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How To Become Self-Confident

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A self-confident person has the confidence that is directed on the inside, It is in what qualities they have, how they treat others, how their mindset is, and mostly everything that makes them them. Self-confidence doesn't come from just thinking confidently, it comes from owning yourself up, and from timely doing those things that should be done by you. It is about how graceful, loving, kind, bright, and/or likable are you. Self-confident people for sure have sure one or more of these qualities. And talking about how likable you are, self-confidence makes you even more likable. Self-confidence is not about 'appearing confident' on the outside but if you do, it's like a cherry on the cake - sounds delicious - is lovely. But the term confidence on its own is like an accessory which is breakable, but self-confidence isn't. Self-confidence just shines, but if in cases there is no light, it brightens the atmosphere.

You will find tons of quotes on self-confidence, but it's more about how do you respond to the information given to you, and what you do with that info. This is what most people do after learning about self-confidence, they try to become a self-confident person by trying to immerse that information in their brains so that it dissolves. But this is what I should tell you honey, you can't cheat in the industry of self-confidence. It sees exactly what's on the inside. If you are going about faking confidence, sometimes you won't be able to speak confidently, sometimes you will not be able to answer tricky questions, or sometimes you won't be able to handle criticism. Self-confidence is no joke.

There is another thing you should learn about self-confidence - it's that nobody can make you self-confident, I mean they can guide you, but the real work is on you, you have to pull yourself up and start with your journey for having the self-confidence you have been aspiring to have. But there are some concrete tips which I have for you to make you more self-confident in your lives. Start here: -

1. Accept Yourself As You Are - Don't skip this step. It sounds cool, but is skipped. I know we all think we do accept ourselves properly but we don't. Here's the catch. You have to revisit some important incidents from your past especially the ones you couldn't accept, and you can also revisit those ones which went good. You have to come to the point where you don't feel anxious or stressed out while visiting them and you stay calm. Self-confident people know what made them this way, and out of love for themselves, they slowly learn to accept everything and transition to a more self-confident version of themselves.

2. Remind Yourself That You Deserve To Be Here - Self-confident people always have this realization in their minds that they deserve to be here, wherever they are. No arguments with this point.

3. Do Things As If Someone (a God-type figure) Is Watching You - Some people have this nagging habit of winning the conversations. They feel everything should be addressed by them as if they don't, someone will keep spreading the wrong information. That information might be about them or somebody else. But when you know that someone is watching on you and all that is going on, you will be a little more polite, and won't get into arguments. You will also be doing things which are considered 'right' so that the God who is watching at you do not get a reason to be mad at you. You will also become self-confident day-by-day.

4. Celebrate Your Achievements - We all celebrate our failures by talking about them to others, crying over them, or keeping a sad face for a week straight until that thing becomes a thing of the past. Why not also celebrate our achievements? Even if any celebration of the past is left pending, you should dig out the reasons to be happy. Or at least, you should mention all your achievements on a diary and keep it with you. Whenever you come across a failure, open that diary to get in a better mood.

5. Gain Skills - You can promise someone to perform on a dance show, you are confident about it, but didn't learn the steps yet, how would you feel self-confident? No amount of fake confidence can protect you from the trouble when that day comes. You have to have skills and/ or talents. You should keep working on them on a daily basis. Learn new things so that people find you knowledgeable instead of just self-confident. Start with the basic and important skills - communication skills, speaking skills, writing skills, cooking skills, and a lot more.

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6. Update Your Goal-List - This is for those people who have goals to meet. And almost all people have such goals, maybe they didn't write them on paper, but they have them for sure in their minds. Those goals might be long-term, middle-term, or short-term ones. If you are not working on any of your goals, you will feel less self-confidence and will be full of self-doubts instead. You need to know where your life is going, and if your life is going nowhere, then make it go somewhere. You need to work on your goal-list for that matter.

7. Change Your Self-Talk - Whenever something bad happens, some people put it on a dead-end. Don't do that, there is always more to it. Don't give up easily. Whenever you feel like giving up, have a little change in your self-talk. It should motivate you to move ahead. Nobody can change your self-talk as nobody has an access to it. It's your job totally.

Self-confidence is the pure and raw form of water. When it gets dirty with negative thoughts, it needs cleansing. After cleansing, it looks nice and come backs to its original form - i.e. you revert back to having self-confidence. Self-confidence is actually your raw state. Ever seen a kid saying "I will never be able to do this"? No right, they think they can even do the most impossible things ever. It's rather about "I don't want to".


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