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Homeopathy: cystitis after sex, understanding the psychological causes of UTIs and their homeopathic treatment

UTIs can ruin your sex life

love bunnies

love bunnies

Sex without joy

Sex without pleasure is the painful truth for a large percentage of the female population. There are many psychological and physiological reasons for this. In this article I intend to cover one of them - cystitis.

A large percentage of the female population at some point in their life suffers from mild cystitis with symptoms such as difficulty urinating, pain or burning sensation, occasionally accompanied by blood in the urine, and vaginal discharge.

Severe cases are rarer: they can include fever, severe kidney pain, and shaking. This occurs when the infection lodges in the Kidneys, and this is a serious medical condition known as Pyelonephritis. If left untreated it can lead to kidney failure.

You should always consult your doctor especially if your symptoms are particularly severe or persistent in order to rule out a sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as herpes simplex, chlamydia or gonorrhoea which can mimic cystitis.

Although cystitis can affect males too, ascending infections of the genitourinary tract, as it is also known, are more frequent in females for anatomical reasons: a short urethra canal and the fact that the urethra opening is close to anus and vagina makes it easier for disease agents to travel up to the bladder.

Escherichia coli are the bacteria responsible for approximately 80% of female cystitis and other UTIs. Other bacteria species less frequently found are Staphylococcus saprophytic us, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, and Proteus.

On average 20% of the women who have one episode of cystitis will go on the have further bouts. This can be due to several reasons, such as an unusually shorter urethra than most females, or thin or non-existent bladder barrier, as well as poor personal hygiene habits, can all be a physiologic cause for the recurrent symptoms.

There can also be psychological reasons for this, and that’s what I would like to explore in this article.

There are several homeopathic remedies that can be of help in the treatment of this condition, but in order to able to select the correct one, we need to have a good understanding of both the physical symptoms of the sufferer, as well as the person’s emotional state at the onset of the condition.


Mentally this patient is normally docile, friendly and accommodating of everyone else around them. They don’t like to bother anyone.

They are very sexual, and can be sexually very provocative but more like a sex object, without taking the lead. They expect their partner to be assertive, and aggressive, and often they find themselves in situations with a potential for physical and emotional abuse.

Once they have been sexually abused, but feel angry about it, but they direct their anger inwards, blaming themselves for having allowed the abuse to take place.

Their occasional violent angry outbursts, often experienced as pre-menstrual syndrome (PMT). Violent mood swings directing the anger towards their partner, and strong abdominal cramps mostly on the lower back which their experience as cutting pains are a strong indication for this remedy. There can also be a feeling of something crawling in their vagina.

This is the remedy for the so called “honeymoon cystitis”, where sex might be more frequent than usual, and without proper foreplay for the female to be able to fully enjoy the experience. It is also the remedy for people who felt coerced into having sex while angry at their partner, and suffer cystitis as a result. Paradoxically sexual intercourse also amellorates their symptoms. Creating a strange vicious cycle where sex is both the cause and the temporary relief for their cystitis.

Staphysagria is also the remedy for victims of abuse, such as rape, female circumcision or any kind of inappropriate sexual interaction either physical or psychological. Also for any ailments that although not directly connected to the sexual sphere have had their onset after sexual abuse.

This remedy can be given to woman having invasive procedures such as an episiotomy, a vaginal tear during labour, catetherisation or caesarean. Staphysagria will help tissue regeneration and will prevent post- traumatic stress from a difficult labour that can lead to difficult and painful intercourse.


This remedy has a folklore history of being used as an aphrodisiac in its crude form. As a homeopathic potency it has symptoms of burning pains, excessive sexual excitement, but with no actual relief from being touched or from intercourse.

This type of patient is sexually dominant. They can either have a history of nymphomania, or at least of being very sensitive with the lightest touch bringing sexual arousal. This is also the remedy to think of for cystitis resulting from jealousy, when the patient felt threatened or betrayed by their partner and forced herself into sexual intercourse as a result.

