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How Christ and Buhdda Do Not Have to Be Seperated but Understood as Being on the Same Path of Self-Realization

Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

In the unknown years of Christ we ask ourselves what he was exposed to him on the journey

There is much speculation on what Christ did in the unknown years which started at age 13 and eventually became recorded history in his 30s. Some believe that he was exposed to the teachings laid out in eastern traditions and formulated what he explicitly taught until his death in his early thirties. Many books have proposed theories as to what and where his travels had taken him in that 20-year span which to this day Christians have no knowledge with certainty had taken place.

My contention is perhaps Christ had no eastern exposure but instead espoused his own brand of teaching which resonated with him spiritually which could be argued as being Eastern in comparison. He was definitely enlightened and taught things that Buhdda instructed to his student's thousands of years before his existence. Can we beg the question that someone thousands of years later than Buddha can, in the same manner, teach the same lessons in order to bring the same result of reaching God-consciousness? Why not? Perhaps Jesus's level of consciousness was something that occurred with any teachings besides his own understanding as to what life was truly about.


Where Christ and Buddha spiritual equals despite thousands of years apart?

This is the argument that would make Christ's existence the same as Buddhas in which they shared the same level of spiritual existence and removes speculation of Jesus ever being in contact with India or any of its beliefs. I argue why not? If we are all born with the ability to believe whatever we want why not someone thousands of years later with the same capability? If we can perceive the Dalai Lama as being a reincarnation is it that hard to believe that Christ had the same ability to have a teaching which was aligned with what Buddha wanted to impart to the world?

As far as the experts as being able to explain there are many correlations made between the teachings of Christ and Buddha however completely original as far as the West's version of interpretation. Here are 3 examples: What you sow is what you reap which would completely in line with the premise of karma. This correlation is the main subject experts have argued about being a strong hint as to Christ being exposed to teachings of the East. Christ said that he was in the world but not in it which is compared to the notion that the world is nothing but an illusion. In the East its called Maya which provides another clue that perhaps Christ was exposed to teachings that had already existed.


Perhaps the patent on God is something which is innately required from us all

Another example of where we might be mistakenly applied the Eastern teachings unto Christ is when he states that father and I are one which in turn means that God-consciousness is being referred to. In my studies, I have personally come to the conclusion that all wisdom traditions point to attaining in our lifetime. All written works we turn to for instruction bring us to the place where we all operate to an alignment of body, mind, and soul which undeniably is personal and completely subjective due to our own understanding of where God is located. In my opinion, when inside, outside, and beyond is aligned we rely on ourselves as a personal point of reference and ultimately is the only place we all operate from which includes our actions and thoughts.

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Is it really that hard to believe that someone years later might draw the same conclusion about what life is about and deliver it with the same intentions of someone came to teach the masses thousands of years ago? This would not only end the argument of what the teachings of Christ were truly about and also allow us all to conceive that if they can do it than we ourselves could also. This would also explain why they instructed us all in the realms of realizing qualities that we are all possessed with and pushed us all to explore our hidden capacity to live an enlightened life despite what part of the world we live in. With all doubt removed based on speculation we can instead think that the ability to formulate a way to our higher being and not having to place a label on what the eternal teaching came from and rather think it has the ability to come from whoever reaches and dares to teach it.

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