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How Energy Healing Works

S.P. Austen has over 40 years experience as a clairvoyant medium and healer.

Most people nowadays are familiar with the concept of energy healing, that is, a practice which uses the 'laying-on-of-hands' as one term conceives it, and which is also known as 'spiritual healing.' Using the hands to lay on the sick and help them to regain health and well-being is a very ancient practice, and has likely existed for as long as humanity has been occupying planet Earth. This practice has many other designations as well as those already mentioned, including the names of 'magnetic healing', 'pranic healing' and 'esoteric healing.'

There may be many other names for this type of treatment, but we will take these few designations as examples for this article so that the reader has a good basic understanding. Let's just go over some of these names first, and illustrate why they have gained such appellations.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing has become a very popular name for the practice of the laying-on-of-hands or spiritual healing (a term which some churches still use for healing the sick in this manner) and it implies that the healer is using a form of energy which he or she transmits to the recipient or 'patient.' The healer may physically touch the patient, but more often than not, they will mostly hold the palms of the hands several inches away from the physical body so that there is no direct physical contact. We'll talk a little about what this energy may be further on in this article.

Aesthetic Representation of Energy

Aesthetic Representation of Energy


This method of healing is exactly what it implies, the healer (or healers if working in a group as in a church situation) will lay their hands physically upon the recipient, often touching the head or the back or chest of the individual. This is a physical contact healing and does not usually involve holding the hands at a distance from the body, as is often seen in the energy types of this treatment.

Spiritual Healing

This is one of the older names for this treatment, and it was the one most familiar to me, when I became, at the age of 23, the youngest Registered Spiritual Healer with the UK's National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) back in 1983.

The name Spiritual Healing does imply that this may be some form of religious-based healing, as in that of a church organisation, however, in the case of the NFSH this is not the intention; it is more universal than being confined to any one particular faith or creed, and represents healing at the spiritual level in a much broader concept than the often narrow confines of religion. It means that the healing is to take place on the spiritual level, where all true healing must take place.

Magnetic Healing

This isn't a name often heard to describe healing work of this nature these days, but it was once used. The implication here, may even be a little more scientific in that it suggests that some kind of magnetic radiance emanates from the healer to the patient and can uplift and heal them.

Many think that this magnetism is a basic energy which exists in everyone, and is somehow more concentrated in certain people, more than in others. These individuals become like magnetic chargers for others, and their mere presence can effect some remarkable cures and speed recovery from illness. The theory is that the body's own electro-magnetic field conducts an energy current which can bring vitality to those who are sick.

The Russian monk Rasputin was said to be one such type of magnetic healer; the person need not be particularly spiritual in outlook or in nature, as this is a purely biological based form of energy which the person possesses in excess. As in the case of Rasputin, the person need not be very sound mentally or emotionally or particularly spiritually evolved. The energy is potent, but is a very basic form of vibration or magnetism.

Hands Hover Over a Woman's Face

Hands Hover Over a Woman's Face

Pranic Healing and Esoteric Healing

I will take these two particular designations together, as they imply some deeper knowledge which the healer has studied through spiritual practices such as meditation and other training techniques, to harness a level of magnetism which exists on a higher plane of being and which may be channelled through to the recipient.

Pranic Healing suggests that the healer is using a certain force in the body known as prana, a Sanskrit word to describe the underlying energy (hence the term energy healing) which sustains all life, and is known in China as chi, which means the same thing.

This pranic force or chi is harnessed by the healer and used to restore the patient, often working at a distance from the body of the recipient, using the hands as the radiating principle to transmit the current of prana or chi.

Esoteric Healing means the very same thing, but implies that the healing work is of a subtler nature than any other form of laying-on-of-hands per se, and may be part of a lesser known type of practice, limited to those exponents who have undergone specialised training in the spiritual practice of healing. It may involved a vast array of practices such as specialised breathing exercises and learning how to use the energy within your own subtle energy field and transmit it to others.

Image by: monicore

Image by: monicore

The Work of the Healer

As you may be able to see from the above basic descriptions of healing methodologies, all healing work of this nature is essentially the same. The key is the intention of the healer.

When we understand that the true nature of reality is actually that everything is composed of myriads of atomic structures, all whizzing around at colossal speeds, made up of electrons, protons and nuclei, it may be easier to appreciate that energy is all that everything really is at the fundamental level.

So when the healer (whatever name we give to designate the practice of healing) engages in the act of administering a healing treatment, he or she is actually manipulating energy structures in and around the body of the patient, and it is these energy structures which then change formation and as in the case of diseased tissue, for example, healing can break old structures down, releasing them.

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Many such healing treatments have defied medical science, and have been regarded as inexplicable; but it is basically energy vibrations coming into contact with other energy vibrations which effects the changes right down to the atomic level. Such healing can take place physically, emotionally and mentally. The designation of spiritual healing in actuality covers all aspects of the person, from the physical level upwards to the spiritual.

Countless numbers of individuals receiving a healing treatment have confessed to feeling uplifted, as if a tremendous weight had been removed from their heart, mind and spirit. Their lives then begin to take on a new and better meaning, as the old energy shifts into a new, cleansing energy that seems to purify the individual of old toxic issues. So healing reaches all levels of being, and sometimes bypasses the purely physical needs and instead heals the innermost emotional, mental and spiritual needs, where all illness originates in the first place.

