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How to Beat Spring Fever

Spring Fatigue Is Not A Serious Health Problem

Does Spring Fever Really Exist?

Springtime Is Tired Time?

How To Beat Spring Fever? We are faced with the same problems every spring. How to beat or minimize dizziness, tiredness, irritability, headaches, weariness? You are getting tired quickly or have a lack of concentration? Do you feel impatient and restless. The season of yawing is coming. Don't worry, this is a classic spring fatigue. This disorder is very common, and is characteristic for the period of transition from winter to spring. It occurs as a result of the winter diet, as well as decreased serotonin levels, which keeps us in a good mood. In some cases, low blood pressure may be the cause.

There is not one hundred percent checked explanation of what's going on with us in the first days of spring. Medicine says that the body is getting used to the weather changes. This refers first of all to the fact that the day is longer, as well as changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. Our body reminds us that we are a part of nature, what we sometimes forget. It is quite natural that we response biological on changes in the nature.

With longer and warmer days, all announcing spring, it is not uncommon that spring fatigue symptoms occur rapidly and disrupt daily functioning. Sudden changes in temperature, often cause physical and mental stress. Changes of seasons, especially winter-spring, other than warmer weather brings changes that the body has to adjust. Spring fatigue is not a serious health problem. Although you may think it's unusual that with the more sun and light (and that means an increased production of serotonin) appears fatigue and depression. There is a scientific explanation: when is the higher temperature, the blood vessels expand, which results in a lower blood pressure, a typical symptom of spring fatigue.

Spring fatigue is a physiological consequence of the imbalance between the hormones that increases, due to the change of seasons and reduced amounts of serotonin in the whole body. This hormone is considered to be responsible for the appearance of depression. Obviously is increased spending from the depot of our body in winter. So we await nice spring weather with a lack of serotonin. The appearance of spring fatigue is completely normal because people were less active, spent their time indoors.

Fresh Fruits

Foods rich in vitamin C suitable for making smoothies are strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, oranges, melons, kale and broccoli.

Foods rich in vitamin C suitable for making smoothies are strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, oranges, melons, kale and broccoli.

list of the different foods containing Vitamin B complex

In case you decide to add a Vitamin B complex supplement, to your diet, it is best to first check with a doctor, for the recommended dosage.


B 1 (Thiamin)

fish, peanuts and oranges

beans, liver, wheat germ

B 2 (Riboflavin)

green and leafy veggies

nuts, beans and meat

B 3 (Niacin)

nuts, meat

beans and peanuts

B 5 (Pantothenic Acid)

beans, liver and meat

B 6 (Pyridoxine)

beans, meat and peanuts

B 7 (Biotin)

Clams, liver, eggs and milk

B 9 (Folic Acid)

vegetables that are leafy

beans, liver & oranges

B 12 (Cobalamin)

eggs, meat

yogurt & cheese


Due to the transition from the strong, spicy food in winter to the light spring meal, the body also reacts with fatigue. A deficiency of vitamin C affects the utilization of oxygen in the cells, so constantly yawning, lack of concentration and sleepiness rapidly disappear after entering a greater amount of useful vitamins. It is highly recommended intake of foods rich in vitamin C, and those who suffer from spring fatigue can help themselves by consuming other vitamins and minerals, as well as physical activity.

Foods rich in vitamin C suitable for making smoothies are strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, oranges, melons, kale and broccoli.

Foods rich in the vitamin B group are contributing the normal metabolism and reducing fatigue. For example, soft drinks containing bananas, kale, spinach, chard, watercress and arugula are rich in vitamin B6, which reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Juices containing pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, chard and almonds helps a lot, due to the presence of magnesium, which is needed for energy production in muscles.


Some of the symptoms of iron deficiency, which plays an important role in building hemoglobin and strengthening the immune system, are frequent drowsiness, and bad mood. Mixed diet can provide approximately 10-30 milligrams of iron a day. The richest sources are liver, meat, eggs, chicken, fish, soy, pumpkin, oats, peas, fig. Iron will be better reabsorb the food with the help of vitamin C.

Natural Vitamin C The Most Important Vitamin For Good Health

Fresh Water

If desired, in the water may be added a little lemon juice, honey and ginger, this drink is a good refresher.

If desired, in the water may be added a little lemon juice, honey and ginger, this drink is a good refresher.


You should drink about two liters of fluid daily. Water regulates the digestion and thus more rapidly expel the accumulated toxins, and thereby reducing the feeling of fatigue. If desired, in the water may be added a little lemon juice, honey and ginger, this drink is a good refresher. Also is useful mineral water that brings into balance the level of minerals in the body, regulates digestion and restores the necessary strength.


It is desirable that every day for half an hour dedicate to running, fast walking, swimming or riding a bike.

It is desirable that every day for half an hour dedicate to running, fast walking, swimming or riding a bike.



After a long winter we spent days, mostly indoors, it's time to slowly activate, and all the signs of spring fatigue minimize with the slight, gradual exercise. Every morning when you get out of bed, first do stretch, then do a series of a few squats, sit-ups and pushups. It is desirable that every day for half an hour dedicate to running, fast walking, swimming or riding a bike. Whenever you can, go to work on foot. Exercise causes the body to produce higher energy. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the cells, which will make the body to be more rested and prepared for the obligations that follow. The gradual introduction of exercise defends the body from being experienced with shock after a sluggish winter days and prepare it for an active, healthy summer.


