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How to Control the Skin Wrinkles

Like metastasis, the medicines cause side effects, while the nature supplements deficiencies, strengthen the immune system and cures disease



A wrinkle at the corner of the eye or around the mouth is the first sign of aging and may appear at any age. But a graceful aging can be achieved by changing the lifestyle and the eating habits.

The mild types of wrinkles usually respond to little efforts, while the deeper ones require more care. The aging process is inevitable, but the natural measures can reduce and stop recurrence of wrinkles.

The topical prescriptions or cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, Botox etc., can make the skin smooth and firm, but the best option for the rejuvenated and youthful complexion is the protection, not the treatment. Because the skin is made of soft tissues and it needs gentle and natural treatment.

The beautiful, supple and radiant skin is not reserved for the rich and the famous and the appearance of wrinkles could be reduced and reversed at any age.

The most effective way to reduce wrinkles and to keep the skin flawless for years is to limit the sun exposure, stop smoking, take a nutritious diet, perform facial exercises or massage, control the expressions and regularly use the homemade face masks.

The men are generally shy about them, but they too can prevent, treat or get rid of wrinkles by taking care of the following things.

What are wrinkles?

It is a fold, line or crease which affects the dermal layer of the aging skin. There are two types of wrinkles, the fine wrinkles or surface lines, and the deep wrinkles.

They appear when the skin loses its ability to retain moisture, makes less oil or fats, heals slowly, loses elasticity and becomes saggy. They make the skin tired, dull and unattractive, thereby causing significant cosmetic concerns, especially in women.

Why Wrinkles are formed?

The skin remains firm and malleable due to due to a fibrous protein called collagen. Another protein known as elastin gives it a spring-like elasticity. The skin is made soft and supple by the oil secreting glands while the underlying layer of fat adds contour to it.

But the cells that produce these substances become fewer and less productive with aging. The skin becomes weak and loses tone due to protein deficiency. The little production of oil makes the skin drier and the wrinkles and sags start appearing because the cushions of fats forming the skin layers become thin and loose.

The inflammation-causing free radicals affect the production of collagen and elastin and which causes wrinkles. Besides the collagen eating enzymes are also released when the cells perform certain functions.

The collagen injections are expensive and cause nerve damage or other complications.

Other Causes of Wrinkles

The outer layer of the skin becomes thin and inelastic with aging and the wrinkles occur. A person loses about 10% of the epidermal thickness in a decade. The little production of oil also makes the skin drier causes wrinkles.

They are caused by normal changes of skin in old age or genetic reasons, weather conditions, pollutants, accumulation of toxins in body, stress, mental tension, anxiety, prolonged illness, clogging of facial pores, lack of cleaning, excessive exposure to sunlight, deficiency of nutrients, obesity or sudden weight loss and less intake of water.

Except for the first reason, the other causes could be effectively manipulated because all the wrinkles are not caused due to aging but by external lifestyle factors.

Stop Smoking

The smoke of cigarettes increases wrinkles on face and body and is the main cause of skin aging. Because it removes oxygen and nutrients from the cells, increases the number of free radicals in the body and makes the skin thinner. It releases an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin or the main constituents, which give strength and elasticity to the skin.

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The premature wrinkles are directly proportional to the number of cigarettes and the years of smoking. The act of smoking creates the creases around the mouth that ultimately become permanent wrinkles. But the further damage could be prevented by quitting the habit now.

Drink Water and Juice

Instead of soft drinks, drink plenty of pure water and fresh fruit juices to cleanse and hydrate the cells of the body and to get the supple skin. Because the dehydration causes parched and wrinkled skin, while hydration provides health benefits and boosts the energy levels.

About 10- 12 glasses of are needed to impart a natural glow to the skin and to flush out the toxins from the body.

Take Adequate Sleep and Check the Sleep Position

Without adequate sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a stress hormone that reduces normal tissue maintenance, decreases the growth of skin cells and breaks them.

The sleep and rest produces more growth hormones at night, which maintain healthy growth of all body tissues, decreases the formation of wrinkles and helps the skin to remain thick and elastic.

Sleep on the back.

Taking certain sleeping postures daily causes sleep lines or wrinkles that become engraved into the skin surface and do not disappear easily. Because then the collagen has to work harder to repair the lines. The collagen production decreases with age and it needs to be preserved.

The sideways sleeping increases wrinkles on cheeks and chin, face-down posture creates a furrowed brow while pressing the face against the pillow causes sleep lines.

