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Homeopathic Remedies for Acute Viral Infections

Apply Homeopathic Treatment with Caution

Homeopathy is alternative method for healing the entire person (holistic medicine), proven to be effective when other alternative methods and conventional medicine don’t work. Homeopathy is a medicine with almost 200 years of experience. It is based upon clear principles and laws of cure. When the accurate remedy is given, the result may exceed one’s expectation and for that reason homeopathic treatment of acute and chronic diseases is often compared with miracle.

But beware, homeopathy is not panacea. It has its boundaries. It takes several years for one to qualify into the healing art of classical homeopathy. Into this field learning never stops.

Self help with homeopathic remedies is possible when you realize your own limits. It takes time for you to get used to observe carefully and accurate the presenting symptoms of the acute disease in yourself or in members of your family. Remember, under this sun there are no two equally alike individuals. Homeopathic treatment takes into account the entire person. For that reason one remedy may work for you but to be of little or no help for another, however close to you he or she may be. When chosen remedy did not work, you should seek advice from a professional.

However, self help by homeopathic remedies is possible in the very beginning of acute viral infections. Always bear in mind, that if the remedy you chose was right for you, the full recover will be swift, over day or two. Better you should feel no more that 2 or 3 hours after taking the remedy. If that is not the case, seak help immediately.

At References Section bellow you’ll find some book titles that will help you to progress further, if your interest with homeopathy is strong.

Cure for Cold

Viral infections attack people mostly when weather changes, or when weather is too cold and wet, or very hot. Many times the opportunity to receive qualified help is limited, especially when people are on vacation. In most cases swift recover will allow people to continue working or attending school.

Homeopathy is very effective in acute cases, when the correct remedy is prescribed. However homeopathic cold remedies should be applied with caution. Self healing hides risks. Please read carefully the section on the right and be at your guard.

Acute Respiratory Infections

The most often occurring infections are the acute viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. They happen during the winter mostly, when our body gets chilled or when we face situation of group or epidemic diseases. United under the common name “cold”, the infections manifest by discharge from the nose or from the bronchi, sneezing, high fever, cough with or without expectoration; sore throat. In cases where energy of affected person is low, complications often occur, because mucous irritation opens the way for bacterium. If that is your case, the self healing is not suitable for you.

The most threaten group are the little children under the age of 6, who attend child facilities or school, and the old people.

Remedies for Suddenly Developed Viral Infections

Some homeopathic remedies are shown when the development of the symptoms is violent and fast. Among these are Aconitum, Belladonna, Apis.

Symptoms Progress Slowly

When the disease shows itself hesitantly, slowly over several days, then Bryonia or Gelsemium may help.

Sore Throat

In the initial phase of throat inflamation some homeopathic remedies may stop the infection for several hours and lead to complete cure.

Sore Throat Remedies

Very often the "cold" is accompanied by throat or ear pains. In other cases everything starts with sore throat. Always remember, that throat and tonsils pains may develop into very serious conditions. Self healing with homeopathy should be practiced only in the beginning of the viral infection, and only if one is certain in identifying the remedy. When patient's condition is more complicated, or you had waited or tried another treatment, do not try to heal alone, seek for professional.

When sympoms of Bell are presented, but also there is raspberry colour of the tongue, scarlet redness and much dryness of mucous membranes in mouth and throat, with burning pain and constant desire for swalllowing in spite of the pain, then Bell. will cure the throat inflammation.

When throat starts to ache and you feel the pain as if you have stick or fish bone lodged in your throat or tonsils, then Apis or Hepar sulphur may help.

Apis mellifica (Apis) is fast remedy. It has sudden beginning with red, dry shining throat, as if polished. The pain in throat are stitching and burning, better from drinking cold water or ice and worse from warm food and drinks. The pains are there even when you are not swallowing. The uvula is swollen, hangs like a bag filled with water, the tonsils are enlarged. The patient is uneasy on a physical level, manifesting motor anxiety like Rhus-t. and Acon. The remedy works well in high potencies, over 200 C.

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Hepar sulphur (Hep.) The tonsils are enlarged with pulsating pains in them, there are stitching pains in ears on swallowing, patient feeels better from warm drinks, Hep. may be the right homeopathic remedy. Hep. is applicable when suppuration process is on the way, and the patient often has white spots on tonsils and enlarged lymph nodes on the neck. Extremely chilly, sensitive to least movement of air, cannot bear cold air and aggravates from being uncovered even for a little; very sensitive to touch and strong irritability – these are the main characteristics of Hep.

When given in potency 30 C and higher, Hep. will suppress suppuration.

Sudden, Fast, Unexpected Cold

Aconitum napellus (Acon.)

Sudden beginning, several hours after being disposed at cold wind. Very fast raise of the temperature, over 38.5 C, possibly with chilly shivers. Red face, which may alternate with paleness. Very intense anxiety at psycho-physical level, even fear of death. The patient desires someone to stay close to him. Intense thirst for cold water. Dry painful cough. Aggravates at night.

The remedy works best in 200 C, with very good effect, especially on children. Very rare it must be repeated. If the sick perspirates after you gave Acon. and falls asleep, then most probably the choice of remedy was successful. Repetition of Acon should only follow if the symptoms aggravate again. The better the situation becomes, the more rarely the remedy must be given – it is common principle for all homeopathic remedies.

