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How Can I End My Life?


You are not alone

Taking the decision to end your life is not an easy one. You will be surprised to know that almost 50%-80% of the world's population has had suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. Yes, you are not alone. However, just because you are thinking about suicide does not mean that you should act on it.

If you are thinking about suicide, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you or that you are crazy or weak. It just means that you are in pain. The pain is so intense and so strong that you just can't ignore it.

You just can't handle it. You want this pain to end. You can't think of any other alternative that could end this pain. You want it to be over and suicide seems to be the only alternative.

However, if you just don't act on it for just 24 hours, there is a possibility that you may find another alternative to end this pain. You have handled this pain for this long, maybe you can just wait for another 24 hours?

Your next step

So, what should be your next step towards ending your life? As mentioned earlier, just because you want to commit suicide does not mean that you have to act on it. You want to end the pain you are experiencing. You are not wrong in wanting to end this pain. No one wants to deal with such intense pain and you are not wrong if you expect this pain to end.

However, there may be other alternatives to end this pain. To explore these alternatives, the first thing that you need to do is just not act on your negative thoughts. It is difficult not to act right away. But if you can just wait for a few hours, or days or weeks, maybe an alternative will come up. Just distract yourself by getting involved in an activity that calms you down slightly.

So, just hold on for one more day.

Why do you want to end your life?

There may be any number of reasons for you to think about getting it over with.

Your relationship just broke up. You just can't imagine living your life without the person you loved. Maybe you were betrayed in love.

You just failed to clear your exams. Your future depended on it. Not clearing your exams or not getting the grade you wanted just makes it difficult for you to achieve your dreams.

Maybe you just lost your job or suffered a big loss in business. Your partner and your children are financially dependent on you. How will you take care of them? How will you face them?

You have gone through a traumatic event such as sexual abuse and you just can't endure the feelings that you constantly experience while thinking about it.

These are just a few examples of why people often want to kill themselves. Your reason could be one of these or something else. The point is that the objective is the same in most cases, that is, to end the emotional pain that the person is going through at a certain point in his or her life.

So, do you want to end this pain by ending your life? Do you think that there is no other alternative? Or maybe there is another alternative?

Talk to someone

At this point of time, you are feeling depressed, isolated, hopeless and completely helpless. You think that there is nothing you can do to make things better or to end this pain. The only solution is to end your life.

However, if you could just talk to someone, it may just help. There are people who care about you. This and many such webpages were written because people do care about your pain. So, you are not alone.

You just need to reach out.

So, let's think about those you can talk to. Your parents? Your spouse or partner? Your friend? Your colleague? Your children? Your neighbor? Your doctor? Your priest?

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It's possible that you have already talked to someone and you have been told that your problem is not worth ending your life. Well, they probably meant well but they also did not know how to help you. So, don't pay much attention to what they said.

Your pain is yours. You know the pain you are going through. For you, the pain is enough for you to commit suicide. That's the important thing. Just don't act on the thought but do take steps to end the pain.

If you can't find anyone that you know who can offer you the help you need, you may want to consider calling up a counseling center. Visit Befriender's Worldwide to find a helpline in your country.

Just don't keep these feelings bottled up inside you. Talk it out. Just by talking about how you feel may help ease the pain a little and stop you from taking a step towards committing suicide.

Tell them that you have been having a tough time lately. Tell them that you are thinking of suicide. Tell them how you are plan on killing yourself. Tell them why you want to commit suicide.

You have taken an important step

Yes, just by postponing your act and talking to someone you have taken a very important step. Of course, the pain is still there. It hasn't gone away. The reason for the pain hasn't gone away. However, now you know that there may be another alternative for ending this pain.

If you have been having recurrent thoughts about ending your life over the course of the last month or last year, you need to believe that there are other ways to end the pain. Talk to a therapist. Work with them and allow them to help you. There is nothing wrong in taking help from a therapist.

They may be the best people to understand your pain and to help you find alternatives to end this pain and bring about a positive change in your life and the way you feel.

Your old life may indeed be over

By just postponing the act, you may have actually ended your life. Yes, the life that you thought was worthless. The life that you thought will only get better if you end it.

It may actually be the beginning of a new life. Your old life is indeed over. Your new life has just begun.

A life that knows that killing yourself is not the only alternative to end your emotional pain. A life that is ready to make some constructive changes to work at the cause of the emotional pain and lessen it or let it go forever.

When it looks back on it after about 20 years from now, this life realizes that just not acting on these thoughts was the best step it had ever taken.

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Are you ready to end your life?

So, if you came across this page looking for how you end your life once and for all, let me tell you that you probably have already found the answer. You know how to end your life. Just wait, talk to someone, and look for alternatives to end this pain.

Your old life will indeed be over. The pain associated with it will be over. Your new life begins just now.

Instead of searching for ways to kill yourself, search for things that can help you not take that extreme step. Agreed, you will find a few pages that actually give you ideas about how can end your life, methods that you can use, how you can make it painless.

But if you look at the amount of webpages that exist on the Internet that offer help for someone who is thinking about ending his or her life, you will know that there are people who do care about you. There are forums, there are groups, there are helplines, etc. who are ready to help you out. All you need to do is reach out.

So, if you really are looking for ways to end your life, do one minor thing before you actually act on these thoughts. Take a deep breath, reach out to people who can help, and start your new life.


Better Emotions (author) on February 02, 2015:

Hi DRMz,

Here is one valid reason. You are not alone. You have friends who try to comfort you. You have friends who will miss you and feel sad when you are gone. You are not alone.