It is better to sleep on back or to use satin pillows to reduce sleep lines or the formation of wrinkles.

In middle age, the quantity, quality and the impact of sleep changes. The eight hours sleep is necessary for a normal adult to get the benefits of growth and repair of cells.

Avoid Over-Exposure to Sunlight

The sun exposure is the main and the more important cause than the heredity factor for the appearance of wrinkles and aging.

The ultraviolet radiations of sunlight break down the collagen and elastin in the skin and quickly cause premature skin aging, wrinkles, age spots, lines and sagging.

Avoid over exposure to UV sunlight, stay indoors and away from windows to prevent the skin damage and even skin cancer.

Stay indoors and avoid sunbathing between 11 AM to 3 PM when the sunlight is the severest.

Always stay in shades during this time even in winters or when it is cloudy.

Be careful near concrete, water, snow and reflective surfaces as they reflect the UV rays and wear white or light colors or use hat and sunglasses.

The tanning beds and other sources of UV light increase the appearance of wrinkles.

The tanning booths are much worse than the sun.

Remember that the ultraviolet rays of the sun drain the natural skin beauty, cause skin aging and wrinkles on the exposed skin surfaces.

Use Sunscreen

The daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen gives protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Always use sunscreen with zinc or titanium oxide and sun protection factor or SPF of 30 or more. Apply it on the entire exposed surface of the skin, about 20 minutes before going out in sunlight and reapply it every two hours in case of sweating, wetting or swimming.

The natural cosmetic products, creams or moisturizers containing sunscreen, protect against skin cancer, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and check the worsening of old ones.

The vitamin E or soy isoflavones in some sunscreens regenerate collagen which strengthens the skin barrier.

The Missing Facial Muscles

Name of muscleFunction

1.Risorius muscle

Pulls the corner of mouth sideways

2. Zygomaticus minor muscle

Lifts the corners of the mouth towards ears

3. Corrugator supercilli

Used in frowning

4. Procerus muscle

Used to flare the nostrils

5.Nasalis muscle

Used to compress nasal cartilage

6. Depressor septi muscle

Used to pull the nose wings down and to constrict the nostrils

The Missing Facial Muscles and Wrinkles

The five main muscles are universal, but 50% of the people have several missing muscles. Unlike the major muscles, they often become asymmetric in size and strength. Their absence either from one or both sides of the face creates problems for an actor.

Not visible under the skin and lying flat against the bones, they could be noticed by dissection or by facial tricks like flaring of nostrils.

It is uncertain, whether the missing muscles decrease skin tension or reduce wrinkles or the main muscles being under pressure to compensate their absence create more wrinkles. But it is certain that the major muscles from the wrinkles.

Control the Facial Expressions

An actor uses the main muscles of a facial expression and adds some others muscles to create different and unique expressions of a particular emotion. The people generally have no such control as they do not need different expressions. But this art to avoid the wrinkles could be learned.

The over expressive people repeatedly purse the lips, frown or make faces as a habit. The uses of few strong muscles create stress and cause wrinkles because strong expression does not imply strong muscle control. Such expressions should be controlled as they leave permanent marks on face and cause wrinkles.

Baking Soda

Facial Expressions and the Muscles Used

Before understanding the cause of wrinkles, it is better to know about facial muscles and expressions in detail. Because the associated lines are caused by certain facial expressions practiced on a regular basis. With time these wrinkles become permanent and difficult to be

With time these wrinkles become permanent and difficult to be prevented because the skin loses its elasticity with aging. The habitual expressions like squinting, sneering or wrinkling of the forehead while thinking or talking etc., cause wrinkles in future.

The happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust are the only six universal emotions. These emotions have 6 facial expressions in every culture and only need 5 main muscles and a couple of assisting ones.

These expressions vary from person to person and have little character or personality but they become unique by using the generally absent assisting muscles. About 64 common variations of these six expressions could be created.

The expressions and related muscles are as follows.

1. Smile or happiness needs the zygomaticus major or the lip corner puller muscle. Its variations are,

a). the corners of the mouth are pulled towards the ears.

b). the cheeks are raised by causing wrinkles around their eyes.

c). the harder expressions of the smile are of pride, contempt, irony, the mystic Mona Lisa smile etc.