Belladonna (Bell.)

Suddenly temperature rises very high. Unlike Acon., the patient is very slack, even dazed. If the temperature is above 39.0 C, you may observe even delirious state, and convulsions (mostly with little children). With desire to be well covered in bed, the patient shall feel worse from motion and bright light (even artificial) and shall have aversion to touch. You may possibly observe pulsating headache, dry irritating cough and strong desire for lemonade or lemon juice. But unlike Acon., this patient shall not be thirsty, notwithstanding the high fever, and the skin shall not be burning with dry heat but perspiring on covered parts. The eyes are brightly open, glistening and with dilated pupils.

Bryonia alba Roots of this plant are used for preparation of the homeopathic remedy

Bryonia alba Roots of this plant are used for preparation of the homeopathic remedy

I Imperceptibly Became Sick

Bryonia alba (Bry.)

This remedy is very often applicable to people who are focused on their business, afraid from poverty and feel uneasy about their finances. The beginning will be slow, even hesitant. They may feel well for a while, then aggravate again, and they may “drag” such state for some time. But regardless of this slowness, after few days they may wake up finding that their condition had surprisingly become serious and the cold had “descended” to their chest.

The temperature can be 37.0 C or very high. The patient requires to be left alone, is very irritable and even rude with those close to him trying to help. Dry cough, very painful, they may even hold their chest during it, to lower the pain. Very thirsty for large quantities of cold water, they feel aggravated by the slightest motion – even of the eyelids – and feel better when they lay on or press the affected part. Same is valid for their headache, which ameliorates by pressure or tight bandage, and cold external compress.

Bry. is not a fast remedy. It works well in potencies up to 30 C and needs more repetitions. Better results are observed when the remedy is applid in water solution. Remember, in the state of Bry. the more you rest, the faster you shall recover.


Good book to have at home is “Domestic Guide of Homeopathy” by Alison&Anthony Bailey. It contains short descriptions and very well targeted sections, very easy to work with.

Good source of Materia Medica online you can find on the following link:

If you wish to enter more deeply into the science of homeopathy, you may start with “The Science of Homeopathy”, “A New Model for Health and Disease” or “Homeopathy – Medicine for the New Millennium” – all the three books by George Vithoulkas.

Flu Epidemic Finally Caught Up with Me

Homeopathic remedies can help you out with most "flu" cases - or grippe, or influenza, especially when many people around you are feeling poor and the situation is fast becoming epidemic, usually during the autumn, winter and spring.

Gelsemium sempervirens (Gels.)

We face Gels. state in wet, soft weather. After one or two days of feeling poorly and feeble, one begins to feel muscle pains and common weakness. These are very delicate people. They might feel as if they would break into pieces. Feeling worse to have around someone who is requiring something from them, they may become upset by little things. Everything may cause emotional movement, even the good news but especially the bad ones. The emotional excitement makes them worse. They want to be left alone because they feel very week, even trembling internally from weakness, and can’t bear anything from outside anymore. They need to lie down and close their eyes, because their eyelids are very heavy and they feel pain when moving the eyes.

The temperature rises slowly but may reach high levels. Cold shivers move up and down their back. Headache is severe, starting from the upper part of the head and extending to occipit and neck. Pains in head may be maddening, with much heaviness around the eyes. The eyes are closing alone from the heaviness. The head feels congested, one must lie with head high, to feel a little comfort. During the high temperature they suffer from muscle pains all over the body and complete lack of thirst.

After Gels is applied, patients must rest. The remedy works well in 30 C potency, better in water solution (as Bry). Repeatition is necessary when the headache is strong and the temperature is high.

Rhus toxicidendron (Rhus-t.)

This remedy will help in those cases when cold is caught after exposing to damp cold weather conditions, or staying with wet feet. The beginning is considerably fast, with moderate to high temperature and strong desire to be under warm covers. One may experience some weak feeling and muscle pains, but unlike Gels., one feels worse resting. In the state of Rhus-t. people have constant desire to move, to stretch in order to relief the pains. Very uneasy in bed, turning constantly and unable to find suitable position, people feel strong pains in the beginning of the move, when standing from a sitting position for instance. But the more they move around, the more they feel ease; and this is one mark about this remedy that demarcates it from all pointed above.

Usually the patient is thirsty and may desire cold milk. Feels chilly with the least uncovering, with dry lips and dry sensation in mouth; may have frequent sneezing coming on attacks as well as tearing cough leading to sore feeling behind the sternum. Perspiration may be heavy.

After the remedy is given, the relief should occur very soon, almost immediately.

Ferrum phosphoricum (Ferr-p.)

Here is one remedy that is very helpful in cases of flu with unclear picture. If applied in the early stages of grippe, Ferr-p. may interrupt the process entirely. It has no bright symptoms. We neither observe the anxiety of Acon. nor burning of Bell., nor the sudden attacks of both, the weakness of Gels., or the irritability of Bry.

When temperature is high, and there are red circles on the cheeks, or redness alternates swiftly with paleness, Ferr-p is indicated. Desire for company and warm drinks are often present.

Ferr-p is applicable in the first stages of inflammation, like Oscillococcinum. Potencies lower that 30 C should also work.

Another couple of homeopathic remedies for influenza you may find here.


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