As far as having your heart broken again, many of us have gone through this again and again. But there is nothing to stop us from getting our lives back together. I agree, when it does happen, it feels as if it is never going to happen for me. But we just give ourselves some time.

We also need to learn to love ourselves. Our life doesn't necessarily depend on having someone to love us as long as we really really love ourselves.

Try it and don't give up. Life is a gift which you won't back ever.

Request you to give yourself a few more days and not take that extreme step.

Take care.

DRMz on February 02, 2015:

After having my heart broken yet again, I have finally come to realize that I will live my life alone. No matter what friends say or how they try to comfort me, I will live this life and face everything alone and it's up to me to handle things accordingly. I have yet to read or hear a valid argument for hanging on to this life. Yes, people will be be sad that I am gone but life goes on and so will they and in the meantime, I don't have to hurt or be alone any more.

Better Emotions (author) on June 17, 2014:

Hi Don,

There is no doubt that you are going through a tough phase in your life. Breakups can really be hard and of course, you must be missing your daughter.

The best thing to do here is to stay in constant touch with friends and family who are willing to spend time with you. If you have a confidante, you can share these feelings with him or her, so that they can help you stay away from these extreme steps.

It is quite true that at times like these you miss the one person who you were closest too. However, there are always more people around you who are willing to offer help and just be with you.

Please do continue taking care of yourself, even though you don't feel like sleeping or eating. I know things are tough now but they will get better if you just hold on. Take it one day at a time and you will surely be able to overcome this phase.

If you feel there is really no one who can help you out in this situation, you can call a helpline and speak to them. If you are in UK, you can call this number for help: 08457 909090

Take care and please don't give up. You will surely come out a stronger person from this situation.

don on June 17, 2014:

im reali upset hurt and down I constantly crying at work and now have breayhong problems my partner has left me and took my daughter with her 3 days before our wedding she saved me from a bad place and helped me sort my life out but I have neva felt so low I can't c friends without draggin em down I can't sleep eat and im generally exhausged I no others have bigger problems but im a mums boy and she ended her life and I reali wanna join here she was the 1 person who always knew wat to do

Better Emotions (author) on March 08, 2014:

Hey Erik,

You should call the helpline number in your state. I think this one would be able to help.


You just need to pick up the phone and reach out for help. Things will get better.

Take care.

Erik Reed on March 08, 2014:

I am tired . I have a 20 gage auto shotgun, and a 22 auto rifle. I have knives. Which is faster. Don't know you to talk to or what to do. Help please.

Better Emotions (author) on February 28, 2014:

Hi Some1UdntKnow,

You need to select your country at the link and it will provide you the results.

If it doesn't give any results, you can enter "suicide helpline" on google search. The first results after the ads usually gives a helpline number in your country. Try it out and you will get the info.

If you still can't get any number in your country, just let me know your country and I will try and get the info for you.

Take care.

Some1UdntKnow on February 28, 2014:

your "befrienders" add doesn't work or theres just none in my country. please help me

Better Emotions (author) on February 01, 2014:

Hi Bonnie,

I can see that you are feeling dejected right now and thinking that life is not worth living. While one can not say exactly why you feel this way, however, one thing is definitely sure. If you don't have anything to live for in this life, maybe you should try to make something that is worth living.

Life is as good or bad as we make it. Struggles and problems are what make it interesting. But when you do win these struggles, you become stronger. When you look back to these problems, it can make you feel proud.

My advice don't give up. Create something great. Involve yourself in a little bit of exercising and relaxation. Meet new people, try out new things.

It may be worthwhile to consult a doctor about the way you feel. Medications will help you feel better more quickly.

Take care.

bonnie P on February 01, 2014:

I want end my life got nothing to live for.I get so up set when people say don't do that u got so much to live for well I'm sorry but I got nothing to live for just want to end it all I don't no y people want to live in this world your living for what nothing at the end of the day !!!!!

Better Emotions (author) on December 20, 2013:

Hi Jeff,

No one can probably understand the actual pain and emotions you are feeling currently. The rest of us can only try to do understand it.

It is quite obvious that you are in severe pain and it is clearly indicated in your thoughts about ending your life.

However, since you are giving yourself time enough till after the holidays, maybe you can consider looking for other alternatives to reducing the pain.

I am not aware of your exact situation but you probably have exhausted all your efforts in trying to deal with your pain. But there may still be other alternatives.

What I am trying to say is instead of looking for ways to end your life, you may want to look for alternative treatments to reduce the pain.

I would suggest you talk to your family and close friends about what you are thinking. When you feel low, you don't see even a single bright spot in your life and you can't think of any other alternative as well.

But maybe your dear ones could help you see that bright spot and help you look for an alternative treatment for the pain.

You may also want to talk to your physician about these thoughts. He or she may be able to help you deal with these thoughts.

I am just saying, don't give up. You still have a life and your family still has you. They love you and would be willing to help you out in any way possible. Don't hide these feelings. Share it with them and involve them in every step that you take in the future.

Help is always at hand in one way or the other. You just need to reach out for it. Take care.

jeff pellerin on December 20, 2013:

,,My pain is chromic sever back injury that can't be fixed.I am going to end my life after holidays if I can hold on that long.doctors say nothing can be done,physical pain at this level maykill me soon anyway.I. also was almost killed in fiery car crash 3rd degree burns,I know pain.I will be gone soon and pain will be over.

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