2 Sadness requires the anguli oris or the lip corner depressor muscle to pull the corners of the mouth down. It has many variations like

a). the corners of mouth pulled down, while cheeks are raised at the same time.

b). the corners of mouth pulled down while frowning and the inner side of brows is raised.

c). the nasolabial folders pulled deeper into the cheeks with (b) above.

The last one is not possible for all, as the people may not have the required muscle, the absence of which could be compensated by other muscles.

3 Anger demands two of the five major muscles, the orbicularis oculi or the round muscle around the eyes and the orbicularis oris the round muscles around the mouth.This expression has several variations as,

a). In the base expression, common in all variations the brows are lowered and brought together while the upper eyelids are raised and tightened.

b). the chin is raised with base expression.

c). the lips pressed together or tightened with base expression.

d). the upper lip is raised, both lips tightened and funneled at the same time.

e). Practice (d) but funnel and not tighten the lips

f). Practice (d) but skip raising the upper lip and just tighten or funnel the lips.

4 Surprise needs the frontalis, the major muscle to raise the brows up, followed by the raising of upper eye lids. It is the easiest expression of all.

5 Fear also requires frontalis muscle as this expression is similar to surprise.

a). the brows are pulled together with the expression of surprise.

b). the lips are also stretched sometimes.

6. Disgust does not need any major muscle and the feeling is expressed in several ways.

a). the upper lip is raised, either the chin raised or lower lip puckered.

b). the nose wrinkled in variation.

c). the lower lip puckered with (b).

d). the corners of mouth lowered with (b).

e). the combination of nose wrinkling with raising the chin.

The mood follows the facial expressions. The large frontalis muscle that wrinkles the forehead is used only when sad, surprised or in fear. So take a deep breath and smile the best smile as happiness causes fewer wrinkles.

Expressions and muscles


The facial muscles overwork under all repetitive movements like squinting etc., which create a groove beneath the surface of the skin that eventually turns into a wrinkle.

The sunglasses check squinting and protect the sensitive skin around the eyes from ultraviolet radiations of sunlight.

Check and Achieve Muscle Control

To get rid of wrinkles and to control the facial muscles separately, practice different expressions in front of a mirror. It releases the tension, restores the optimal lengths, and gives consciousness of facial muscles. It is the control, not the pulling of stuck or shortened muscles to create the required expressions easily.

1. Look up without wrinkling the forehead.

2. Raise the brows up without wrinkling the forehead.

3. Raise one brow only without wrinkling the forehead.

4. Quickly flare the nostrils like a bunny.

5. Tense the lower eyelid only.

6. Try to wiggle the ears.

7. Try to move the scalp.

Facial Massage

The skin demands gentle care and the facial massage keeps it smooth and supple by removing the blemishes and dark spots.

It is one of the best home remedies to prevent wrinkles, as it removes the dead skin cells, which generally remain stuck onto the skin surface and expose the healthier skin underneath.

It improves the blood circulation by giving oxygen nourishment to skin cells.

It revives the skin, increases skin moisture through sebum or oil production and slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

It makes the skin and its underlying tissues firm, eliminates excess fluid, reduces puffy eyes and strengthens and tones the muscle fibers.

Always wash the face and pat dry before the facial massage.

Massage the face softly with inward strokes in an upward direction as the outward and downwards strokes cause sagging of skin.

Start the massage from the top of the forehead using all the fingers of both hands.

Gently rub in light, rapid and circular motions.

Go down to the area around eyes and rub the crow’s feet making little circles.

Then move towards the area under the eye and reach the bridge of the nose.

Continue massaging the cheeks, lips, and chin in the upward direction by pinching the chin and the neck with thumb and forefingers.

The almond oil massage with light finger strokes is good for areas under the eyes.

For deep wrinkles, lightly rub the face with cotton balls dipped in 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Let it dry and then apply little organic 100% extra virgin olive oil covering the face and neck.

The affected area could also be massaged with lemon juice, flax seeds oil, or the hard pulp or juice of pineapple, glycerin and honey mixture.

The facial massage of odorless castor oil tones the area around the eyes or neck and reverses the appearance of wrinkles.

The coconut oil massage every night at bedtime removes the wrinkles on the face and the neck.

The coconut oil protects from the damages of free radicals as it contains antioxidants.

It protects and revives the skin by providing lasting moisture because it has very low water contents.

Don't Over-Wash the Face

The repeated face washing also washes away the protection of skin against wrinkles. Because the natural barrier oils and moisturizers of skin get washed off by the tap water. Besides, use the soaps containing moisturizers or use a cleanser instead.

