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How I Get Time for Everything - Sharing My Productive Daily Routine



Hi, I am Deepa. I've already discussed before, that journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety. The next step is to create a daily routine. Today's I can show you my daily routine, its benefits, and how to set up a daily routine.

Without a routine

During the first lockdown of 2020, things got out of hand, especially when it came to having to stay at home, where everything that had been done until then had been put on hold. We woke up At 11 o'clock, breakfast at noon, we went to bed at two o'clock at night. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally in the evening. Since there was nothing special to do with it, I used to worry over covid, death, the problems of not having a job, the anxiety of what to do next, and so many other things, which increased my anxiety. I took a lot of time to get rid of it.

With a Routine

But in 2021, as soon as the news started coming in that lockdown would be reloaded, I set a special daily routine for lockdown. This time the lockdown time was arranged to make things a little more productive, to do things that had never been done previously, and to learn new kinds of stuff. There is no guilt that time is wasted now. Since there is no time to waste for negative thoughts; there is no time to think about covid and death.

Benefits of Setting a Daily Routine

Setting the daily routine will reduce our stress level. You can develop good habits. These are things to watch for when selecting your routine. There will be a feeling that we are productive and focused.

Your behavior and health should be important when setting up a routine. Getting up in the morning, the time you go to bed at night can be made precise. It will also help you find time to eat at the right time and also time for exercise. That is what we need to focus on in the first place.

Setting a routine will motivate us to get our basic tasks done, such as household chores, teaching children, laundry, and cleaning. It will help us to take a break or nap at times and that too without any guilt that, so much is pending behind. Also, we will get enough time to practice those things which we cherish.

How to set up your routine

Then you need to make a list of what you to do on a normal day to set the daily routine. Now with that, you can make the General Routine outline. In it, you can slowly add the things you need to develop in the future. Instead of trying to figure out what to do in the morning, it's time to plan the same. I've made videos before, on goal-setting, I've made a video on how to use the daily planner. Then the routine scheduling should be understood along with those videos.

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Then, depending on our physical and mental condition, some days we may not feel like doing anything. It's okay. Do not push or pressurize yourself too much. Give it some flexibility.

Here is the outline of my daily routine

Let me show you my daily route in this lockdown so that you will get some clarity. I Wake up at 5:45 AM, brush, and after changing the nightdress, I drink two glasses of water. Then till 8 o'clock will do a 15-20 minute exercise and then read books and do journaling. I will complete the kitchen work by 10 am. I won't take my mobile to the kitchen. I have breakfast at 8:30 am or 10 am.

At 10 o'clock when the kitchen work is all done then there will be laundry and cleaning. I have already made a video about my cleaning routine. Along with that, I had scheduled the activities with Annie - like brushing, bathing & breakfast. Most of the time Biju helps me with that...Then I will be with Annie for doing her homework till noon.

After spending time with Annie, I take a power nap for 20 minutes. After that, I take a shower and get ready, and have lunch by 1:30 /2 PM.

After lunch, from 2 to 6 PM I will spend time learning something new. In between, will have to make tea by 4 or 5 PM. I do not make any evening snacks, we usually go for store-bought snacks or biscuits. Sometimes, I feel to make some unniyappams & bananafry's otherwise will have leftovers from the breakfast.

After 7 pm, it’s free time. I can check social media if I need to, or spend time with the kids, or do a quick cleaning. it depends and will last till 9 pm. Our dinner will be at nine o'clock. After dinner, I wash dishes, clean the kitchen and the countertop. After that, till 11:00 pm, I can either read books or plan for the next day. The current practice is to go to bed at eleven o'clock. On Saturdays and Sundays, I have to create scripts and set up my YouTube video shoots. Hence things will change accordingly.

Do you have a daily routine

I hope you like this. Do you have a daily routine, is it benefitting you? and if you do not have one, are you interested in giving it a try, after watching this video? please let me know in the comments. See you soon.

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