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How Donald Trump Used the Law of Attraction to Win the Election

When I was 7 I knew I wanted to become a writer. With 12 I was sure I will. Today I am just grateful.

What has Donald Trump to do with Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein already knew that the Law of Attraction is pure physics and no hocus-pocus. Donald J. Trump seems to know this as well.

Albert Einstein already knew that the Law of Attraction is pure physics and no hocus-pocus. Donald J. Trump seems to know this as well.

November 8, 2016 - The Night of Election

First of all, I live in Germany and followed the election on tv all night through. I even fell asleep for a while there and then, but each time I woke up Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump were head to head. What a night! What an election! The last two were already exciting and breathtaking. Anyway.

Mr. Donald John Trump became President elect and will be the 45th President of the United States of America for at least the next 4 years. Those who voted for Mrs. Hillary Clinton now say she got more votes from the American people but less through the American voting system with electors. Some now even say the system should be changed. I do not know. It worked fine for over 100 years and now you have a President you didn't vote for and that is caused by the voting system? What if those who now are desperate made a mistake? What if they could have used the Law of Attraction by focusing more on Hillary Clinton? Then, there is another last question: What if it turns out that Mr. Trump indeed is the better choice - in opposite what most people think at the moment.

So, I don't judge, I just watched and was just curious what will happen. If I had to vote I cannot say for sure what I would have done. The last videos and remarks from Mr. Trump's side were insulting me because of my gender, my religion, my origin and me as a human being in general. Just to make clear: Germany has reacted generously to a situation that nobody could foresee. That obviously was a mistake, but that does not make Germany an Islamic State! On the contrary. Isn't it extremely idiotic to insult a country which is and will be one of the strongest trade and business partner worldwide? This video from Donald Trump's team was of course to provoke and to frighten people. But was it smart in terms of the Law of Attraction?

How the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attractions brings you what you focus on. Or as Albert Einstein said it: "Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get the reality. Hence, if you want to become President of the United States you have to do what? Become famous worldwide as fast as possible, make sure people see you as mighty and rich and make the people talk about you. Obviously, it doesn't matter what they talk and think about you as long as you a) Know the Law of Attraction and b) Know what the people you want to attract wish for.

Worldwide the people wish for a change for a better life in their countries. So, "Change" alone is not really grabbing anybody's attention. Make a country great again by promising jobs for everyone and less taxes sounds great, doesn't it? On the other hand you will agree that insulting people in really every way was more than stupid.

So what? He won anyway. Why? Because he had your attention all the time. Again: Really all the time! You were focussed on him. The media were focussed on him. One could even say he manipulated your thoughts by attracting your focus on him. Even Hillary Clinton were focussed on him and talked more about Mr. Trump and why he is the wrong one than about herself and why she is the right one. The whole world got used to listen to Mr. Trumps next crazy announcements in the evening news every evening since he announced he will run for presidency. Imagine what an immense power he got. You gave him all your energy by thinking about him, by fearing him, by laughing, by your excitement about his insults, by talking and discussing with others about him - etc.

Ask yourself how much you thought and talked about Hillary Clinton and her ideas and plans for the country. Then, how much did she announce her personal ideas and were they different to what you heard all the elections before? I think no, but what do you think?

Make America Great Again

No matter what, the slogan was touching. The United States are a beautiful country with wonderful nice people and we all want to have a great and strong country. One thing Mr. Trump did not get so far is that the world does not need a number one. This world is no competition. We all are human beings and want to live our lives in health and peace, with enough to eat, a home, a family and in security. Right or wrong?

That said, it is great that Mr. Trump wants to make America great again, but this never works by putting other countries down. Who exalts himself, will be humbled.

Make America Great Again


A Just For Fun Vote - What do you think?