Natural and Homemade Remedies for Wrinkles

Apply face packs at least thrice a week, even if there are no wrinkles.

1. Banana- honey – oatmeal- cream

Make a paste of properly mashed ripe banana with organic heavy cream ( 3 tbsp.), dark organic honey ( 2 tbsp.), oatmeal ( 2 tbsp.) and water. Gently apply it on face and neck. Let it remain for 20- 25 minutes and rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

2. Lime juice and milk cream

Prepare a mixture of lime juice and milk cream and apply to washed face. Let it remain for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. It controls fine lines, gives fair complexion and controls the wrinkles.

3. Green seedless grape mask

Like skin firming and anti-aging creams, the grapes too contain alpha hydroxyl acids and help to control wrinkles. Gently rub the half cut seedless grapes on the face. Let it remain for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

4. Curd and turmeric face pack

Take a tbsp. of curd and mix with a little turmeric. Apply the mixture on face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. It removes all kinds of blemishes and protects against wrinkles. Add gram flour to make it a scrub.

5. Lemon juice olive oil

Mix a tbsp. of lemon juice in olive oil and gently massage on face. It makes the skin soft and controls wrinkles.

6. Lentil face pack

Make a paste of lentil and apply on face. Wash with cold water when dry. It tightens the facial skin pores.

7. Apple face mask

Boil an apple in water, mash it and add a tbsp. each of honey and milk powder in it. Apply the paste on face and rinse off after 15 minutes with cold water. It gives wrinkle-free face when applied regularly.

8. The olive oil and pineapple mask

It removes wrinkles and fine line, hydrates the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, cleans the pores and is good for adult acne wrinkle. The pineapple is anti-inflammatory and has a natural digestive enzyme which removes the dead skin cells and dirt.
Take a cup of rinsed, mashed or blended pineapple chunks and add 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil to it. Apply the mask to face, neck, and chest and lie down for 20-25 minutes. Rinse and pat dry or apply the mask before the shower.

9. Apricot, honey, milk, lemon mask

Make a puree of finely chopped, de-seeded and unpeeled 2-3 apricots, add 2 tablespoons of honey, juice of one lemon and cold milk to it. Make a consistent paste in a blender and apply on affected areas. Let it remain for half an hour and rinse with lukewarm lemon water. This mask removes the worry and furrow lines as the apricot nourishes while the lime juice tightens the skin.

10. Rice powder mask for taut skin

Apply the thick paste of a cup of rice powder, rosewater, and milk, evenly on affected areas. Let it cakes up and then rinse off. While the paste is being applied to the face, make the facial muscles immobile. This mask makes the skin taut and removes the wrinkles.

11. The face-lift and pore remover egg mask or Castor oil

The egg white or castor oil soften, tighten and nourishes the skin.

In egg white, a large amount of protein called albumin rejuvenates the skin while the vitamin A and B, protect the cells and repair the tissues. It provides skin glow and removes acne, pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, and the lines under the eyes or around the mouth. With lemon juice, it tightens the skin and closes the pores.

Separate the yolk and white from the organic egg and add a tablespoon of lemon juice to it. Apply a thin layer of egg white all over the washed face and neck, allow it to dry for half an hour, the skin tightens as it dries. Rinse off with a warm washcloth or wash off or leave it all day long, or apply before bed and wash in the morning.

Refrigerate the residue and apply next time. Don’t whisk the egg white to get the sleek or smooth skin. In case of excessive drying apply the mask on alternate days, otherwise daily.

This is a rinse-off mask, not a peel-off mask to be repeated on alternate days.

For moisturizing add a tablespoon of raw and organic honey; for acne add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil; for oily skin and extra tightening add a tablespoon of cornstarch.

12. Banana Mask

The rich contents of minerals like potassium and other antioxidants in bananas restore the skin and prevent the wrinkles. Crush and mash a ripe banana into a puree and apply it onto the face. Leave for 15 minutes, rinse off and pat dry.

Other Homemade Remedies

Maintain the beautiful, youthful and healthy looking skin with natural homemade products. Give extra attention to the areas around eyes and lips. Vitamins C and E are important to maintain healthy skin.

1. Glycerin and egg lotion for wrinkles
Prepare a lotion of 2 tablespoons of glycerin and 2 tablespoons of rose water to the egg white and apply on hands and neck. Let it remain for 10-12 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Apply the leftover egg whites in the bottom of the shell to the lines under the eyes.