The healer him/herself does not need to know how to go about making such changes to bring about a healing treatment; the only job of the healer is to have a clear focussed intent on bringing about a recovery of the body, mind and spirit. This intention is everything.

The pranic or chi forces have an intelligence of their own and they know how to work throughout the body, the emotions and the mind in the correct way, just as oxygen molecules know how to work in the body when you breathe them in. In a similar manner, when you eat a meal you do not have to think about all the details of digestion, how the liver releases enzymes etc, how the kidneys will absorb liquids, or the pancreas handle the various sugars in the digestive tract. This all goes on automatically, without any conscious thought on your part. Energy Healing works in exactly the same way. Rather like enjoying good, healthy food, it is important that the healer 'gets out of the way' as it were, and just relaxes into the process of the healing method of applying the energy. You don't have to think about it too much for it to be effective.

Health and Disease

This is a complex subject, but to understand health and disease states better, it is important to recognise that the vast majority of illnesses of all kinds have their roots in the emotions and the mind. Even medical science now acknowledges this fact, and there have been countless studies which have demonstrated the validity of practices such as mediation, yoga and other relaxation techniques for speeding up the healing process.

When I worked professionally as a healer and medical intuitive (a medical intuitive is one who can intuitively ascertain the root of an illness) I coined a phrase which may give some food for thought:

The physical body is a condensation of emotional and mental vibration.

In other words, your physical body is the result of all that you have thought and felt down the years, and your body reflects the energies of these thoughts and emotions, either in health or disease. Even the way you hold your body, stand or stoop, fold your arms, cross your legs, walk, tilt your head, gesture with your hands, etc, is a manifestation of body language which reflects what you think about and feel about most of the time.

This is all energy at work, and energy healing seeks to adjust these patterns of energy so that healing may more easily come about. Health then, is really seen as a state of mind rather than a purely physical issue. It has been estimated that 80-90% of all illnesses are of a psychosomatic type, and that these emotional/mental issues are the real causation of diseases of all kinds. The remaining 10-20% of illnesses may have physical hereditary, genetic factors or are due to injuries, etc. However, it has been quite rightly suggested that accidents and injuries are avoidable if a person is living in harmony emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Also, there is the well-known placebo effect where study patients have been given sugar tablets and told that they are a medicine; in such studies, a surprising number of patients have actually improved due to their conviction that the tablet given will heal them even though it had no genuine medicinal ingredients. So, our belief is definitely a factor in well-being. For this reason, some healing modalities are referred to as 'faith healing.' There are also countless cases of patients sitting in the doctor's waiting room and suddenly feeling better just from sitting there, possibly because their expectation of getting help is very active in their consciousness.

The Future of Healing With the Hands

Healing methods using the hands have come a very long way from the times of Jesus and his early disciples. It no longer necessarily has a certain type of spiritual belief system attached to it, although for many healing organisations it does indeed have a deeply spiritual basis. In some organisations such as the UK's National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) healing may still be termed spiritual but it does not have a religious designation attached to the work of healing itself. This is left up to the individual healer's own personal beliefs, which are in no way infringed upon or promoted. Also, all types of beliefs are accepted into the organisation.

Many nurses are now involved in training courses in something known as Healing Touch and this is being practiced more widely in many hospitals throughout the UK and North America as well as other parts of the world. There are doctors and other physicians recommending patients to healers, and some have healers associated with their own medical practice. In England, there is a doctor/healer network which a good friend of mine, Ron Broadbent, pioneered in the 1980s.

A Young Hand Holds an Old

A Young Hand Holds an Old

Far from healing treatments needing sanction from a religious organisation of some sort, and far from it being labelled as 'hocus-pocus' it is gaining in mainstream appeal and efficacy, as the public realise just how beneficial it can be. Healing by the laying-on-of-hands and by energy field work can certainly raise the sick, and it works not only for people, but for animals and even plants, too.

Healing is a very natural procedure, and we see evidence of it when a mother rubs with her hands, an injury to her beloved child. It is both inherently instinctive and intuitive. Studies have also shown that when children and animals have been denied physical touch and affection their bodies do not thrive. They can even die. This applies just as much to adults also. There is a need for the Central Nervous System to be touched, stroked and caressed. When this happens, the nerves are stimulated and the organs and systems of the body thrive and regain their health. Energy healing treatments work in just the same way too, as the attention to the patient creates a healing, caring environment in which the patient can recover.

At best, a healing treatment can do no harm. This is the maxim that all doctors are sworn to abide by in their own practice; "First, do no harm" being the immortal words from the Hippocratic Oath. This may be one of the greatest aspects of healing, as it really can do no harm, but may in fact do a tremendous amount of good.

A Note on My Healing Practice

Please note that S.P. Austen no longer works professionally as a healer or medical intuitive so he politely requests that readers do not ask for appointments. Any mention of his own experiences in this article have been for illustrative and educational purposes only, and not to procure work from the public.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2019 S P Austen


Liliane on July 21, 2020:

I am a Reiki master and fully concur with the content of your article. In this global health crisis, distant healing is becoming the # 1 method we use.

S P Austen (author) from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on February 22, 2020:

Thank you, Umesh.

Best wishes,

S.P. Austen

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on February 22, 2020:

Everything in the universe is in energy form and it should be able to create effects on the recipients. How it does so is still a mystery.

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