The Main Rules of the Law of Attraction

  • Get clearness of what you want. If you don't know what you want keep noticing what you don't want. You know what you want for sure by know what you don't want.
  • Make your wish/goal you want to make come true and ask for guidance. Make sure your wish is positive. "I want to live depth free." includes the negative, the problem. You must be positive like for example "I wish for always enough money on my bank account."
  • Relax and enjoy the time waiting for what will be send to you by God or the universe.
  • Receive what will be send to you. Take the challenges that come along and check if what you get really matches your wish or brings you closer to it or not. Sometimes a challenge brings you straight to what you wished for. You can deny if you discover what you have is better than what you now got offered. If this happens you have to clarify and optimize your wish/goal and send it out again.
  • Visualize what you wish to receive and focus on this a few times a day, best in the morning and evening. In case you have a huge problem like any sickness or a financial problem (all things which really are existential for your life) the solution to relax is meditation. You can find guided meditations even on YouTube to relax and to get an idea of helpful affirmations. Know that what you give the most attention to will happen. The more you think about your problems the more new problems you will get. As soon as you focus on everything you like and what is fine and what you are grateful for the less of your energy flows to your problems. By this they will disappear or be solved sooner.
  • Most important after all the above: Relax and act as if you know you already have what you wished for. The keyword is trust. Trust in yourself that you can reach and get it. Trust in the Law of Attraction and God and the universe that it will be delivered. You don't doubt you will get when you ordered something in an online shop. You just turn around and wait and do what ever you want to do. See the Law of Attraction like that - as if Amazon would deliver it. Okay, they won't but maybe they will - depends on what you wished for.
  • Enjoy your life and do fun stuff as much as you can. Try new things and watch fun movies until your belly hurts because you were laughing all the time. The more fun you have the sooner you get what you wished for. The more you think and doubt the longer it will take.
  • Remember what Walt Disney shall have said: "If you can dream it, you can make it." It's true.

Did Donald J. Trump follow these Rules?

Oh yes, he did. Only he knows when exactly he really began to think he would like to become President of the United States, but the way he then appeared on the stage of politics was so surprising that he set a landmark. Nobody really remembers who were the other candidates of the Republican Party because one after the other left the stage very early and the party voted for Trump earlier than the Democrats did it for Hillary Clinton. She had much more to fight before the actual run began.

When Donald Trump entered the stage he was already pretty far in the process with the Law of Attraction and on his way to his goal. He made his wish or set his goal long before we met him and he was very focussed on this when he appeared. When we learned about him running for President, he was already at the point to fake as if. He played his role as if he already was the President. He talked about himself all the time, told us how great he is, how rich he is, how successful he is and how successful his family is since "generations" - although his father actually was the only successful businessman (as far as I know) and Donald's businesses are a little obscure.

His behavior was a little like a Mohammed Ali who always said: "I'm the Greatest." Such sentences work wonder, you are not going to believe this. The more often other people hear such statements about someone the sooner they believe it. Even if the results to improve the statement have yet to come.

By all the stuff he said and what the media found out about him and his businesses and how he talked about women etc. he got the most attention he could get. There were all kinds of talkshows airing all over the globe, news reports, background stories about his family and I don't know what. The thing is it doesn't matter what. In Public Relations even a bad PR is a good PR because people talk about you. I never understood this sentence as I thought a bad PR can destroy your image and everything good you ever did before. Donald Trump showed us that this doesn't matter and even bad PR can be very helpful.

What happened in the meanwhile? He was compared to Hillary Clinton. Poll results always showed him head to head to Mrs. Clinton. But what did she do? She focussed on his failures instead of telling the people why she is better than him. She could have talked about what she reached in her life and career, why she loves being a politician and make her campaign more personal, more emotional. That would have set free an energy around her person and people would have thought more about what she really stands for and what kind of person she is. Further, her slogan "Stronger together" was too common. "Make America Great Again." has so much more energy. Also Barack Obama's "Yes, We Can." and "Hope." had been real strong, energetic and successful slogans.

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So, what happened when the media focussed on any special thing Mr. Trump said in one of his speeches or had said at earlier times? Actually nothing. He simply went on and created new stuff to talk about. He simply did not care about what other people think about him. He was completely focussed on his goal and only interested in getting as much attention as possible. He used the Law of Attraction. What gets the most attention will happen, because the energy of all people who focus on him and talk about him then is additional energy to his own energy and following the Law of Attraction what gets the most energy will happen and must happen. You know this from your own experience. The things you concentrate on, worry about most or what you fear happen. As soon as you think positive and know you will make it (whatever it is) your energy is turned the other way and what you focus on happens.