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Significantly can help the healthy sleep of eight hours and going to bed earlier than usual. In the morning, when you wake up, get out of bed immediately, do not stay for nothing.

Showering And Massage

It is recommended to take a shower in the morning with hot and cold water. In the evening relax in a warm bath with essential oils that will refresh your skin and provide a beneficial effect on digestion. While you are under the shower, massage yourself with a stream of water. Blood flow will be accelerated, a wave of positive energy will overwhelm the body. After showering, rub strongly with a towel from the legs upwards.

Low Blood Pressure

People are often not aware that all the unpleasant symptoms in the spring can cause low blood pressure. Some doctors are considered low blood pressure for a disease to be treated, while others recognized only as a condition that passes and with whom we have to learn to live.
- Exercise and a good diet rich in all kinds of vitamins will help someone with such complaints to feel normal. It is recommended to change lifestyle, taking large quantities of liquids, increased physical activity (walking, swimming, jogging).

Beautiful Nature


Whenever you can, go out into nature and enjoy natural light, which influence the improvement of mood and decrease sleepiness. The light also reduces the production of the hormone melatonin, which causes drowsiness.


You should limit alcohol intake, as it affects depressing on the central nervous system, and reduces the level of sugar in the blood. Also avoid coffee, black tea, soft drinks and sweets.


  • Enter as much vitamin C and vitamin B
  • Keep moving, walk, ride a bike ...
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Drink less coffee
  • Do yearly blood tests to make sure it's the spring fatigue, and not something more serious

Legumes, nuts, radish, broccoli, celery, zucchini, radishes, cauliflower, beets, orange, carrot, kiwi fruit, cereal, dried fruit, pasta, peppers, apples, parsley, pomegranates, fish, tea, marshmallow, milk, meat offal, potatoes, brown bread.


It is recommended to limit your intake of fat and sugar. Sweets will instantly restore energy, but the feeling will not last long. Soon there will be a sudden drop of sugar level in blood, so you'll feel even more sluggish. Use foods that contain complex of carbohydrates. They are the best ally in the fight against spring fatigue. There are potatoes, pasta and other cereal products. Nutritionists say that even small amounts of carbohydrate are sufficient to initiate the body's own production of serotonin, a hormone that causes a feeling of happiness.

Your menu should be rich in light meals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not deviate from the three main meals and two snacks. They must be adapted to your age, activity, sex and any chronic health problems. It is especially important not to skip breakfast. For a snack, you might find useful some fresh fruit. Little wizard that removes fatigue is considered to be vitamin C, eat kiwi, oranges and lemons, as well as during the winter. Paprika and parsley should be found on your table, they are particularly rich in this vitamin C. Choose foods rich in soluble fiber, such as apples, oats and beans, a soup or stew should be an essential part of the lunch. It will recover you and provide you enough fluids, vitamins and minerals.

Fish is an ideal food to fight against fatigue. Recent research shows that a diet rich in fish, stimulates the processes in the body and gives him extra energy. If you are often sleepy and in a bad mood, maybe you have lack of iron. The mineral also plays an important role in the construction of the hemoglobin and it is essential for the immune system. Men need about ten, and women about 15 milligrams of iron a day. The main sources of iron are soy, spinach, red meat, poultry, fish and nuts.

It is recommended in the spring to take more fresh, unprocessed foods and more liquids. While it is not wise to replace all meals with fruit and vegetable juices, but replacing one meal can certainly have beneficial effects on health.
Fruits and vegetables are rich in raw fiber, which have a favorable effect on the digestive system, and also on the whole organism. But the fibers may act on the blood glucose level. For example, oats and barley in addition to the welding speed, contains raw fiber, that causes a slight release of glucose in the blood. Rapid growth and a sharp drop of glucose in the body causes fatigue and drowsiness. In order to avoid that it is recommended intake of foods rich in fiber and avoiding foods high in simple sugars like candy.

Spring Fever

Spring Detox

Spring is the right time of year for the implementation of detox after a long winter. The process of detoxification of the body helps a lot vegetable and fruit juices full of beneficial ingredients. Berries, celery, parsley and ginger are very useful
Berry is extremely rich in vitamin C, phytochemicals and many raw fibers, making it an ideal ingredient of detoxification drink, with excellent taste and attractive color.
Celery and parsley are well known natural diuretics, mixed with the mango, orange juice and fresh mint. Ginger stimulates digestion, and may be combined with pineapple, pear, and spinach.

Spring Detox Cleaning Tips

  • Spring Detox Cleaning Tips
    Spring Detox Cleaning Tips. Spring is a good time to get rid of the toxins that are in your body deposited in the winter. Detoxification treatment is necessary to clean your body and skin.

Keep Smiling

  • Do something beautiful for yourself.
  • Open the windows and let the spring to get in.
  • Play your favorite music and sing.
  • Keep smiling.

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How To Beat Spring Fever

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