we don’t have to suffer many diseases in our later lives.

Do jogging once in a while. While you’re doing it, make sure that you put all your problems in your heads and then release it while running. Now, the faster you run, the big problems will be released into the environment much faster. Nothing! Nothing else stands in your way. Not even the problems that you’re facing it.

Don’t let all of this worldly issues weight you down. Remember, nobody is going to put you first so you have the priority to put you first. You might make some friends along the way.

Eat Healthy Delicious Food

This is an important aspect of enjoying our youth. You must eat healthy delicious food in order to become a happy human being. Look at it aspect this way, everyone has their own taste right? Well, that including yours, you have the right to enjoy delicious food.

Come to a restaurant or a café once in a while and let all your frustration of this world out. Let all the problems sink away and just enjoy the music and the tasty delicacies. Remember, you don’t owe anyone your time. Your time is yours and yours alone. With that being said, I would also like to share some of my experiences.

I love noodles! I love eating fried noodles at every restaurant that I went. When I’m eating dinner with my friends, I would enjoy eating noodles the most. When I put a spoonful of noodles into my mouth, there is no words of happiness that can describe my joy every time I eat it. Why can’t you do it? Too much work?

If you work too much to the point where you don’t have time to eat, you will develop gastric in your later life so beware!

Spend Time Doing What You Love

Whether it’s reading books, going to the gym or having a bath in the sea, do what you love! We have a limited time of youth. We should use our valuable time doing what we find pleasure the most. Don’t waste your time doing what other people want in you. Doing what other people want is not going to make you happy.

When people hit their 40s, the people have everything. They have enjoyed their 20s and they don’t have regrets but what has happened to you? You have become the man or woman who revel in regrets and madness. I suggest you don’t become one.When doing the things that you love, make sure you take time slowly. Don’t be rushed by your works. Enjoy yourself. Don’t pressure yourself into becoming something that you’re not.

I personally like to read and take pictures of the scenery. It makes me feel calm. When I was younger, I get this peer pressure that I need to be just like everyone else so I have this one mindset in my mind. I have to be just like everyone else in order to not be labelled such as ‘Dork, nerd and writing freak’. But then it came to my mind that hey, I’m doing what they want. When they become old, they are satisfied with their lives because they have done everything that needed to be done then what am I going to do when I’m old?

So I stopped following everybody’s activities and start doing something that I love. Who cares when someone called me a dork? It’s not true. The truth is within me.

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