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Here’s a Quick Way to Destroy Your Inhibitions

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Feeling Stuck?

Are your inhibitions getting in the way of you making progress in life? Do you feel your inhibitions keep you tied down and unable to speak up when you must? Are you constantly filled with self-doubt? Do you feel you're stuck in a rut that's preventing you from flourishing in life?

The Impact of Inhibitions

Such a situation is, unfortunately, way too common. People end up not fulfilling their potentials because of the inhibitions in their minds. Inhibitions that reside only in their minds and not in reality.

Inhibitions that prevent one, among other things, from

  • speaking up when you must,
  • trusting yourself when you should,
  • backing others who depend on you, and
  • generally taking decisive action.
The important question is if you're ready to go beyond your comfort zone.

The important question is if you're ready to go beyond your comfort zone.

The Solution

Do you feel stuck in just such a situation?

Here's what your solution looks like.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Your solution lies in you going beyond the confines of your comfort zone.

What Does Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone Look Like?

Your comfort zone, of course, is where you feel most at ease.

Going beyond your comfort zone will expose you to unfamiliar stimuli. It will make you experience strong emotions, at least at the outset.

It can make you feel a little unsure to begin with, although your capacity of tolerance will build itself up faster than you realize.

There are loads of benefits to getting past your comfort zone.

There are loads of benefits to getting past your comfort zone.

The Benefits In Front of You

As you do things that lie outside your comfort zone as you know it, you

  • will grow your capacity to deal with a variety of situations,
  • will be prepared when unexpected situations arise in your life,
  • will visibly increase your overall confidence level,
  • will grow your self-esteem,
  • will become immune to the whims of others,
  • will experience less anxiety in general,
  • will experience more optimistic self-talk and an inclination to try out new things, and
  • will realize that most people are too busy in their personal lives to feel the need to go out of their way to judge you.

With these many benefits to be enjoyed, are you ready to explore a great way to gradually get beyond your comfort zone?

Introducing the Comfort Zone Challenge

A wonderful way to gradually increase your comfort threshold as opposed to exposing yourself to sudden shocks is to do the Comfort Zone Challenge.

Now what is this Comfort Zone Challenge?

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Let's hazard a definition here.

The Comfort Zone Challenge is a challenge in which the participant gradually over time allows themselves to perform activities that they are typically uncomfortable with.

Going overboard with the Comfort Zone Challenge right at the start can be a recipe for demotivation.

Going overboard with the Comfort Zone Challenge right at the start can be a recipe for demotivation.

A Key Aspect of the Comfort Zone Challenge

One critical aspect of this challenge is not to overboard right at the start and try to perform activities that are way out of one's comfort zone. That would be a recipe for demotivation and giving up.

Make sure each challenge that you take up is only a little harder than your general comfort zone. Work your way up gradually in terms of difficulty.

Activities That Lend Themselves to the Challenge

Perhaps you wonder what exactly the activities that belong within a Comfort Zone Challenge are. Wonder no more!

Activities like

  • learning a new skill, like project management,
  • entering your workplace walking backward in front of everyone,
  • lying still on the pavement of a street for five–10 seconds,
  • smiling at a stranger and greeting them,
  • calling up an associate or friend on their birthday or marriage anniversary and wishing them,
  • recording your voice and hearing it back, and,
  • asking out a person you have an interest in.

The activities that belong to your Comfort Zone Challenge can be as simple or as outlandish as will serve your purpose. Don't limit yourself but rather see what might work for you.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Now!

The details you already have are sufficient to get started with the Comfort Zone Challenge.

Just like muscles develop best when challenged through regular workouts, our mental capacity and aptitude also grows when it is challenged in gradually more intense ways.

The Comfort-Zone Challenge helps us get beyond "What will they think?" and other forms of negative self-talk.

The icing on the cake is the fact that it boosts our confidence and the capacity to experiment with new initiatives.

Here's a little nugget to help you get started: Most people are too busy in their lives to judge you.

Final Word

So what are you waiting for? Go on and get started planning your first challenge.

Or drop a comment specifying what you plan on doing that's outside your comfort zone.

Commenting can be an act of commitment that spurs you on in your personal challenge!

Best wishes as you take your first step in breaking your inhibitions today!

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