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How Much Exercise at What Age

Nowadays, we have lots of health's problems. I trying to share some good things and my personal opinion about health to everyone.


There are some rules about how much exercise you should do. You should choose your age, ability and health. The World Health Organization has been given some common instructions regarding this. Today, on the same basis, we want to tell you how much and which exercise...

Children and young men and youth should do at least one hour Modrate to Vigrance Intercity Activity. The majority of aurobic acts of this should include, so the play or general exercise. Note one thing here, under the guidance of the Vigrance intense acts of the intervention of the intensity.

For eighteen to fourteen years :

women in this age - men should make at least one hundred and fifty minute modes of a hundred and fifty-five weeks a week. That is, five days in the week if the average thirty-minute moderate arrestment aroobic activity or can make fifteen minute range of violet in the week. Apart from this, make minimum stanth acts of two times a week, which includes all major mesals, feet, chest and shoulders.

Moderate aerobic activity :

Examples of moderate aerobic activity include walking, cycling, table tennis, volleyball, and basketball. This type of movement increases the heart rate and makes your breathing faster. You start sweating in ten minutes.


Over sixty five years :

One hundred and fifty minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise should be done every week. This means that it is beneficial to do moderate intensity exercise for about thirty minutes every day five days a week. Because at this age many diseases go backwards. Physical ability is also reduced. So be sure to consult a doctor before doing any exercise.

Vigrance aerobic activity :

Running, swimming, cycling in high and low places, jumping rope, playing football, hockey, etc. This type of exercise starts your heartbeat and breathing very fast. It takes breath. You start sweating in three-four minutes.

Also be remember that :

Remember two things here, consistency and a balanced diet. Get started with expert advice. Don’t start exercising by being overzealous. Don't rush. Gradually increase the speed and proportion. Do not imitate others. Don’t forget to give your body proper rest.

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