2. Sandalwood powder
Make a paste of sandalwood powder with milk and apply on affected areas on the face in an upward direction. Avoid the areas under the eyes. Let it dry and then rinse off with cold water. The wrinkles, fine lines, acne and blemishes are removed by this mask.

3. Turmeric Cane juice Mask
Prepare a paste of 1-2 tablespoon of sugar cane juice, 2-3 teaspoon of turmeric powder and apply it on wrinkles. Let it dry and then rinse with water. This is a natural remedy for wrinkles and fine limes.

4. Coconut oil
Before going to bed, rub the wrinkles around the eyes, neck, and hands with coconut oil. It will increase the circulation of blood and promote the relaxation of skin to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Anti-Wrinkle homemade cream

Take two tablespoons each of honey and milk. Blend into a consistent paste and apply onto face and neck. Let it remain for ten minutes to get absorbed and then wash off with warm water. Add vitamin C to any face cream and apply before bedtime to decrease the wrinkles.

Honey, Curd and Juice

Take a little curd, apply on face and wash off after 30 minutes.

Prepare the paste of turmeric powder with sugarcane juice and apply on wrinkles.

Apply freshly prepared juices cucumber or apple every day on wrinkles for wrinkles

Mix the contents of vitamin E capsules, add 2 tbsp. plain yogurt, 1/2 tbsp. honey and 1/2 tbsp. lemon juice. Apply with a cotton ball, let it remain for about 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Mix half tbsp. patchouli essential oil with a quarter cup each of comfrey infusion and witch hazel and put the mixture in a clean bottle. Use a cotton ball to apply on affected areas.

Face Firmer and Cheek Filler Exercise

Comfortably wide open the mouth, curl the lips to expose the teeth and smile with the corners of the mouth. Place the heel pads of palms on each side of the chin along the jawline. Press the palms and make clockwise and anti-clockwise rapid circles without sliding, as shown in face firming video.

This cheek filler exercise for hollow cheeks strengthens the cheek muscles and firms up the face within 2 months. It could be performed twice a day while other facial exercises are performed on alternate days. As per needs and results its frequency could be adjusted.

Preparation and Duration of Facial Exercises

Exercise gently in front of the mirror, without using much force and never hand stretch the skin. Moisturize to avoid stretching, but generally, it is not necessary. Always wash the hands before exercise. Just massage or slide the fingers over the contracted muscles.

Start five times a week for 15 minutes each for the first three months in the mornings.Then bring the weekly frequency to twice or thrice if, under 40 years, three to five times if above 40 and twice if over 65.

Facial Exercises or Face Yoga

The stress-free healthy life practices can minimize and control the wrinkles. Regular exercises till sweating open the clogged pores of the skin. The aerobics or cardiovascular exercise for heart and skin, strengthen the underlying muscles and provide nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

Also called face yoga, the facial exercises improve the overall appearance of facial skin and muscles. They improve blood circulation to the involuntary face muscles. As a result, the muscles become more toned, the skin becomes less tense and the wrinkles become less prominent.

They can control body weight, improve vision, revive the sagging skin, strengthen and shape facial muscles, and naturally minimize or prevent the aging signs or wrinkles from face, neck, and hands. They also remove toxic substances with gut movement; give mental and physical strength; increase lifespan and immunity. They loosen the wrinkles around the eyes and lift or stretch the skin by making the under skin muscles plump.

The tension in the facial skin decreases its elasticity and causes sags and wrinkles. The facial exercises relax the face muscles naturally, lift the features up and tone the looks. Some weak muscles could not be moved at all, while others could not be moved separately.

To train and tone new facial muscles, start with a focus on the problem area. Because all are unique and have different trouble spots, but the facial exercises for a single spot may lead to an unbalanced face. So select a group of few exercises.

Face Firmer Video

Some Facial Exercises

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to control the facial muscles, repeat the following facial exercises ten times a day in the front of the mirror

1. Speak the vowels A E I O U by stretching the facial muscles as much as possible, but create no sound. Continue the prolonged and exaggerated shapes of mouth for 2 minutes, taking each word at a time.

