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Homemade Fight Wrinkle Magic Face Cream


Yes it is a magical cream that you can make at home to fight wrinkles and prevent their formation, to keep them away from your healthy skin. Moreover, you can use them to protect your skin against sun and Ultra Violet damage, and prevent inflammation and collagen destruction they cause.

The strength of this cream comes from combining the most recent scientific findings with the traditional facial masks regularly used. It is a fine tuning of how to make these masks, to incorporate the natural sources containing the phyto-chemicals that were researched, and it takes the form of a cream.

Thе ingredients uѕed іn thеѕе homemade wrinkle cream recipes аrе truly natural; thеy аrе tаken frоm fresh products which hаve specific wrinkle fighting qualities, thеy uѕe оnly thе REAL thіng
And еvеryоnе аnd thаt includes you, cаn enjoy a satisfying natural spa experience rіght thеrе іn your оwn home with thеѕе homemade wrinkle cream recipes. Itѕ аll mаdе clear; thеѕe anti wrinkle cream recipes аrе аs simple аѕ ABC, affordable оr downright cheap аnd you prоbаbly hаvе thе ingredients аlrеady ѕоmеwhеrе іn your kitchen cabinets.

Wrinkle Reduction and the News

The latest news about antioxidants and a healthy skin is that topical application of Ellagic acid found in many fruits, vegetables and nuts, on human skin cells, can prevent collagen destruction and hinder the inflammatory response to damage. On the other hand, Ellagic acid is extinsively used for anti cancer effect.

Another study found that topical application of vitamin A (retinol) on the skin increased production of GlycosAminoGlycans and collagen, and that "retinol-treated aged skin is more likely to withstand skin injury.. along with improved appearance." Retinol has also been found to be helpful in treating age spots.

Don't you use masks that contain vegetables and oils?
Let us finetune it to bring you the maximum effects against wrinkles.

The Principles of How to Make Face Masks


Anti wrinkle Facial Cream

1 TBS Heavy cream
1/2 TSP Red Raspberry oil

Mix thoroughly and gently massage your skin for 30 seconds-the raspberry oil will be absorbed in this time- after 20 minutes, wash your skin with luke water.


Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream

1/2 TSP Pomegranate oil
1 TSP Glycerin
1/2 TSP Homemade Vaseline (beeswax in vegetable oil)
1/2 TBS Heavy Cream

Mix all the ingredients and gently massage your face, leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash using luke water


Anti Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

1/2 Sweet Potato ( baked )
1 TBS Yogurt (full cream)
1 TBS Cranberries
1/2 TSP Walnut oil

Mix all ingredients until you have a paste, smooth into the skin and leave for 15 minutes then wash using luke water. Test first for hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients


Anti Wrinkle Refreshing Cream

1 TBS Dried Apricots
1 TBS Strawberries
1 TBS Raspberries
1/2 cup Milk (full cream)
1 TSP Pecan oil

Add the milk and oil to the mashed fruits and stir over a moderate heat, until you get a cream, if not add 1 TBS of heavy cream. Leave to cool and apply a thick layer to the face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash with luke water.
Test first for hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients


Anti Wrinkle Sun Protection Cream

1 TBS Yogurt (Strawberry, full cream)
2 TBS Aloe vera gel
1 TSP Pomegranate oil

Mix the ingredients and apply the cream to the skin. This is not a sunscreen but it protects you from the damaging effect of sun, wear your usual sunscreen. Test for hypersensitivity

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ebony hall on May 11, 2013:

how this works I ike toknow

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on February 05, 2012:

Hi v shilpa,

You may visit this hubs:


v shilpa on February 05, 2012:

hi iam 36years my skin is very sensitive and idont use any creams to my face now i have wrinkles undereyes so please tell me wat to do

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on November 23, 2011:

Hi erykah,

You get it from anywhere, just make sure it is full fat to get all vitamin A.

erykah on November 23, 2011:

stupid question here... wht yuh mean by heavy cream here? a cream tht yuh make on ur own followin these steps or creams at stores n thn yuh had da ingredients....????

Neck Firming Cream on January 20, 2011:

its really a nice info related to home remadies of wrinkles

Barb on November 13, 2010:

I am also on Dialyses. Im 30 and "was" getting wrinkles rappidly, because dialysis sucked to much water out of my skin, and not to mention my body passes protien out as quick as it goes in. So what i started doing was FACIAL EXERCISES and exfoliating my face with coffee grounds and using a pea size amount of heavey moisterizer at night. Big difference, works good.

shashi sandhu on July 25, 2010:

Ia quite fasinated with home madecreams iam on dialyses i have pigmentation on my cheeks as i have high cheek bone they are too evident. how do i get rid of those i almost used everything help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

metrotrade from china on May 04, 2010:

Cucumber sheeting. All natural.

revitawellness from Mecklenburg on January 28, 2010:

That's very informative hub. Yes, this is possible to reduce wrinkles using these materials. They are really useful. By using this rate of growing wrinkles can be retarded also. I like this hub.

healthgoji on November 26, 2009:

Thank you for bringing this great information to us. Good stuff here!

Karon on November 04, 2009:

I have a blog on this very subjest and would love to share some of your info with my readers. Great info thanks, if anyone is intersted please feel free to stop by my blog


Annette Thomas from Northeast Texas on October 15, 2009:

These are some great mixtures! I'll definitely try one.

tiff i on August 12, 2009:

I just turned 45 and have started to get wrinkles around my eyes and forhead from squinting.

Right now I am only using the MADE FROM EARTH - VITAMIN ENHANCED FACE FIRMING SERUM three times a week and my forehead seems so much better already after about a month.

However,I purchased the Face Firming Serum a while back and didn't use it faithfully and only started using it a lot about a month ago because of some really bad acne I got from using avon ultimate cream. So I stoped using those and currently use ONLY the Made from Earth face serum and a which is really helping to fade the acne scars all over my cheeks and chin from scratching. And this is not causing me to breakout.

A little goes a long way. I'm pretty sure it's pharmaceutical grade. It does not have a noticable frangrance and is absorbed quickly and not sticky. It's not a very moisturizing item but I don't use a moisturizer after but my skin is not really dry.

I found them cheaper online that in the Whole Foods supermarket - even with the shipping cost its cheaper online. .you can find them at www.madefromearth.com

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 29, 2009:

Do you mean wrinkles will stop at your age? definetly not and wrinkles will go on as long as you're alive. Fighting wrinkles continue over any age.

ginady55 on May 29, 2009:

Hi, I am 55, does it work for me?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 28, 2009:

Hi (Vinosthekiller) is that your name?

Do you want the resources to write for me? LOL.

Actually I found the old Arabic books interesting, yet I keep reading about the most recent scientific published findings, because I never write about any thing that is not related to science as we know it today. So what you read is an accumulation of all the resources I know. Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for coming!

vinosthekiller on May 28, 2009:

Hi there,

This is my second time I find your hubs to be about homemade recipes, some of the ingredients I never find anywhere else, do you have secret resources? what are them? can you tell me?

elqalatawy (author) from Egypt on May 28, 2009:

Welcome! Many of these creams contain the chemical substances present in the given recipes in this hub like, retinol, ellagic acid, vitamin E...etc. The point is that you will try exactly like the manufacturer companies do, in our case you will try scientifically proves substances, safely...just try them and you will be surprised!

fatenf on May 28, 2009:


Is that true?! can it replace the very expensive creams out there?