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Holiday Self-Care

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As a self-help mentor, this article will assist you on discovering how to add simple steps to your life to help slow the aging process.


Put Yourself First

Everyone feels guilty when they try to put themselves first in this society. But without self-care, everything else in our lives may crumble and fall. If we are not healthy, wealthy, and wise, we cannot help others in our lives that we cherish. Therefore, self-care should be on the top of your list to start and end your day, maybe even taking a meditation lunch break if that fits in with your routine. Your health and well-being are the most important things in life and no one should feel guilty by putting themselves first even during the holiday rush. Do not let self-care be last on your list if you want to successfully navigate the pressures and pleasures surrounding the holidays.

Self-Care Checklist

Each week, you must have a self-care checklist. It will help you to organize your time efficiently and you will get everything you need to get done each week, but you need to schedule self-care too.

For example, if you are a morning person and love to rise early, set your alarm clock at 6 AM and write down on your checklist to either meditate, do yoga or stretching exercises, or whatever it is you like to do. Maybe you like to take a walk around the block in the early morning hours. Then, check it off your list.

Your next self-care item will be to either shower, shave, put on makeup, do your hair, and to sit down and eat breakfast, actually write it down. This way you will not be tempted to stop off at a greasy fast-food place on your way to work or whatever responsibilities you have when you start your day.

Most experts agree that you must start your day with some solid food to help with lowering blood sugar levels and to end that starvation mode your body is in during your sleep cycle. If you skip meals, your body may start to shut down nonessential processes that may affect the healthy growth of new skin cells, hair and nails.

By writing down tasks, it will keep you on track with essential tasks that need to be done each week without letting holiday pressures intrude. Therefore, you must never regret taking the time to properly feed, groom and move your body to assist with lowering stress levels this holiday season and into the new year.

Print out and save several copies of this image to start your own self-care daily or weekly checklist.

Print out and save several copies of this image to start your own self-care daily or weekly checklist.

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Create a Budget for Gift-Giving

Create a simple budget to help you with gift-giving and eliminate stress when those bills roll in along with the new year. Write down your obligations first, such as, rent or mortgage payments, gas, electricity, water, and anything that is your monthly expense that you cannot change. Remember to include the money to deposit into a savings account.

If you find you cannot afford gifts for every member of your family, think about one gift card for one family unit and not purchasing individual gifts. Gift cards are easy to send to family and friends and you can easily budget for that expenditure. Some persons just send Christmas and New Year's cards each year to let family and friends know that they are thinking of them, and wishing them well.

Thinking outside that Christmas gift box is a way to put yourself first, because placing yourself in debt is not what your loved ones want you to do anyway. Perhaps make your own gifts, such as, paint a picture or frame a vacation photo as a memory and give that as a gift instead of heading to the store with your credit card in hand.

Stop feeling guilty for not joining the herd of frenzied shoppers in a mall who may just be shopping for themselves to sell in their online stores and have no interest in actually engaging in the holiday spirit of giving.

Learn to Say No

The word "no" in our society has become a bad word, when it is not. It is an honest answer to an honest question. You can turn down multiple party invitations this holiday season, it's okay to do that. You only have so much time in a day and you do not want to be rushed or worried about catering to every person that wants you at their holiday party or to join the rush of holiday shoppers at the local mall. Learning to say no in a kind manner, is the best advice to cope with holiday stresses.

For example, if someone asks you to help them select a Christmas tree, you might say, "Yes, I have time this weekend and would enjoy a trip to the country to visit a tree farm". Or, you may say, "No, thank you, I have other plans," or, "That sounds like fun for you, but I think I will stay home and relax and watch a holiday movie this weekend."

Then, either walk away, hang up the phone, and end the conversation. Don't let that other person engage with you further. Let your responses be kind and gentle. Saying "no", will put your friends and family on notice that they should value you as much as you value yourself which is a healthy way to survive the stresses of the holiday season.

Baked goods and handmade candles are a stress-free way to engage in gift-giving this holiday season.

Baked goods and handmade candles are a stress-free way to engage in gift-giving this holiday season.

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