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How I Am Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

I am an artist and writer looking to improve my life financially and emotionally


The craziness of the world now, the food shortages, the economic and political mess. These all have a big effect on me, as they are increasingly doing for most of us.

I went a long time ignoring the world around me. Until I began to notice the world was changing, it was getting obvious. Obvious enough to break through my protective shell.

I do think I needed that time of peace though. To build a reserve for hard times, perhaps. Or something to reflect on as things get worse.

But now I am fully engaged with the world and what is going on. It is taking its toll in the form of anxiety and stress.

I have general anxiety disorder anyway, I've had a lot of time to learn how to deal with it.

I already know, and use, breathing methods, positive self-talk, and all of that. I have learned new coping skills lately.

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The biggest one for me is to stop myself when I am getting overwhelmed with panic. I tell myself to stop, to focus. To plan. To use my mental energy in a productive way.

I also take physical steps to relieve the anxiety. I clean something, work in the garden, or organize a closet. I keep busy with these things all day long.

I have also begun listening to pleasant music to relax for five or so minutes each day. I have a very difficult time relaxing. But I "allow" myself to be unproductive, and to just "do nothing" for that five-minute amount of time.

These things have been helping quite a bit.

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