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How Body Imaging and Body Shaming Has Taken Over Today

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Women Body Shame All The Time


Why We Body Shame

It's 2019 and we still body shame as women. Over 65% of the population is obese but we still body shame others. I am a plus size woman losing weight and I have to say I body shame myself everyday.

I have rolls, back fat, side boobs and an apron. Losing weight has not made me feel good about my appearance because under my clothes my body looks awful. Women are much harder on themselves then men.

So why do we do it?

Most women are concerned about their appearance to others. We don't want to be ugly, fat or stupid. We body shame others to take the shame off of ourselves. How many times have you told someone that you don't need to wear that outfit again unless you get rid of those thunder thighs?

What looks bad to us may not look bad to the person wearing it. If your body isn't perfect you have no right to body shame another. Women are very critical of themselves and others in general.

Maybe you want someone else to feel bad about the way they look because you can't feel good about yourself. It's always easier to make someone else feel bad.

This behavior is not in any means the right thing to do.

If you, as a woman, don't like your body you have no right to body shame someone else.

We need to embrace each other and point out the things that make us beautiful. Everyone has beauty whether it be inside or outside, we all have it.

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How to Overcome Body Shame

We must first realize that no one is made perfect. Everyone has something that doesn't look right about them. Maybe you have big nose or cross eyes. Maybe you have big feet or large hands. It doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you it means that this is what you need to overcome to live happy.

Society says you have to be perfect but that is only a frame of mind someone had in the early years to sell products. You had to fit in a bikini to sell a car or even cigarettes.

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First you must learn to love yourself the way that you are. You must convince yourself that you are making it much worse then it is. I can cover up my fat with clothes so no one really sees my body the way that I do.

See your beauty as different or special instead of horrible.

Be thankful that your ears can hear, your eyes can see, your legs can carry you and that your body has gotten you through life.

If you are obese and hate yourself then try to lose weight. It won't be easy but no bad habits are hard to break. My problem is sweets. I love them but I hate what they have done to me. I am in pain most days because of my weight and when I look in the mirror I want to cry but I am doing something about it. I have changed up my diet and am losing weight. I don't want to be a size 10 I want to be healthy.

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Who We Target to Body Shame

Parents especially moms are horrible when it comes to their children and body shaming them. We are the ones who control what they eat and if you eat crappy food and have obese children you should brain shame yourself.

Women who have large breast or small breast or no breast. People who are obese, transgender, gay, straight, black, white and every other person in life.

We can stop this behavior if we want to. Whatever is not the perfect 10 girl in a bikini is at risk of being body shamed. That guy who doesn't have muscles and doesn't run a marathon and is overweight we body shame them.

I have learned to stop being so critical of people in general. We never know what they are going through or what has happened in their lives. Stop being critical of others and fix what is wrong with yourself.

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In Closing

No one person in this world is perfect. Even those who think they are really have some messed up flaws. You can be picture perfect on the outside and your heart is so ugly on the inside that you should be shamed.

We need to think of others with respect and empathy. If your life is that perfect then good for you. I wish you all the best but stop treating others like you are better then they are. In reality we all live in the same world, bleed the same blood and men and women all have the same anatomy. We don't need to make people feel shameful because they don't look like a model. Live, love, laugh and stop worrying about others.

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