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How To Be Brave And Transform Your Life

Dee is a freelance writer for life coaches and business owners who are in the self development field.


It’s easy to admire people that know how to be brave.

They take risks most people won’t.

They get more opportunities, more confidence and live more fulfilling lives.

They face resistance to get what they truly want. Most of us avoid scary things like the plague. Doing the opposite takes a lot of strength and character.

Are you happy with everything in your life or is there there something significant you’d like to change?

If so, why haven’t you yet? I’m willing to bet one of the biggest reasons is lack of bravery.

Lack of bravery makes you pass up chance after chance to make things different. It makes you resent yourself and become haunted with regret.

Nobody wants that.

You can prevent this by learning how to be brave. Plus, it makes life much more interesting!

Know that time is limited

It seems like you have a ton of time to do things. And it’s true that a thirty year old has a good chance of living forty or fifty more years. But during that time, some windows of opportunity close.

Additionally, at any moment life can be cut short. Every year, thousands of healthy young people die in accidents. Fires happen. Unexpected sickness causes untimely deaths.

Don’t think it can’t happen to you. When you factor in that piece of reality, that can create more urgency. The earlier you practice bravery, the most you have time to reap the benefits.

Improve your self esteem to have more courage

You’ll have a hard time feeling sure about anything you do if you feel terrible about yourself. A lot of people don’t nurture their self esteem enough. And we often attach it to some outside force or outcome.

The good news is that perspective can be manipulated.

If you place the majority of your focus on your positive attributes, you’ll build self esteem. This includes your strengths and things that you have accomplished in the past. It also helps to shut down your negative self talk.

Boldness is a side effect of more self esteem.

Understand and address your fears

Fear is one of the number one things that holds us back.

We shouldn’t always view it as the enemy because our fears are intended to protect us. But more often than not, we take our fears out of context. It’s important to identify specific fears that are affecting you and determine how valid they are.

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Common fears are fear of failure, fear of ruining things, fear of embarrassment or fear of loneliness. In fact, I’ve seen so many people say they won’t travel solo because they're afraid of being alone for extended periods of time.

To address these fears, you then have to ask why? Why am I afraid of this? What will happen if this fear becomes reality? Is the possible negative outcome really as terrible as I’m making it out to be? Will it actually ruin my life? Asking yourself these questions helps you put things into perspective.

Think about how not knowing how to be brave is robbing you from the life you deserve

Did you know that most of what we do and feel are simply fueled by what we associate pain and pleasure with?

Maybe you want to be a world traveler, work your dream job, be an author, or a chef and you’re afraid of this that and the third happening.

But guess what? Lack of bravery is destroying the chances of some (or maybe all) of your dreams coming true.

A way around this is to associate pain with the lack of bravery. Your list of negatives absolutely must outweigh the positives.

Think about how many people wake up every morning and go to a job they can’t stand. Why do they do it? Because the consequences of not going far outweigh the pain of going. If you can re-frame your thinking to associate lack of bravery with more pain than you can handle, then you’re golden.

Embrace fearlessness and just do it

The best way to get from one point to another is by doing. You cannot learn how to be brave by not being brave. It doesn’t matter how many books you read, or how many encouraging mantras you chant to yourself. If you don’t take consistent action, you won’t become who you want to be.

Yes, it’s intimidating but you don’t need to do anything extravagant. You can slowly incorporate certain habits into your days that push you in the right direction.

Put yourself in situations that you’re uncomfortable in until you get more comfortable in them. A person who struggles with shyness could simply say “hi” to one stranger a day in the beginning and slowly put him or herself out there more over time.

Celebrate whenever you do something new

You deserve credit for your efforts. You also want to associate knowing how to be brave with positive things.

If you finally manage to get on that monstrous looking roller coaster, celebrate. If you mustered up the courage to talk to someone that you’d like to be your friend, give yourself a pat on the back. If you bite the bullet and take that solo trip halfway across the world, tell yourself how amazing and strong you are for doing so.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S. Elliot”

I’ll be honest, taking leaps of faith can cause pain. Sometimes things just won’t go how you were hoping. But at least you gave it a shot. And no matter what happens, you’ll be okay in the end. But if you don’t do things just because you’re scared, you’ll have to live with regret which in my opinion is worse.

How will you start to practice bravery in your life today?


Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on May 27, 2019:

Your Welcome

Dee Battle (author) from United States on May 27, 2019:

Thank you so much Ellison!

Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on May 22, 2019:

This was such a nice positive read and inspirational! Loved it!

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