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Home Remedy for Itchy Ears - How to get rid of inner ear itchiness


What I Tried

I have had itchy ears for weeks. Literally weeks. From a cold that hasn't quite hit its head yet and I feel like I've been in a holding pattern. I've been popping Benadryl and taking over the counter daytime, but nothing took care of my itchy inner ears.

At this point, I was going crazy. They itched so much and felt wet on the inside. I knew they were getting worse so I picked up a bottle of ear drops from Walmart, the kind with beladonna and chamomile as ingredients. To make sure I got a thorough coat, I wetted the end of a Q-tip with the ear drops and gently swirled inside my ears.

Man, it felt good. I wanted to just dig in super deep with the Q-tips because it finally felt like the itch was dissipating. Cut to about twenty minutes later and the ear drops have basically worn off and I'm googling home remedies for itchy inner ears.

Most useful was an article that appeared in my Facebook news feed (because Facebook clearly has all the details on my Google history) and it said mixing rubbing alcohol with white vinegar and putting a bit in the ear. So, because we keep white vinegar around for all things bathroom (it's really great for getting rid of hard water), I mixed up a little bit and wetted my Q-tips for another application.

It felt weird and oddly cold, and the smell of the white vinegar was pretty intense so close to my face. After a while, my ears started itching again so I took a dry Q-tip and gently swirled as much as I could to dry my ear canals.

Back to Facebook where another page I follow shared an article about Vick's Vapor Rub - thanks Facebook! (we'll address my creepy psychic Facebook feed later).

Vapor Rub

I was a bit scared to try dabbing a blob of vapor rub right in my ear - Vick's (though I was using the Walmart Equate version) is a surprisingly intense smell; so I dabbed my cotton ball into the vapor rub bottle and got a bit of the gel onto the cotton. Then, I gently rubbed around the outside of the ear canal. I figured, if I could handle the smell, I would go back in with a Q-tip and get the vapor rub in deeper later.

I kept the cotton balls in, as though to hold the gel inside my ears, but quickly discarded the cotton because they kept falling out and the gel was rubbed in pretty well. I went about my day; absolutely forgetting that I had vapor rub in my ears.

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A bit later I realized that my ears didn't itch at all and I could hear clearly for the first time in weeks. It was remarkable, really.

I'm almost flabbergasted by the difference. And somewhat maddened that I've spent thirty some odd years of my life never knowing this was an option. I'll literally never use regular ear drops again.

Moral of the story: a little dab of vapor rub goes a long way!


Old Poolman on April 20, 2016:

I hope it works for me too.

Pam McElprang (author) from somewhere in the mountains of Idaho on April 20, 2016:

To follow up: I did feel an itch return this evening so I added a bit more around the ear canal. The intensity of the cooling effect was a bit stronger, but the itching has definitely subsided once again. Truly grateful I give it a shot!

Old Poolman on April 20, 2016:

Thank you so much for this great tip. I have not tried it yet but will pick up some Vicks Vapor Rub tomorrow and give it a try.

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