2. Join the lips and move them right, center, left, up and down towards the face. Give 5- 10 seconds for each posture.

3. Stick out the tongue as far as possible for few seconds, but keep the eyes wide open.

4. Stretch the neck as far as possible for 5-10 seconds. Repeat it 5 to 6 times.

5. Smile without giving any tension to the muscles around the eyes or causing wrinkles on forehead.

6. Try to concentrate without frowning.

7. Try to make relaxed expressions without creating tension in facial muscles.

Exercises to Smother Forehead Wrinkles

The following facial exercises reduce the wrinkles on forehead

1. In yoga, the visualization is important as to release the tension. Stand in front of a mirror, concentrate on the forehead, imagine it as a smooth surface, place the fingertips of both hands vertically in the center, apply slight pressure, close the eyes and move the fingers towards the hairline in a smooth and sliding motion. Relax and repeat this exercise thrice to reduce horizontal wrinkles.

2. Place the index fingers just above the eyes and gently pulling down while raising the eyebrows.

3. The next exercise increases circulation and relaxes the forehead and eye muscles. Close the eyes and pull both eyebrows towards the hairline from their edges with index fingers. Repeat few times.

4. This exercise is for the awareness that it is not always necessary to wrinkle the forehead. Because fewer wrinkles appear if less are created. Imagine the forehead to be a smooth surface, wide open the eyes fully without causing any wrinkle on the forehead, focus the eyes just beyond the nose for 10 -15 seconds. Relax and repeat 5-6 times.

5. This exercise increases blood circulation and tightens the forehead muscles. Put the fingertips of both hands just above the fully raised eyebrow lines and smooth the forehead wrinkles upwards with light rubbing. Repeat the exercise thrice.

6. This exercise eliminates deep lines and gives control and awareness of forehead muscles, which should not be wrinkled while talking. Curl both hands in binocular or C form, place index fingers above and along the upper bone of each eyebrow, put the thumbs on the side of each nostril, press the curled fingers firmly into the eyebrows and then pull sideways without moving forehead and eyebrows, open the chest and pull the shoulder blades down, open the eyes fully wide, squint 5-6 times, look forward for few seconds, then close the eyes and relax. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

7. Place the index fingers just above the eyes and gently pulling down while raising the eyebrows.

8. End the exercise session by stretching and releasing the tension of all the facial muscles.

Home Remedies for Crow’s Feet

The skin around the eyes becomes thin with age, loses its elasticity, and the wrinkles and fine lines appear around the eyes. The first sign of aging is the formation of crow’s feet around the eyes. They result from lifestyle, smiling, laughing, and un-joyous forms of skin abuse, sunlight, and smoking.

1. Apply broad-spectrum sunscreens with SPF 15 or higher around the eyes.

2. Soak the cotton pads in rosewater, compress and apply on eyes to avoid wrinkles, tone the skin and make it supple and fresh.

3. The eyes begin to strain in front of computer. So take breaks and optimize the brightness of monitor, as both the brightness and dimness aggravate the strain.

4. Avoid rubbing and scratching the skin around the eyes because the inflammation inside or outside the skin leads to wrinkles. To avoid the entry of unwanted bacteria into the eyes do not touch them.

5. The wearing and removing of contact lenses puts extra pressure on the delicate upper and lower eyelids and leads to the loss of elasticity.Use the ring and little fingers to open the eyes as these fingers are the weakest and will exert less pressure.

6. Apply the grated potatoes on under eye areas to reduce the dark circles.
An enzyme called catecholase in potatoes is a skin lightener and is used in cosmetic products.

Exercises to Prevent the Crow’s Feet

1. Crow’s feet- Isolate the lower eyelids and wink only with them. Until achieving the control, the index finger could be placed in the area of the crow’s feet while winking. It creates resistance and builds the muscle around the eye. Repeat 20-25 times with each eye.

2. Upper eyelid- Close the eyes and hold down the upper eyelid firmly to the lower eyelid, but not with fingers. Keep the eyelids as such for 8-10 seconds. Then release them and repeat the exercise 10-15 times. It will give strengthen the muscles and tone the upper eyelid area.

Yoga Can Minimize Face Wrinkles

1. Yoga- The overturned or reversed postures, balancing the body weight on hands, inhaling from one nostril and exhaling from other, lying flat like a corpse, moving stomach with fast and deep breathing for 10-15 minutes every day can rejuvenate the skin and improve digestion.

2. Release tension- Spread a mat on the floor, kneel down and inhale deeply, clench the hands into fists and squeeze all the facial muscles as hard as could be. Then exhale loudly through the mouth while sticking the tongue out. Wide open the eyes as much as possible and roll the eyeballs; open the hands and wide stretch the palm; release the tension and repeat the process twice.