Mrs. Clinton's reaction to all the news about Mr. Trump? Repeating what she heard in the media. Very dangerous to do so as you never know whether what they announce is true or not. Additionally, she gave her energy to him. Bad mistake! Again: She should have focussed on herself to attract people's and the media's attention and activate the Law of Attraction into her direction. You get what you focus on and where the energy flows to!

So, Donald Trump faked being the best candidate for President ever and enjoyed his life. He had nothing to lose which made it much easier. When the tides got rougher he shot back into Mrs. Clinton's direction, but he never focussed on that. He again faked being President of the U.S. by saying things like: "If I were President I would arrest you and bring you to jail." That's what a man says who wants to show his might and strength. She had no reply to that.

Last but not least: The moment when the election was decided. Mr. Trump came and suddenly spoke as a real President should speak. I think he surprised a lot of people. By this I knew immediately how clever he had played with us all by keeping focussed on him. Where was Mrs. Clinton? She disappeared and maybe that was a sign for us that the right candidate won. I don't know, it is just a thought, an impression. It's only I found it very, very disrespectful for all the people who worked for her as volunteers and for all the people who voted for her. After this it would be really strange if she would become a candidate again. I doubt she will try it again - but you never know.

Let's hope! While there is life, there is hope.

Added August 24, 2017 - After all these months and with the coming election in my country in September I don't know where we all are going to. We indeed have a similar problem with two candidates and we don't know which one would be the better choice or the lesser evil. Donald Trump doesn't seem to be able to care for all Americans and to keep America safe and peaceful. He wanted to make it great again. What he meant was the weapon power. What he should concentrate on is the human power, the Americans. Make the Americans great again by giving them hope, jobs, a good life, a home, a better health insurance, enough to eat, enough money and RESP'ECT.

Mr. Pence's and Mr. Trump's Election Speeches

Good-bye to Mr. Barack Obama

I must admit I liked him. He was the coolest President you ever had and I like that he was one of the youngest. I mean all these people around their 70s need more help than younger people. They might be more experienced and maybe wiser - but somehow I doubt this. So, I would like to thank Mr. Obama for doing a great job. He did't reach all his goals unfortunately. But before you damn him for the health care and other things keep in mind that he was confronted with what went wrong during Mr. George W. Bush's presidency and first of all with the bank crisis and crash, the housing crash, the motor industry crash and a lot of then all in a sudden unemployed people who were deeply in depth. No wonder he needed a lot of money to get everything at least in balance again. I cannot say where he failures because I do not live in the U.S.A. at the moment, but I remember the feeling he gave to the world which was the reason why he won the peace Noble Prize.

So, we know what we had but do not know what we got now. A new beginning is always exciting and full of fears and hopes. Let us pray the fears will disappear and we will make progress and not go backwards as it sounded in Donald Trump's last speeches. Somehow I do like him because he is a fantastic example how to reach your goals by using the Law of Attraction. I admire people who know how to become successful. May God bless you, the American people and may he bless the United States of America.

Mr. President on the President elect

© 2016 Elisabeth Meier


Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on April 27, 2018:

Elisabeth, if you remember, this election was not the first time that the electoral college was criticized as being obsolete. Al Gore won the popular vote when Bush II was named, not elected, as president. Something about hanging chads threw the election into the courts.

You may be right about the Law of Attraction though. You are getting into metaphysics here because the Law of Attraction is metaphysical. To take it farther, studies into the Lucis Trust published materials of the channeling of D.K. to Alice A. Bailey says that in order to have a global one-world government, the United States must become a third-world country. If this is so and part of some hierarchy's master plan, then Donald Trump is part of that plan to reduce the status of this country in the world, not to "make America great again." I don't remember which channeler it was, but just before the election that person channeled some spirit that said that whomever won the election would be the one picked to carry out the plan. Put it all together and what do you have? I don't know, but I'm giving it some thought.

Elisabeth Meier (author) on March 23, 2018:

Hi Chris, Thank you! I haven't heard/read this and just focussed this article on the way how he behaved to get all the attention to get elected (without knowing any former or actual tutor or much about Trump's education in general). Seen backwards I already thought he might have had a coach for LoA, because even his tweets actually manipulate our attention into a direction where he wants to have it. while he concentrates on different things.

chris on March 20, 2018:

Hi! I haven't checked but there is a rumour that Trump was tutored by Norman Vincent Peale! So LOA all the way!


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