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How To Beat Someone Stronger Than You In Arm Wrestling


To Strong?

Have you ever arm wrestled someone in a match and lost?

Not almost won, but just flat out lost?

Arm wrestling is a fair way in proving your bicep and forearm strength.

I'm pretty sure you would want to beat them and prove your manliness, but not all of arm wrestling is about brute strength.

If you have ever seen a skinny guy or someone who is not that strong beat their opponent and you're like, "how?"

then they might be using tricks.

Tricks are not hard, but rather simple and very effective if executed correctly.

Of course before trying these techniques be sure you have some decent biceps, because these tricks will work for a extent.

Once you master these little twists and turns you can crush almost any competition close to your muscle mass.

Not to mention the ladies that are going to be impressed with your big guns.

Pull your opponents arm slowly towards your body.

Pull your opponents arm slowly towards your body.

Trick #1: Control The Direction

Like I previously stated there are a few simple tricks to winning a match. The first trick we are going over is controlling the weight and direction.

In order to do this have your opponent in a starting position with both hands ready.

Interlock your thumb with your opponents and when you start slowly try to keep both of the arms in the middle, and start pulling your opponents arm.

Slowly start to pull his arm closer to you, and once it's close enough push their hand down in your direction.

This means that don't just go left or right go more south-west or south-east.

When you move the arm closer to yourself you gain more control and your opponents strength is divided. When it is divided you become as strong as him or stronger.

Keep your arm close to your chest, so that your body weight can help too.

Trick #2: Thumb Slide

Another good way to defeat your opponent is to combine trick 1 with the Thumb Slide. The thumb slide is when you loosen your thumb so it slowly goes to the top. Before starting keep your thumb loose and when you start carefully slide your thumb to the top part of the opponents hand. When it's is high enough this will give you more control because the opponents strength wont get to much to the top, act as if almost only grabbing the fingers of your opponent. When this is completed correctly you can either finish them off, or combine it with trick 1. If you combine it then after you have reached the top of the hand pull it towards you, and drop their hand.

Trick #3: Body Weight

Body Weight is a very important factor in arm wrestling. If you're leaning back to much then you are losing strength which is a bad thing (for you). If you are standing and there are no chairs then move the same foot as your hand that you are using forward. When you do this change the pressure to your back foot, and move your body close to your hand. When you change pressure to the back foot you are giving yourself more power because the back leg is pulling and your arm should also pull the other persons arm. Like the previous one this move can be combined with trick 1, trick 2, or even both!

Trick #4

The last trick is more of a tip than trick.

When you are getting ready to start with whichever hand you are starting with turn your shoulder and body the opposite way.

Ex. If you are arm wrestling with your left and turn your weight and body to the right.

When you turn your body the same way as your arm what you are doing is not letting your body help.

Moving to the opposite side gives more of a leverage and better position for you.


aryan on October 26, 2018:

my opponet can defeat anyone easily . against him i tried these tricks but it did not work.

Josh Wilkins on December 09, 2016:

What if the guy has been contracting for 20 years? I tried using these tricks for that but it did not work.

Jim on October 15, 2015:

Wow, thanks it really helped :)

nick on September 08, 2015: