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Here's Why You Should Trust Yourself

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Lanecia enjoys writing in an effort to inspire others. She has a master's degree in Library and Information Science from Kent State.


So, there's this thing called life. In life, we wonder why things are happening to us and where we're going. Thoughts eat away at our minds because this is the only way to make sense of what's going on. We seek attention from people we barely know in order to find who we are and where we are going.

We try to find our purpose in material objects in hopes it will show who we really are. People will say this is the wrong way, and in some ways it is. You aren't necessarily wrong for seeking a purpose, and no one should allow you to feel as if you are wrong for trying to find guidance.

After all, this is a step in the right direction—you're building a path toward success trying to find guidance.

First Trust Who You Are


A vital part of your journey will involve trusting yourself a little better. Trust your own mind and intuition. You may think it's easy for people to say this, but this is a very important part of life.

Trust yourself in every way possible, it’s scary without a doubt. But, what will become more frightening is not believing in yourself. Things work out for the best when you take risks and learn to trust who you are. When we become confident in our beliefs and our values, we become better at satisfying what it is we are trying to accomplish.

Look around, you'll see so many people doing things they really don't want to do for all the wrong reasons. We see people not following their desires for years. They remain stuck in the same place, day in and day out.

We see people becoming who their parents think they should be or who they think society wants them to be. This is where the failure begins, trying to please people who we believe have our best interest in mind.

We live out their dreams and completely block out our own dreams, desires, and wishes. If we are so busy living for other people, who will live for us? Who will be the person we really are?

This is why trusting yourself is so important. If you are not willing to trust that you are worthy, who else will?

Trust In Your Work

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Let's say you really want to be a singer, but you're not too sure you have the right voice. This is something that you have always wanted to do for the longest time. So, you schedule auditions at the most prestigious institutions. You walk in, sing your songs, then they laugh at you. Why? Because you are not sure of yourself. Until you trust and believe you have the right voice, no one will trust that you are a great singer.

When you are not sure of yourself, you lack confidence. When you lack confidence, it shows on the inside and out, and people don't want that. No one will hire or accept you as a great singer until you know for sure that is who you are.

I'm not saying that you'll never get singing jobs, but it will be a lot harder when you are so unsure of yourself. Keep in mind that in the long run, your career might take off, but it will not last. Here's the point.

You want to be a singer, and this is your chosen passion. Before you can even put yourself out there, realize you must practice, research, read, and practice some more in the industry. If this is the thing you really want to do, you will become sure of it after that point. Then, once you gain the knowledge and the practice, strive to be an expert and put yourself out there for compensation.

Your practice will develop your confidence, and you'll ultimately become sure of yourself.

It is Your Decision


We can't trust other people to figure out if we are good enough. Only we have that power. Whether people choose to believe in us is totally up to them. So, leave it that way and trust and believe in yourself. The rest will soon come to follow.

There will be times when this theory will be tested. For example, you might be rejected a few times, laughed at, mocked, and made fun of. Do not let this get the best of you by all means necessary. You define who you are and what you are worth. No one else can decide that.

It may seem like you have to impress your job for an interview, or you need to impress your new friends to seem cool. Trust yourself enough to impress yourself. If others can't see your greatness, it will be their loss, not yours. You're only being the person you truly are, which is way more important.

It's better to be real than to be fake for the rest of your life. Who wants that? So, be who you are for you, and don't change for anyone or any circumstance. Don't get deterred, and don't get lost on the route. Share your journey of trusting yourself and help others to do so along the way.

Always remember to live life to prosper. Thank you for reading!

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Tyrse Fayewood on October 25, 2017:

Amen and amen... thank you, Lanecia!

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