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The Real Story Behind the Coronavirus Epidemic

I'm Ahamed, and I've worked in document control for a long time. He adores writing and has done freelance and blog work all over the web.

Don't Be Fearful of These Pandemic Days

In a nutshell, we're all living organisms. We're mostly here to duplicate or recreate ourselves. In addition, as I discuss in the plant paradox, In a sense, you're done after you've made copies. You've completed your task. You should also get out of the way. Also, let your children and grandchildren know that they will be in charge.

The fact that this virus is a cousin of the common cold is part of the problem. It's because it behaves similarly to a normal cold. It's because of its infectiousness that it's so naughty. But, for example, that is what I mean. There were a lot of discussions, especially in the United States. Each year, the flu kills between 20,000 and 60,000 individuals.


And early on in the coronavirus outbreak, people wondered why we were so agitated. We accept that 20,000 to 60,000 people will be present. Every year, thousands of people will succumb to the flu. We also don't socially isolate ourselves. We don't separate ourselves. And there's no reason why we should this time.

And I believe it is critical for people to understand that, while the flu is unquestionably dangerous, it is not the only cause of death. This COVID-19 number is not nearly as contagious. Furthermore, the Flu has a very short incubation period. If you're going to get the flu, you'll usually know it within 48 hours of exposure, and you'll know it rather violently. Headaches and fevers are common. You want to retire to your bed. When you don't want to move, you know you've got the flu. And, to be honest, most individuals aren't concerned about spreading the flu while they have it.

For almost 40 years, I've been an intensivist. And we, the United States, have had severe flu outbreaks for the past 40 years. Other important flu, such as H1N1. Our ability to ventilate patients was never put to the test. Our ICUs were never overburdened. Certainly, we were kept busy. However, we never exceeded our ability to ventilate flu patients.

Corona Virus Problem Is We're Beginning to Realize


This has infected a large number of people. And they either have minor diseases or don't have any symptoms at all. A lot like a lot of folks who get a cold. I believe it is an allergy or, at the very least, I get the sniffles. This has been particularly noticeable in the United States.

When the trees start to bloom during allergy season. So, unlike the flu, this virus is contagious like a normal cold. And it can take a long time before you start to display symptoms. So much longer than a two-day period of flu symptoms. It may take 7 to 10 days before you begin to experience effects. So there's this vast temporal span. People have been going around oblivious to the fact that they are spreading the illness. And then there's the second point, which I believe we'll discuss. Is that this virus, unlike the flu, infects persons who are susceptible. Has a terrible cytokine storm in the lungs that the flu doesn't cause.

And it's for this reason that so many individuals are on ventilators. And then there's the commencement of the process. We don't have an effective treatment to halt it right now. Except for putting patients on ventilators to attempt to wait it out. As a result, the virus wants you to generate copies and propagate them. As a result, the virus does not wish to destroy you. That would be ridiculous because the virus can't spread if you're dead. So, here's the cytokine storm as it stands right now. Is your immune system reacting too strongly to this virus?

The lower lobes of the lungs, to be precise. On an X-ray, this has a pretty typical appearance. It's not like we're used to dealing with bacterial pneumonia. And it's this ferocious, inflammatory response to the infection. And there's the whole issue of restricting civil liberties. It actually goes against the laws of nature. However, one of the things that the British, in particular, know how to do was as a result of their involvement in World War II.

Is in fact follow rules that are draconian to save your lives. And America to a lesser extent. But I think because of the greatest generation. We do have a shared experience. Where if you're asked to follow the rules, we're pretty doggone good at following rules.

Let's suppose we hit a peak and we start going down. And we do allow people to mingle. There is some suggestion, particularly in Singapore. That we will see a new peak, As people who were assumed to be uninfected anymore are still infective.

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Everybody Wants a Vaccine


That would be fantastic. However, you must take a step back and recognize that there is no vaccine for the common cold. We might be able to develop a vaccination for the common cold. But the virus would change in two months, and we'd be back to square one. We can create an influenza vaccine. However, as we all know, the virus mutates once a year.

As a result, with the current Flu virus, we're almost always a year behind. So envision that, and I'm not saying it will happen. But consider this:


Like a normal cold, it mutates. Then, tragically, all of these forecasts are substantially lower than what might actually happen. So there will be two things that happen. We'll get a break if it's a seasonal infection. But that means it'll most likely return next fall and winter. Hopefully in the same form as before. If we don't get a break, this virus will develop into a typical cold-like illness.

We are sociable animals. A Yale University undergraduate research project. Was involved in the biological and social evolution of humans. How we have progressed socially. And we're just like the rest of the giant apes. Exceptionally social beings. Person to individual communication is quite crucial. We don't pick fleas off each other as much as we used to. However, the full social grooming process. The entire social networking phenomenon is ingrained in our biological nature. And there was no doubt in my mind when I studied social grouping as we progressed. That this was a tremendous driving force in the creation of mankind. Rather than great apes, there are only great apes.

In fact, the entire concept of face-to-face conversation. Of observing facial expressions. Keep an eye on how your brows travel up and down. One of the reasons against social media in general, text messaging in particular, and Twitter, in particular, is that you don't see facial emotions when someone is complimenting or criticizing you. Alternatively, you could be cut to ribbons on social media. And it's all about the face-to-face encounter.

Nostradamus Predict Coronovirus Pandemic


According to a social media post, Nostradamus, a French astrologer, predicted the COViD-19 breakout in 2020. According to the article, Nostradamus prophesied the outbreak of the virus in a twin year, 2020, in the east, which relates to China, in 1551. And this would have an impact on Italy, the land of seven hills, finally leading to the global economy collapsing.

Factly went to websites that listed Nostradamus' prophecies. The first stop was Wikisource, which has a page dedicated to Nostradamus' work, Les Propheties. Searches for terms like "twin year," "seven hills," and "virus" turned up nothing. Then we went to, a website dedicated to the man's life and works. These searches yielded nothing relating to 2020 or CoVID-19 in this case as well. Another website,, is in the same boat. Furthermore, we discovered that international fact-checking organizations such as Reuters had already disproved this allegation.

As Nostradamus, himself would probably say, "Ce Sont de Fausses Nouvelles", meaning this post is fake.


Finally, That we as a species require and live on, and I believe this is why you're seeing an increase in despair, suicides, and alcohol consumption. When you don't have anything else to do. One of the ways we pamper ourselves.

I believe that not only is there a breaking point when society and economics will collide, but that there is also a breaking point where the economy will collapse. Unless we return to our jobs. Alternatively, unless we have a method to interact, our entire psyche may collapse at the same time.

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