How anti-ageing Creams and Outside Applications Affect the Growth

The anti-aging creams may promote collagen strength under the skin, but they have significant limitations because of little scientific evidence to support the claim. They may help if the following right ingredients like coenzyme Q10, alpha hydroxy acids, copper peptides, retinol, kinetin, peptides or antioxidants are present.

Retinoid or Retin A and Retinol.

Retinoids or Retin-A or tretinoin and their cheap generic versions thicken the skin by regular use, prevent and treat crow’s feet and reduce the fine lines or large wrinkles. They may entail the side effects like itching, increased sensitivity, dryness or redness of the skin.

The retinoid creams or Retin A, contain Retinol, a form of natural vitamin A, synthesized from beta-carotene and found in liver and eggs too. It is chemically known as retinoic acid or retinaldehyde which works on a molecular level. Retinol topical creams repair the sun damage, exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin cells, enhance the production of collagen and elastin and reduce the wrinkles. It is less powerful than retinoid creams, but in a stable form and high concentrations it is as effective as Retin-A, but devoid of side effects like skin burning and sensitivity.

Peptides are chains of amino acids or the building blocks of proteins. The proteins are the main component of skin and the copper peptides are very effective.

Alpha- Hydroxy acids or AHA, occur naturally in many fruits and in the form of lactic acid in dairy products. They induce new growth by removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. In higher concentrations, they stimulate collagen production. But they don't prevent damage from the sun or pollutants so use them at night and apply sunscreen during the day. They may irritate the dry skin, so take the expert advice before using them.

Antioxidants- In the topical application, the antioxidants come in contact with air and get degraded by oxidization. The airtight packages and stabilizing agents may reduce oxidation, but it is not certain that how much of original potency is retained.

Topical vitamin C- It increases the production of collagen, improves in pigmentation problems, protects against ultraviolet rays, reduces wrinkles and improves in skin inflammation. But it depends on the type of vitamin C used, while the L-ascorbic acid is the most potent.

Penta-peptides. – They can increase collagen production in the sun-damaged skin. When topically applied, it stimulates collagen production and diminished lines and wrinkles.

The tretinoin or tazarotene, remove deep face wrinkles. The high concentration of prescription vitamin A derivatives may cause skin irritation, burning, dryness, redness, and itchiness and increase in skin sensitivity to the sun.It is better to use the lowest effective dose for longer durations and always use sunscreen while using them.

The cost does not imply effectiveness and the words like improvements based on clinical trials and noticeable difference are misleading.It is better to treat from inside than outside as many of the cosmetic products contain the same anti-wrinkle nutrients found in food.

Be Careful with Make up

The deodorants clog the oil and sweat glands due to which the toxins get accumulated in the body and affect the healthy functioning of liver and kidneys. Always avoid strong synthetic cosmetics or use them occasionally.

The pulling and tugging of eyelids while applying mascara or eyeliner cause wrinkles and saggy eyelids. Hold the skin taut from the temple instead of pulling the eyelids straight at the corners. Keep the pencil liners sharp to line the eyes without pressing.

Apply and remove the makeup gently, wash the face before going to bed at night and moisturize the skin. The delicate skin around the eye is 5 to 10 times thinner than the rest of facial skin. Don’t rub the eyes; rather use the pads of the weakest ring fingers around the eyes, avoid scrubbing and excessive wiping during makeup and use cotton instead.

Use Moisturizers

It keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. The facial moisturizers do not prevent wrinkles in the long term, but they become less noticeable in the moist skin. It retains the fluid in the cells, which fills in the wrinkles and improves the skin texture. The hydrated skin becomes plump with infused water and the wrinkles get covered under the firm skin, while the dry skin shrivels and the wrinkles become more prominent.

It regenerates and heals skin cells and prevents external damages due to of weather conditions. The proteins like collagen and keratin in some moisturizers temporarily diminish the wrinkles, but they are not topically absorbed and could be supplemented by foods.

The anti-aging ingredients like coenzyme Q10 and retinol prevent or improve wrinkles and sagging. The former improves wrinkles and protects the skin from the sun, while the latter is a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals which attack skin cells to cause wrinkles.

The moisturizers containing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients nourish the skin and prevent it from becoming dry or looking wrinkled. The moisturizers containing antioxidants improve the appearance of wrinkled skin. It is better to moisturize twice a day to soften and minimize the fine lines and wrinkles.

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