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How I Miraculously Lost 24 Pounds In 3 Days & How You Can Too!


Mind Over Matter

So have you been struggling for weeks, months, or even years to lose those last couple of pounds so you can finally fit in that cute outfit three sizes too small? You refuse to get rid of it because you are hoping that you will be able to squeeze it into one day. It seems that no matter how much time you spend in the gym or how many times you go on a diet, you are just not seeing the results you hoped for! With the amount of sweat you produce and strict dieting, you probably still are not seeing any actual results in your weight loss journey, no matter what you do. Well, my friend, let me tell you about a secret that will change your life and give you the weight loss success you have been craving for only a couple days. I have done this method a few times, and I can promise you it works- fast! I am already slender myself. I've never been overweight; however, it's not because I work out or eat a salad every day because I don't. Ha! I've always trained myself to eat something light in the morning or have tea/coffee, then I'll eat one medium meal in the day, and that would be all. I got this diet tip back when I was in middle school. I watched a tv show with Latoya Jackson, telling the world how she kept her trim body. She said she only ate one meal a day, and I figured at the tender age of 12 that I probably should adopt the same diet if I planned on looking trim in my 50s. So I've trained myself to eat lightly despite having a big appetite. I can eat a medium pizza by myself, just like Selena Quintanilla.

Despite ditching the gym, I do other things to stay active. For example, I'd park my car far away from the grocery store door to walk or take the stairs instead of using the elevator. I know some people have to do more than that, but I've been petite and slender with a high metabolism, but I've had moments of gaining weight in problem areas like my back. Can you say back fat? Yikes! However, I am 5'7 1/2 and usually way around 145 pounds. Well, this diet tip has helped me lose over 20+ pounds, making my weight go to 121 pounds in only three days. Yes! that is right, three days! So, I'm sure you're wondering, what is this weight loss secret? Well, my friends, the secret is dry fasting for three days, not eating any food or drinking any water. I've probably lost some of you after this reveal but just hang tight. I'm sure some of you are thinking, how is that even impossible to go without food or water for three days?

Surely you can die. Well, I'm here to let you in on a little secret. The truth is no, you cannot and will not die. Isn't that amazing?! Our bodies are so miraculous that they can still produce water from stored fat by eliminating toxic cells to expel water. You will probably be surprised that I urinated during the three dry fasts without drinking water. And there have been some people who have even had bowel movements. Therefore, it is basically survival of the fittest within your body's cells. The healthiest survive while toxic cells die.


What Made Me Interested In Dry Fasting?

I initially went on a 3 day dry fast for spiritual reasons. I was at a point in my life where I needed a breakthrough mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The physical weight loss was just a bonus. The three-day fast was revealed to me in Bible. The book of Esther was about a queen that underwent a three-day dry fast to save her people from being massacred by an evil enemy. Esther ultimately received her breakthrough after the fast, and her people were saved. At the same time, her enemy was sentenced to death instead. So, if you are looking for a breakthrough of any kind, a three-day dry fast will give you that, along with prayer and time spent with God. I definitely experienced breakthroughs after completing the fast they are personal to me and answered prayers. So, if you are a Christian, you can add this aspect to your dry fast to help take your mind off food by focusing on God. You may find many of your bad habits falling away or tormenting thoughts falling off like dead weight as well.
Nonetheless, I was surprised to see how much weight I dropped in just three days. You can do alternate fasts besides just dry fast, including eating only vegetables, fruit, nuts, or water. For instance, you can also do a three-day fast with water only and no food, but your weight loss results probably won't be as drastic as implementing a dry fast. I've also done a three-day fast with water, and I was surprised to find that I prefer dry fasts. Drinking water only made me feel hungrier and gave me painful headaches. During my three-day dry fast, I seemed to have more energy, lack of hunger, and clarity of mind. I honestly felt close to being a little kid again. That is how pure you begin to sense when those harmful toxins are expelled from your body. The best way to avoid thinking of food is to remove any food from around you. Matter of fact is probably best to eat all your food the day before your fast. That way, you will have nothing to be tempted by in your kitchen. If you have spoiled milk, keep that in your fridge; it helps you not want to eat it. Some extra tips for dry-fasting are eliminating watching television, staying off social media, and watching fasting testimonies on YouTube videos. Try to avoid family and friends who love food. You can also ask a friend to do the fast with you. If you are looking for a spiritual breakthrough, including prayer and reading the Bible (if you are a Christian) during your fast. The main tip I can give you is to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. Fortunately, as you proceed during your dry fast, you will actually feel normal instead of dehydrated or hungry.


What To Expect During Your Dry Fast And After It

If this will be your first time fasting, I recommend you do a one-day dry fast to train your body. I didn't take this advice because I was desperate for direction from God, so I quickly jumped into my dry fast. Before starting your dry fast, I would advise you to seek medical advice from your doctor first. Especially if you have/had health issues or are taking any medication. You may alter the fast by eating saltine crackers to coat your stomach if on medication. Still, please seek medical advice from your doctor first. Others in good-standing health decide to proceed with their 3-day dry fast. Some tips I can give before the fast is to drink plenty of water prior, eat leafy green vegetables and olives for their high salt content, or fruits. However, you can eat a burger, chicken, or steak if that's what you want. However, I have noticed dry fasts seem smoother when I prep my body with specific nutrients beforehand. This results in having fewer hunger pains, dehydration, or weak body aches. Nonetheless, it doesn't really matter what you eat early. Many people like to have a massive feast before they begin their fast and feel excellent throughout their dry fast.

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On Day 1, your body will be telling you why you should break the fast and eat something but just ignore these reasoning's. This is really all in your mind, after all. Your body is fine, and although your stomach might growl to remind you that you have not eaten, just know it is just being dramatic. You have enough nutrients in your body to maintain. Just think mind over matter. On Day 2, it will be easier; you will actually feel energized, rejuvenated, and like a new person. You will notice your skin is glowing and that you are mentally in a good, healthy mental state. Your body may be telling you it needs food or drink every now and then, but that is only because you are used to eating and drinking any other day. On Day 3, you may feel tired and dehydrated. At this point, you may be thinking about what you want to eat after the fast, but stay steadfast. For extra encouragement, weigh yourself on the scale to see how much progress you have made. Your body can be pretty dramatic by making it seem like you are dying because some toxic cells are dying. However, the body can go without food and water for about 14 days, according to studies performed on dry fasting for health benefits in Russia.

When the time has come to break the fast, I advise you not to eat something heavy or greasy like pizza, fries, steak, or burger. That would be okay to do before your fast, but coming off a dry fast, you want to start introducing your body to greasy foods slowly. Instead, drink water and add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before eating or drinking anything to avoid acid reflux. Since you haven't eaten or drank for three days, your throat would not be too accepting of taking in any food or plain water. Drinking sparkling water like Perrier is best to get the nutrients you lost during the fast. Some people also like to drink coconut water to break the fast, but it can burn your throat if you're not careful because of its sweetness. Nevertheless, fasting can be used to encounter spiritual, emotional, and mental breakthroughs without seeing a therapist, especially when prayer is added to it. But it is also a quick way to drop pounds quickly if you want to lose weight before a wedding, birthday, event, or just to fit in that mini dress you've been dying to wear. Still, it's willing to try it if you have attempted to do everything about weight loss and nothing is working. Besides, it's only three days of your time. Just know that if I can do it, then so can you! Good luck.

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