Water retention, difficulty urinating accompanied by severe burning pains during and after are a clear indication for this remedy. They can have the sensation of a very hot metal rod being inserted in their vagina.


This patient is on a mission. This psychological profile is very task oriented. They are very organized and competent in all they do. They are also very competitive and envious of other people’s status. They are socially aware and like to be well connected amongst their community. They are the book club organizers, the school governors, the managers at their local charity.

Unfortunately sex is also taken as a task for them, something to get over and done with; they are the type of patient who might be doing a mental shopping list while they are having sex. If they are under pressure from any fertility issues, and trying to fit sex into their pick ovulation period, sex becomes quasi mechanic, without emotional involvement, and this can result in cystitis and other sort of sexual dysfunctions such as vaginitis.

At a physical level, they will suffer from oedema, with puffiness, especially around their ankles. They have stinging pains which are ameliorated by cold bathing. They can have a sensation of crawling in the vagina, or feel as if they have been stung by a bee in their ovary.


This patient psychological type is mild, gentle, yielding, loving, tender…and manipulative! This is the patient who does whatever it takes in order to receive attention and love, and if whatever it takes is sex – so be it! As a result, they enjoy more the foreplay leading up to sex than the actual intercourse.

They have a deep insecurity about being loveable, and they need constant reassurance. They dislike being alone, especially when they are unwell. They cry easily, partially because they are very sensitive, but also because this is often a way of getting their partner’s attention. Because of their attitude towards relationships they tend to attract dominant partners, often not understanding towards their emotional and sexual needs. This can lead to recurrent cystitis, with persistent bland vaginal discharges of mucous and pruritus, itchiness of the genital area. They also tend to have a burning sensation in the urethra with difficulty urinating and passing only a few drops, a heavy pressure or cramp in the bladder after urinating.

All their symptoms are better for fresh air, and cold applications. And they would do well by removing their underwear and wearing only a lose skirt during bouts of cystitis, as their ailments are made worst for wearing clothes and by warmth.


This patient leaves mostly in the mental sphere and not so much in their body. They tend to theorise a lot, and even who are not very academic, will always a philosophical view about everything and anything.

They feel misunderstood by their partners who in turn accuse them of being unemotional and cold.

They enjoy drinking, and a lot of these patients are heavy drinkers on the border line of alcoholism, as they try to compensate for a lack of emotional engagement with their partners.

When they are single, they tend to have frequent night stands, normally while drunk in bid to avoid loneliness.

Sulphur is the remedy to consider for cystitis after this kind of uncompromising sex, one off coitus. This type of patient is at particular risk of contracting STDs and may require screening to rule those out, as they can easily mimic the symptoms of cystitis.

Their cystitis can also be caused by lack of personal hygiene as they dislike washing, and does indeed aggravate all their skin symptoms.

Their physical symptoms include a lot of dryness, and burning symptoms, with redness around the entry of the urethra and even of the vagina and anus if affected. Vaginal discharge is acrid and excoriating. They also suffer from voluptuous itchiness in the genital area which leads to sexual arousal while scratching but it doesn’t relieve the symptoms. They can also be a sensation as if they had a foetus in their womb.

There are many more homeopathic remedies that cover genitourinary problems. There are also other homeopathic remedies with a much stronger sexual dynamic, and they can be used to treat different sexual dysfunctions. But the ones listed above are the main remedies to consider when sex is the trigger for UTIs.

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Ashfa Misbahujulam. on May 22, 2014:

i totally agree. Great article. very important n full of insight. God bless. you n Thank you, Claudia.

Claudia Dias (author) from London on May 06, 2012:

Thank you Debby. It's such a common problem in relationships and yet the emotional aspect of cystitis are often neglected.

Debby Bruck on May 03, 2012:

Claudia ~ Another well written Hubpages that goes into many details about the special characteristics of these remedies. Those searching for some relief may find this approach attractive. Blessings, Debby

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