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How Important Is Mental Health Care In Modern Times ?


I did P.G. in English. Today, we can see, how we can face the mental disorder in human. We tried to focus mental illness in this article.


Classification Of Mental Illness

A person who has the ability to deal with various situations or emotions in his life in a competent and easy way can be said to have gained mental health. But it does not mean that all the problems that come in our life get satisfactory answers or find a way. Not all people have the ability to deal with situations with balance and patience.

With the help of an expert psychological counselor, the stress can be reduced and the problem can be solved for sure. However, we do not have much awareness in this regard. There are many misconceptions in this regard. We are going to a psychiatrist or a psychiatrist is considered to be a matter of social prestige. But in fact, it has become necessary to put an end to these misconceptions.

If you keep your eyes open around you, you will realize that the level of mental discomfort in the society is increasing day by day. This is due to a variety of genetic and situational factors. When the health of the mind deteriorates, many signs start appearing through behavior and speech.

The main symptom of mental illness is that such people become suspicious. They feel that someone is plotting against them. There is a constant fear of something special. They keep doing the same thing over and over again. Mental illnesses are classified into different types such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder.


Characteristics Of Mental Illness

Patients with schizophrenia do not mind. They are constantly thinking irrelevant thoughts. Such a patient becomes very lazy. This patient can be identified immediately. Depression can be caused by heredity as well as the external environment. The home environment can also be a factor. Such a person does not speak his mind to anyone, he becomes a loner.

In phobia, a person has a specific fear of one thing. This fear can be of height, water, crowd, anything to speak in a meeting. This anonymous fear beyond a certain limit is called phobia.

We see in the society patients suffering from one or more such mental health problems. The role of family, relatives, friends and colleagues is very important in diagnosing the mental illness of the patient. They should recognize the patient's symptoms and take the person to a psychiatrist immediately. The treatment of these patients is to take the medicines prescribed by the experts regularly, to take the benefit of counseling as per the need. The duration of treatment depends on the extent of the patient's illness.

There is a life threatening competition in the society today. Life has become extremely hectic. Everyone is running after money and material comforts. Life is made up of money and prestige. Against this background, if the mental health of the next generation is to be healthy, then the emotional, mental, intellectual care of their children should be consciously taken care of by the parents.

They should be constantly communicated with their children. Parents should understand their kids from time to time, so you need to understand them. It is very important to have tea together at home, to have dinner together, to ask for their opinion on matters related to the house, to respect them.


Solution For Mental Illness

A person should have some hobbies to keep stress away. For that, the person should know what his interest is. There must be some hobbies like reading, writing, swimming, walking, playing, cycling, chatting with friends, reading good articles, reading articles of saints and mahatmas. So as to help maintain your mental health. In addition, the path of yoga and meditation should be used consistently so that every person does not let his thoughts become uncontrollable.

Everyone should meditate for at least ten minutes every day. So it helps to keep the mind balanced. We must constantly give positive instructions to the mind. How we deal with adversity in life is also very important. We blame fate, but if we see crisis as an opportunity, we can take up the challenge and find a way out. So one should see how the present will be better, without thinking too much about the future. Life should be viewed with a positive attitude. Only then can man get rid of this mental illness.

Today, there is a growing tendency to view insensitive issues, especially mental illness. Often there is not much movement from the house until the problem comes to a head. We know that physical illness needs immediate medical attention. We also need to understand that it is important to treat mental health problems at the right time. If you put aside your old thoughts and start thinking about new ones in terms of mental health, you and your family will automatically understand the path to mental health.

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