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How Do I Find Motivation?

Anne has a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Bachelor's in Language.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

At least, I think it is.

At least, I think it is.

What To Do...

It's 10:00pm and I am diving into a cup of coffee, because even though it's close to bedtime, I feel so unaccomplished. I haven't been motivated. Today has been overwhelming, and I feel the only thing that could potentially perk me up and get me writing is a glorious cup of coffee. Oftentimes as a writer on here and elsewhere, I just have so much trouble staying focused and working towards my goal. I sit there and think, "All I have to do is write X many articles," which in itself seems overwhelming enough. But the thing is, I don't want to be one of those part time hubbers; I live for the day when I can say this is the way I live. Relatively speaking, I'd like to be paid to be a writer and make a living off of my work. Everything I write, every sentence, every word, every noun, every verb, is carefully crafted. The time and labor spent in extracting and generating these articles is so lengthy, but when I'm motivated to do it, I thrive. It's times like these, however, when I'm unmotivated, depressed, and just feel like I can't accomplish anything, that feel the worst.

Managing Time

Managing to-do lists help some people to stay motivated but for others, organization tips just don't help.

Managing to-do lists help some people to stay motivated but for others, organization tips just don't help.


I've looked at a few articles online about motivation and what they say helps people become motivated. After reading the list, I found myself thinking "easier said than done". It can be so overwhelming to will yourself to be motivated. For example, I had a recent financial issue which required me to work for 14 hours straight the other day so that I could pay this obligation. At a certain point, I was so exhausted I think my brain just turned off for a bit and I was going through the motions, hoping I was going to meet my goal by the end of the day, and I did. With that being said though, having that strong of willpower is hard. It's hard to make myself work for that long, knowing that I'm wearing myself out, that I won't have any free time to do things like write articles on here, or relax and enjoy my time. But that's a story for another article. The point is, after I read this list, I just thought of how exhausting it might be to go through that whole "will yourself to be motivated" thing. I mean, you can will yourself to do anything, but that doesn't mean you will enjoy it, doesn't mean you will be any more motivated, and doesn't mean that you will be able to put yourself through that kind of mental strain again.

The list also suggested just staying active to try and get your brain to start feeling motivated to do something. I get that one. I can see how being more active can help with that. My main hang-up with everything is jus getting started. There is this little invisible stop sign in front of me that prevents me from even moving past it, like a barrier for my soul. My body and my mind won't let me climb past it sometimes. It's the worst feeling. You feel like you have this huge weight on your shoulders, yet nowhere to release the weight. It can be absolutely devastating.

Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Illness

Something else that has a direct impact on people's motivation is mental health. I know this. I for sure know this because I suffer from anxiety and depression, which I feel like can be some of my biggest barriers when trying to accomplish tasks. I want to give up and quit so easily because my mind tells me all these negative things like I will never be able to reach my goal, or something of that nature. I know a lot of people suffer with this and the negative self-talk as well. I don't really know what the cure is there except to maintain your medication and appointments with therapy, but even with all that, I am still struggling.

You Are Not Alone

Don't ever feel like you are alone in this. Somewhere out there, someone else is going through the same things as you.

Don't ever feel like you are alone in this. Somewhere out there, someone else is going through the same things as you.

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What Do We Do?

I guess the biggest question, and what I should be answering here is "how do you become motivated during a time in your life when things feel so dark and hopeless?" Well, for some, the darkness and hopelessness motivates them because they know if they get through it, there will be better days ahead. Some of us choose to stay in that dark place for far too long, wearing our our welcome because we feel like we just can't get through them to the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us, in that exact moment of fear and darkness just shut down. I always lose motivation when I need it the most, and during the most dark times in my life. I don't know why, but I imagine others have the same issue. The only thing I can confidently say to you is that you are not the only one. There are others, like me, experiencing the same thing you are. And maybe if you knew that, and knew that others have been in your situation before or are right there with you right now, well, maybe that would motivate you to keep pushing forward. Because that's all we have, isn't it?


Anne Marie Carr (author) from Richmond, VA on June 25, 2021:

Yes, I totally agree! Thanks for reading!

Abigael Jerobon on June 24, 2021:

It is truly motivating to know that I am not alone. You know that awareness of being in a common humanity makes me to be so compassionate to myself and other people. Like, we are in this together and we can live through it and enjoy the better days.

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