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How To Eat Without Violence

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What is Veganism?

Veganism or veganism is a comprehensive movement that aims not only to adjust the diet, but the whole lifestyle. It has a relatively precise definition, established in the late 1950s in the United States.
The founder of the American Vegan Society, which still operates today and is the vegan's basic authority, Leslie J. Cross, stated in its statutes that veganism is essentially a way to free animals from any human exploitation. So it is not just a matter of giving up all animal products such as meat, dairy products and honey in the diet, but also avoiding them in all other products (clothing, drugstores, etc.) and also rejecting any kind of cruelty to animals. However, the menu remains at the center of this teaching.

So what do they eat?

To the ordinary "omnivore", the vegan diet may seem extremely impoverished. Not only do vegans like vegetarians not eat meat, but they also refuse dairy products and eggs. Since each dish is strictly a sum of certain substances, some of which are exceptional for certain foods, but others are found in many of them, finding a balanced vegan diet is probably more complicated than if we eat everything, but it is certainly not goal impossible.


Vegan Pantry

Nature provides an almost inexhaustible amount of food of plant origin - not only fruits and vegetables, but also a huge range of legumes, seeds, nuts and various spices and herbs. There are very few nutrient-providing foods that are difficult to find and / or non-substitutable in the vegan diet. The principles of veganism also include knowing these facts and replacing any missing nutrients with supplements. In today's world, however, this lifestyle is very widespread, and its proponents today have no problem finding vegan products of all kinds.

Vegan burgers made of legumes, vegetables and seeds are great And what about the taste?

For the average consumer, even those who like vegan principles, the fundamental question remains how such vegan food actually tastes. In principle, however, it is nothing more than the right combination, preparation and flavouring of basic ingredients. Many meals are prepared in exactly the same way as regular ones, with only some substitutes. Of course, the taste shifts elsewhere, but it is often pleasant even for non-vegans. It is possible that veganism will not bring any taste discoveries to the higher gastronomic strata, but it is also possible that many vegan recipes will gain their fans even among non-vegans. This is also the path to the so-called flexibalism, ie a relaxed approach to food, where the consumer does not impose any strict restrictions, but sometimes enjoys the benefits of a meatless diet, which are not only palatable but also healthy.

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Health From Nature

Even a layman understands that a plant-based diet is probably healthy, but the health benefits of the vegan diet are now confirmed by a number of professional studies. Large quantities of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds - basic vegan foods - also mean a significant supply of vitamins (especially B1, C and E and folic acid) and minerals, especially magnesium and iron, and these sources are natural insufficient in terms of unsuitable saturated fats and harmful cholesterol. This leads to a significant reduction in the risk of disease and possibly death from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, heart and stroke, obesity and some cancers, especially of the prostate and rectum.

Variety And Taste Are Equally Important

Especially for "new" vegans, it is very important to learn to know and satisfy the basic nutritional needs of your body. For example, experts highlight the health benefits of a whole range of unsaturated vegetable fats, sources such as avocados, almonds, walnuts, cashews and Brazil nuts, pumpkin and chia seeds, olive oil and pumpkin, leafy vegetables, various types of cabbage and cabbage, etc. vegans they consume a lot. However, it is necessary to realize that fat remains fat, and even here it is necessary to watch the amounts consumed. Today, however, it is no longer a problem to move to such a way of life in an informed way - information is everywhere.

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