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How Do Mobility Scooters Provide More Independence to The Users?

The ability to climb higher, such as reaching an item on a higher shelf is among the most common issues wheelchair users might face. With the assistance of mobility scooters that can help to do your daily tasks effortlessly. It is often viewed as an expense. But the capability to get up from the mobility chair is a huge opportunity to improve the living quality.


Chair Elevating Feature

This function allows an entire seating system to elevate and lower the user on the chair while keeping the same seat-to-back and seat-to-floor angles.

This possibility offers physical and psychological benefits as well as functional ones. It also enhances the user's psychological and physical health but it also improves the user's independence by giving them the ability to fully engage in various activities and experiences without the need for assistance from someone else and without the threat of injury.

Physical and Functional Benefits

Seat elevation allows people to access and reach higher levels. It is not only helping them move from one point from A to B but making it possible to perform other activities above shoulder level using less effort.

Everyday activities that are typically hard for wheelchair users to complete could be accomplished independently, such as cooking, reaching for something at the top of the refrigerator and reaching a cupboard purchasing a bar, or asking for something at the shop or a counter.

As the user can take on a variety of tasks, their independence will grow significantly, making their surroundings more accessible. Another advantage of elevated is that it can lead to fewer home modifications that could help the user save money. Furthermore, as there is no requirement to constantly extend arms to gain access to greater heights, the likelihood of suffering from strain injuries is reduced.

Transfers are also much easier when you use the mobility chair powered by the seat elevated, particularly when moving from one place to the others with higher or equivalent levels (for instance, an elevated bed). Moving from a higher position to a lower one, using a sliding board or gravity, is always simpler for both the user of the scooter as well as the caregiver. Again the user will require less effort on the upper limbs, which reduces the possibility of injuries.

Social Benefits

The most significant social benefit is it allows you to go anywhere around the home, park, or even nearby grocery store. You don't have to depend on others for your daily chores. It gives you complete independence and does not restrict you to one place. When a person is elevated, they can keep eye contact with others.

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This reduces the possibility of neck or upper back injury because the person isn't required to stretch repeatedly to gaze up and communicate with others in the surroundings. A raised position may allow having better visibility. This helps cross the road or when to drive along a crowded area.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobility Scooter with Seat Elevation Feature

The primary thing to be considered when using seat elevation systems on a powered mobility scooter is the security of the patient with variable features like a pivot to elevate the seat, a spacious deck for legs and feet, and a spacious and comfortable seat this can affect its stability. This is the reason most powered mobility scooters are now every elder's favorite.

The Pride Go-Go Scooters can carry 300 pounds, has a top speed of 4 mph, travel up to 12.4 miles on a single charge, and have everything you need in a mobility scooter.

In addition, some models of scooters can be set to reduce their driving speed when at the highest altitude to avoid possible accidents. While lower, the speed could be as high as 13 km (8 miles) per hour.

Another thing to consider is the maximum height that a chair elevating mechanism can attain. Based on the preferences and needs of the user, they'll be required to look into the range of speed, battery backup, and weight capacity that different models provide.

The shortest seat-to-floor height might also need to be taken into consideration. Since this mechanism of elevation is located in between the seating area and base, the smallest potential height for the seat to the floor can be increased, which could impact accessibility, for example, the possibility of sitting under the table or getting access beneath the sink.

The Pride Mobility Scooter provides numerous advantages to its users. It is the best mobility scooter for disabilities and shares independence with its users.

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