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Hidden and Unusual Secrets for a Vibrant Better Mind


Astonishing truths of the mind that is devoted to idleness

It seems people like to let go of themselves as they grow older and responsibilities pile, they seem to forget what its like to live again. Life is more than breathing, sleeping, waking up and getting ready for the office.

That’s conditioning the mind and over the years it becomes routine. Somewhere along the line people start asking why they were even born and that question arises because they have become predictable and they don’t know any other way of living.

All these people used to be creative at one time but now all they do is sit and tell how they used to be good in thinking of things to fill up the day and time but now they have grown blank.

Revealing What Happens to your mind when exposed to stagnation

I heard that a person dies the moment they stop learning, and learning in most people’s lives ends when responsibilities seem to pile up. They just seem not to have the time for it anymore and interest not realizing that neglecting that part of life isn’t an option. It is a way of life.

Children are never bored, they are curious about so many things and they go to bed with tons of queries unanswered they wake up again and the questions start all over again. These ones are ever watchful, ever learning and forever trying out things.

They watch their parents handle gadgets and they figure it can’t be that difficult and so they also give it a hand. Most times it results in wreckage but they don’t even realize how valuable items can be and of course they never quit.


What happens when your imagination seizes something Good

Children always come up with invented ways of whiling away time and mostly they play house, the girls tend to be mothers and the boys fathers, as they go about dressed in their parents dresses and shoes and high heels. That’s their way of living and having fun. At moments like these, schoolbooks are ditched never to be picked again until Monday dawns.

Then when they are a little grown they tend to spend their time outdoors playing hide and seek, or out riding their bicycles. It is interesting they never stop till nightfall. Then come nightfall they sleep like the dead, satisfied and happy and so life for then carries on. As they grow more their adventures become more daring, they are always ready to try new things, experiment and invent.

mistakes that will make you limited in your mindset

I wander what happens to that carefree spirit in all people, sometimes some seem like they have never known what having fun or living was all about. I am convinced these are roles people school themselves into, we all know you can be whatever you want to be and you can do anything you want to do.

Yet with time you forget what its like to walk barefoot on the wet morning dew as you watch the sun rise.

You forget what its like to smell the roses as they bloom in summer.

You forget to stop and admire the wanders of nature, you are singularly focused on a contract you just have to have that you forget all else.

In the process you let a part of yourself die, that creative part that is inborn in all humans, it lies buried deep inside you it seems many times you never even had it. That’s the way most have drifted off from life and don’t understand why they have lost the will to live they don’t seem to see anything worth living for. They conclude that their neighbor has more in their lives they do and yet haven’t really come to the reason behind it.

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Colossal surge in Mind Power when something new is learned

I watched a documentary once of the president of a certain nation who was well into his nineties and very articulate, and the reporter wanted to know what kept him going and kept him keen minded.

His answer was books and a lot of interest in life around him, I know of some grandmothers and grandfathers in their eighties and nineties who have been told all their live that when a person gets to the age of ninety they are as good as dead and so they do nothing but wait to exit.

They stop living because their minds have been conditioned to switch off the moment they clock ninety. I also read of another eighty year old, he was a surgeon and kept operating right into his eighties. It is clear that you stop living when you stop learning and reading and taking an interest in all the things around you.


Learning helps us more easily and readily adapt to new situations. A broad knowledge of unfamiliar situations feeds innovation by inspiring us to think creatively and providing examples to follow. Learning deepens our character and makes us more inspiring to those around us. Learning makes us more confident.

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This impressing the mind with death where there shouldn’t be is evident in the way people generally stop asking questions the moment they turn into adults. Society terms it impolite to be too inquisitive of things that have no direct import to you. Most adults last held a book the day they graduated from high school, college or university. They feel they are on a long Sabbath from learning and they deserve it.

That is ignorance because the mind needs to be consistently challenged that’s how it expands -is it any wander that most in their eighties have lost their articulation and eloquence? Some become child like, because in their minds they have stopped living and are waiting to die.

It never occurs to them that they can wait whilst still living life to the full. My grandmother was an exception though she lived her life to the full till the end, she kept her garden which she tended on her own, she cooked her own meals and took an interest in all that life had to offer.

She kept busy days, keeping up with her daily exercise, long walks and visiting neighbors and friends alike. There was never a dull moment with grandmother, and at night she liked to tell us bedtime stories. There was always something baking in her oven, mostly cookies and muffins for her numerous grandchildren and neighbors.

In fact, scientists have found that the brain grows more when you learn something new, and less when you practice things you already know. This means that its's not just how much time and effort you put in to studying math, but whether, when you study, you learn something new and hard


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My father was also a man who kept his life busy, till the day he died, he always woke up at five in the morning, every single day of his life. He usually took walks whilst the rest of the world was dead to the world. Then by six he would be scanning the daily newspaper, he was an avid reader.

Having things to do makes you enthusiastic and eager to wake up and get going, it gives you a reason to stand up and do something. And it makes you feel alive and be alive. It makes you feel alert. It gives you a purpose because men must be fueled by purpose else his life idles away into nothingness. Most find their purpose in raising up a household of children but once they are all gone there seems to be no purpose anymore and then they start to think that they have no life.

It is advisable to have other interests outside the major responsibilities that parenthood brings so that once the children live the nest you have something to keep working on.

Most couples drift apart when their children are growing up and their common ground being the bills and the doctors appointments, but once these cease they seem to have nothing in common and don’t even know what to do with their time anymore or with each other.


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I suppose fighting to keep some kind of intimate, separate relationship, while the children are growing up is worth working on so that once they are gone , you grow more into your own relationship because now you have time to mature into each other more than before.

I think most couples get caught up with the busy schedule of children, work and homework, they feel worn-out by the time they hit the bed they put off time for each other until another day which never comes.

Ultimately they sort of drift apart without realizing that they are doing so. It boils down to hobbies that you can do together and sometimes alone just to occupy your mind, and keep up with the times by following events around you and of those happening elsewhere.

Join communities of like-minded individuals that would challenge you to live your life to the full so that as the years get by you don’t recoil into a shell and just wait for the day you stop breathing.

Keeping yourself busy is a sure way of getting you interested in your days and having something to do helps you feel worthy, that thought alone adds a spring to your step.

You'll have a spectacular really good vibrant Monumental life span

You don’t get to a place where you feel you lived once but are now at a point where you have no idea what living is all about anymore.

Join a library that is another sure way of meeting others get books to occupy your mind and get your mind living once again. Solve puzzles, these are mind teasers and help you sharpen your mind.

Make sure you don’t vegetate, that is never allow your self to get to a point where you lose interest in living, mingle and get a friend or two just the sort that can boost your interest in the things around you.

Never get hooked to someone who has no ambition to live, there are some flocks out there who have no interest in living.

Always see what you can give back to society, you can visit orphanages so you can have a purpose try and figure out ways to help the orphans. There are many other organizations you can assist or you can start one yourself, something that will make you remembered decades to come.


Reading consistently strengthens connections in the brain, improves memory and concentration,

. and may even help you live longer. Reading can also reduce stress levels and prevent age-related cognitive decline

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