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How to Become Healthy Again

There are four main causes of body disease:
1. Wrong diet.

2. The tendency to accumulate fat in different parts of the body.

3. Reluctance to shed fat and

4. Lack of awareness

Therefore, if we can control the first three factors, then it is possible to stay healthy in at least 80 percent of the cases. Now let's look at the first three reasons in detail.

1. Eating Control:

Vegetables play an important role in keeping the body healthy. Vegetables provide essential vitamins (such as vitamin C, A, E, K, B complex) and minerals (such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc). Vitamin and mineral deficiency causes various diseases in the body. For example, lack of vitamin C lowers the body's immune system. On the other hand, iron deficiency causes anemia. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber. It also reduces the calorie level. Eating more vegetables makes us feel full. As a result, if you put more vegetables on the plate, you will not have to fill your stomach with excessive carbohydrates like rice and bread. Remember, carbohydrates are high in calories which increases the level of fat in the body. And last but not least, fiber is a staple vegetable that keeps people of all ages from having constipation problems.
Seasonal fruits
In addition to vitamins and minerals, the fruit contains essential antioxidants and phytochemicals. These ingredients prevent various diseases and even incurable diseases like cancer. And all these elements are the result of the season. Remember, seasonal fruit is fresh fruit. So just as oranges or apples should be eaten in winter. Mangoes, litchis, and guavas should be eaten in summer. But, If you think that apples are expensive fruits so eating it in summer will not give you many nutrients, is not true at all!

2. Accumulation of body fat

People tend to accumulate fat in various internal organs of the body. Examples are the liver, pancreas, heart. This type of fat is called ectopic fat. Remember, the belly is an example of ectopic fat. This fat is a type of chemical that is harmful to the body. Even visceral fat or ectopic fat is thought to play a significant role in the development of diabetes. Ectopic fat disrupts the normal functioning of the internal organs of the body. As a result, various diseases appear in the body. An example is a fatty liver. Therefore, to keep the body healthy, Indians need to have enough protein and fiber in their diet.

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3. Exercise:

Exercise should be included in the daily routine just like brushing, drinking tea, reading the newspaper. Not everyone has to go to the gym to break a sweat. Younger people can practice yoga by staying at home. Skipping or morning jogging can also be done. Working professionals can sweat for twenty minutes before going for a bath through free hand exercises. If you can't do all this,any time you can walk for 30 minutes.It will be a great job. People of all ages can exercise.Muscles secrete anti-inflammatory substances during exercise. At the same time, the levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides become normal. Exercise releases a hormone called endorphins which keeps the mood good,keeps fatigue away.
Exercise even increases brain activity. It provides the necessary oxygen and nutrients to every cell in our body. As a result, our heart and blood vessels function normally. Exercise helps to increase lung power.

4. Awareness

  • Vaccination: Vaccine immunizations are provided free of charge by the government,in some countries. Vaccination plays a huge role in boosting the body's immune system. Vaccines against triple antigen or diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, in particular, have made it possible to prevent premature death in children.Vaccines such as hepatitis, pneumonia, and chickenpox have reduced the incidence of the disease. If you are aware, you can prevent deadly diseases like cervical cancer in girls. The HPV vaccine can prevent the disease. The vaccine can be given to adolescents between the ages of 10 and 14. Adults should also take the flu vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine, TDAP, hepatitis B, chickenpox, and herpes zoster vaccine in consultation with a doctor
  • General Hygiene: The habit of washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before eating can prevent the transmission of multiple viruses, including corona. The habit of washing hands in the same way before and after going to the toilet can prevent the attack of various germs. The habit of wearing a face mask when going out of the house can prevent the spread of various infectious viruses as well as prevent epidemics.
  • Protecting Women: Breast cancer and cervical cancer are on the rise. However, these two types of cancer can be identified in advance through regular screening. Death can be prevented by early treatment. Women can do breast cancer screening on their own as per the doctor's advice. On the other hand, if the HPV vaccine is not given, women can find out about cervical cancer in advance and get rid of the disease through a low-cost Pap smear test every three years after marriage.

Way Forward:

Awareness about body is the most important thing to start any change.Only a fit body can bear a fit mind.If someone try to follow the above steps,he/she can easily have a healthy life again.It is not a fixed process,only we have to take the first step. We can start today and see the result within months.

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