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My Nasal Polyps Cure

Nasal Polyps - Definition

Nasal polyps are also known as polypoidal masses. They grow from the mucous membranes in the nose and paranasal sinuses. It is thought that nasal polyps go with nasal rhinitis. Symptoms of nasal polyps are sometimes loss of smell, nasal congestion and sinusitis.

The onset of nasal polyps is often bilateral in adults.

Polyps are chronic and idiopathic. Usually nasal polyps are treated with steroid creams, or surgery. Following surgery it is estimated that 70% of nasal polyps return.

My Nasal polyps

I had nasal polyps for around fifteen years. They started as tiny little lumps inside my nose. I could just feel them with my little finger, they felt small but slightly rough, I seemed to have a little cluster of them. Theye were present in both nostrils just on the skin over the bones.

Initially I wasn't very perturbed by them. They were not significant and I only noticed them if I had a cold. Over the course of around ten years, I did notice that they were getting larger. Both nostrils were affected and they were becoming large enough to be slightly visible. They were never sore or uncomfortable, but I could see them and that was annoying.

After about 15 years one one of my nasal polyps had become pretty big around 4 or 5 mm deep I would estimate. i managed to get hold of it with some tweezers and pulled it off! Ouch! There was no blood, and it just looked like a lump of slightly thickened dryish skin. I thought nothing of it other than it hurt quite a bit. When the pain settled down, I felt the area inside my nose from where it had come and it feel a little indented, but was otherwise smooth.

It took some courage to then have a go at the other one, but I did with the same pain and the same result. My nose now was clear of these lumps and bumps.

Months later I noticed they were returning. This time they were growing pretty quickly and were at the same size as the original ones within a few months. I removed them a couple of times more with the same pain, but also the same long term outcome, the nasal polyps kept returning

How I Cured My Nasal Polyps

I was searching for a cure to a different health problem. Along with my nasal polyps I had noticed other things were breaking down. I had put it down to aging, although I did think at the time I was aging more rapidly than my friends.

Whilst i was searching for a cure for one of these other illnesses I stumbled across some work that had been done on optimising the immune system. I discovered quite by chance that my low body temperature was probably comprimising my immune system and enabling chronic illness.

At first I thought it might be a sub optimally operating thyroid and I spent a couple of years and a great deal of money trialing different thyroid medications and seeing different thyroid specialists. There was a problem with this approach though, and that was that my thyroid stimulating hormone levels were normal. When the thyroid medications failed to raise my low body temperature, and I wasn't feeling any better I decided to look elsewhere.

Another search brought me to the work of Steve Richfield. Steve is the only Central Metabolic Control System Therapist in the world. He had cured himself of a life threatening illness by optimising his own immune system.

I decided to enlist his help. I easily found his contact details and sent him a note, he replied very quickly. Within 24 hours i was on a supported self help resetting program. I brought my low body temperature, which had been 35.8C during the daytime up to 37C on the very first day. After the initial reset I had to maintain my new temperature for more than a year. In actual fact this turned out to be very much longer.

It was during th first few months that I noticed my nasal polyps began to disappear. they reduced in size and the one day they were gone. The inside of my nose is smooth and clear, just as it was more than fifteen years ago. my nasal pages are clear, unobstructed and the best bit is I have no visible polyps. I can only think that my immune system is operating more optimally now and is dealing more efficiently with these things.

The Central Metabolic Control System as Cure

Following my extraordinary experience with my nasal polyps and other idiopathic illnesses that cleared after I optimised my own immune system, I now have a very different view on health.I believe, given the right environment the body can largely heal itself.

Body temperatures should cycle around set points selected by the central metabolic control system. It is estimated around 40% of the population have faulty set points. For some reason the central metabolic control system selects the wrong set points, this can happen because of superstitions learning, for example an ancestral history of famine. This incorrect selection of set points means temperatures do not cycle at the correct temperatures for immune systems to operate optimally.

I can only explain my thinking on this by using a chemistry analogy.

A chemist, in order to get a required result in an experiment will ensure constants and variables, like temperatures are known and are accurate. If a temperature variable is incorrect then an unwanted result would be the product. I think the body is quite similar, if the temperature is not cycling optimally, then the systems, immune systems may not be operating optimally and may produce the wrong result, in the case of my body this was minor illnesses, little annoying things accumulating, idiopathic and chronic..

It may well be that restoring an optimal operating immune system alone might not fix all illnesses and there may be some residual ones that may need some more work, indeed this has been true for a couple of my own residual problems, but I can now pay attention to these hopefully by addressing the rest of my terrain.

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I believe it is always worth looking for a way to optimise the immune system for optimal health.

My Nasal Polyps Now

Now I have no nasal polyps. I have not had any nasal polyps since I reset my body temperature in 2010. My nose is clear, my nasal passages are clear. It may be my imagination but I feel as though I can breathe more easily. Often I don't think about them anymore, it's as if I never had them.

© 2013 Janey Hood


GarryWeinberg on November 09, 2017:

Janey you are very vague. Did you exercise to increase your body temp. Be more specific of don't bother.

M on March 02, 2017:

Sounds like hocus pocus to should not be afraid to share information if it truly worked.

Janey Hood (author) from UK on September 22, 2014:

Hello anonymous

In my replying your first question above, I have detailed how I reset my low temperature. However the process isn't the same for everyone and so it is advisable to work with a central metabolic control system therapist.

Anonymous on September 22, 2014:

Nice article but its generally unhelpful. How exactly do you spontaneously regulate your body temperature. Are you in air conditioned room? Are you drinking cold drinks? Are you eating soup? Are you using meditation? Is it sheer will?

Janey Hood (author) from UK on April 30, 2014:

Hello Anonymous.

For me, resetting entailed getting my body temperature up to 37C in the mornings and keeping it there all day every day for around two weeks. This was a BIG battle because my day time set point was around 35.8C and essentially it was my set point that I was correcting. Every time I pushed my temperature up to 37C it would just crash back down. Eventually, after two weeks, each day became a little easier. I was training my central metabolic control system that 37C was preferable to 35.8C. I then had to maintain my new set point for more than two more years by rescuing any set point crash whenever it happened. In fact, it is only this year, almost five years after resetting, that I am truly confident that I have a very solid new set point of 37C during the daytime.

In addition, I also had to pay attention to my nighttime temperature and ensure I was sleeping very warmly. Sleeping temperature is 36.3C, I was much lower than that at 35C. Now I sleep at 36.3C.

There is no 'one fits all' resetting process, and this is why I tend not to publicise my own method, it will not work for everyone and can be dangerous for some others. All sorts of things can determine which method is preferable for which individual. The only person who can work the best process out is Steve Richfield. He has experience of resetting over 100 people and so my suggestion is always - do not attempt this unsupported.

Finally optimising the immune system doesn't simply involve resetting and is not necessarily a cure for all health problems; for example consequential radiation damage. Although a correctly selected set point underpins the immune system, there are other adjustments I have subsequently made to my nutrition, hormones, pH balancing etc which are building on the improvements post reset.The benefits, in my case, speak for themselves, but I do still have some unfinished projects.

I hope this goes some way towards an explanation.

Anonymous on April 30, 2014:

Okay... So... What did you do? How did you go about optimizing your immune system by regulating your body temperature?

Janey Hood (author) from UK on March 19, 2014:

Hi J

Indeed I did. I wouldn't recommend it though because it HURTS and it also grew back, so pulling it off wasn't fixing anything.

I am now nearly five years post resetting and optimising my immune system and have still no polyps :)

J on March 18, 2014:

are u sure u just pulled it off dude?

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