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My Fibromyalgia Tool Kit

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With 50 years around the sun, Kimberly enjoys sharing a variety of her personal life experiences with others.

Self-Love is Essential in this Journey to Wellness


"All healing starts with

beginning to


and love yourself;

even your flaws."

— Bryant McGill

Unconditional Love

Above all else, I believe there must be a commitment of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to yourself. There will be stormy, gloomy, and very unattractive days; it is in these moments, you need that self-love and acceptance more than any other time. You must learn to love yourself just as much if not more on the bad days as you do yourself on the good days. You must become your own best friend.


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Wishful Thinking

I'm a Fibromyalgia Warrior! I have been living with chronic illness most of my life. I have searched high and low for a one size fits all approach to "Fixing Myself," hoping and praying that I would come upon a miracle that would cause all my troubles to go away. Wishful thinking, YES!

This long journey of fighting Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue has taught me to value every waking moment that my body experiences a good health day. I have learned so many valuable lessons along this ride. I have learned that God is my strength. I have learned that it's okay to be transparent and forthcoming about my symptoms. I've learned it's okay to be on the other end of giving, which is receiving. As a natural nurturer and caretaker, it hasn't been easy to be on the receiving end.

My heart is filled with gratitude in that I have found a delicate balance of accumulative tools that have given me more balanced health over the past year. I look forward to sharing what has worked for me.


What's in my Tool Kit?

  • Self-Love
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Gratitude
  • Faith in God's Restorative Wellness
  • Prayer
  • Rest
  • Power of Positivity
  • Elimination of Food Allergens
  • Elimination of Night Shade Vegetables (Joint Pain)
  • Eating for Nutrition
  • Diet (Wahls Protocol)
  • Juicing
  • Liver and Kidney Cleansing
  • Candida Cleanse
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • Stress Reduction
  • Earthing
  • Sun Therapy
  • Spending Time in Nature
  • Boundaries
  • Saying "No"
  • Supplements
  • CBD
  • Contrasting Showers (Immune Building)
  • Heating Pad
  • Celebrating My Wins
  • Learning to be OKAY with Less Productivity
  • Balance
  • Joy and Laughter
  • Happy Light Therapy
  • Essential Oils
  • Journaling

"The first

wealth is


— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Mental Struggle is Real

Coping with this chronic illness has indeed humbled me. I've become aware of the loneliness and oppressive thoughts that seem prevalent in this ongoing battle. I try and surround myself with positive people and circumstances and remind myself that better days are always ahead. I take my vitamin D, soak up sunshine anytime I can, and take a supplement of Ionic Supreme to help combat stress and depression.

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"Take care of

your body. It's the

only place you

have to live."

— Jim Rohn

Basketful of Supplements


Daily Dose of Supplements

I consume an overwhelming amount of supplements. However, each one seems to be vital in my overall wellness.

I will share a list of my daily supplementation in the list to follow:


  • Abundant Earth Whole Food Multivitamin

Immune Building and Immune Support:

  • EZ Melts Vitamin C
  • EZ Melts Zinc
  • Bio Schwartz Vitamin D3
  • Amazing Formulas Quercetin

Heart Health:

  • Now CoQ10

Gut Health and Digestive Support:

  • Daily Betaine HCL
  • Now Super Enzymes
  • Well of Life Gut Repair 360
  • My Gently Detox

Muscle Relief (helpful in keeping restless leg, spasms, twitching, and cramping at bay)

  • Jigsaw Magnesium
  • Now Potassium Citrate

Liver Cleansing

  • Now Liver Refresh

Joint Care

  • Isagenix Joint Support (Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM for joint and cartilage support)

Whole Body Pain Management, Anxiety and Stress Reduction

  • Calm By Wellness CBD Oil

Ear Care (Tinnitus)

  • Silencil

Stress Management (aides in combatting depression)

  • Isagenix Ionic Supreme

Skin, Nail, and Hair Support (has greatly helped my hair from falling out by the handfuls)

  • Primal Kitchen Collagen Powder - Vanilla Coconut

Heated Jacket

Forest Bathing

I make a great effort to get outside, no matter the weather. Spending time in nature refuels my soul and lifts my spirit. When the weather is cold and windy, I wear my heated jacket. When the sun is shining, I kick my shoes to the curb and embrace earthing. Whatever the season, I adapt and make the most of nurturing my body into a state of health and well-being.

Keeping Warm on the Trail


Ten C's...In Coping with Fibromyalgia

"I didn't Create it

But I can make good Choices

It can't be Cured

But I can Celebrate the victories

I didn't Cause it

But I can Care for others

I can't Control it

But I can Choose to think positive

I can Communicate but few will listen

But I can Cope"

— From Fibro Champions Blog at


It Takes More than One Key!

I've come to accept that barring a miracle; there is NO CURE for this battle of ongoing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I have learned that my body has good days and then FLARE days. I have learned an immeasurable amount about myself through this wild and unpredictable journey.

I have realized that living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue is much more a lifestyle management issue than anything else. Over the past few years, I have been relentlessly searching for my body's key to wellness, only to find that I needed more than one key. Finding this delicate balance has been very rewarding in that I have much more to celebrate than I did before.

If you or someone you love is fighting the ongoing battle of Chronic illness, I encourage you to keep searching for the strategies that will bring more victories to the forefront of your fight. Finding renewed wellness is the best wealth we can gift ourselves.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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